Welcome to Tauer Perfumes' ADVENT CALENDAR 2014 where you can win every day, Dec. 1-24!
It is the time of the year to give. To give back for all the good things that happened to us.

Advent, with its warmth and scents bringing back memories from our childhood. It is the time of the year where we prepare for the holidays, a time to look back to 2014, and to look forward into 2015.

This is how  you participate day by day: Every day, December 1-24, you can click on a day.  follow the , and leave a comment there where it brings you. Good luck! The link goes to my blog or participating external blogs.

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December 22
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December 24.

Your chance to win a great prize every day, December 1-December 24. We will publish the avatar names of the winners for every day here (click to get to the list).

Advent Calendar

Prizes during these advent calendar days will be samples, fragrant soaps, and Explorer Sets and other goodies from my range of products.

SHIPMENT: We ship the prizes to the winners worldwide ( with some exceptions, such as Italy, Russia, Spain, Croatia as we are not able to ship there), and the advent calendar is open during December 1- 24 for everybody from everywhere. We cover all shipment costs, Swiss taxes and Swiss fees. We cannot cover local taxes and fees, to be paid for by the winner.


You have my promise that I will not use your address for any purpose other than this draw: To select a winner, get in contact with the winners and send prizes. We will not make any other use of any information you provide on this and other draw related pages. And we will not forward your contact details or other information to third parties.

For details about my privacy policy: See our impressum here.

And the winners will be published here:
Dec. 1: Nat_m
Dec. 2: Helen
Dec. 3: Ro.. gre...(contacted by email)
Dec. 4: Vlada
Dec. 5: ros...
Dec. 6: Jensi
Dec. 8:  HLL
Dec. 9: Elena.....
Dec. 10: Open
Dec. 11: Rachel H.
Dec. 12: Patricia R.....
Dec. 13: TL
Dec. 14: Maur...
Dec. 15:Marce....
Dec. 16: AllGirlM....
Dec. 17: Mrid...
Day 18:Vanessa....
Day 19:Alicia
Day 20:Maneki
Day 21:Marj....
Day 22: Ariel
Dec 23: wefadetogrey
Dec. 24: Lorind...