design is not democratical

On Instagram I wrote, in the context of the upcoming unreleased fragrance: "Design is not democatical." , in the context of visual and packaging design and of course! perfume design. The media is the message, and hence there is no long textual discourse happening on Instagram. Instagram is visual.

In perfume design, being undemocratical, can for instance mean: use florals in men's offerings, or cumin. So many perfume lovers out there go like "oh... I would love it so much if there was no cumin in it". For instance true for one of Vero Kern's offerings. God bless her. The cumin in there was totally necessary, from an esthetic, creative point of view. I guess these days, it is more important than ever to be undemocratic when it comes to design.

Anyhow: I am working with my designer guru on the labels for the full size 50 ml bottle, a miniature, and the samples and box. It is looking totally undemocratically great and I cannot wait to start polishing bottles and put the labels on when they will finally be finished and ready. Today's picture shows you a detail of one of the labels.

In the mean time: I continue working on orders and am trying to build some stock. And I am trying to look the other way when I come accross an "influencer" on the visual platform Instagram. Their visual language has become so boring. I mention this here as I get " invitations for collaborations" by  almost every day, and I hope that the message is spreading: no collaborations, please!

4 thoughts on “design is not democratical”

  • Mateusz Nagórski 28. April 2019 at 3:31

    This message is just fantastic. Keep up doing great art in the way you want to. Not all of your fragrances I would buy to wear by myself, but even among those masterpieces are pretty easy to find.
    When I think about your perfume and your brand, I always think of that pure integrity and cohesion of the whole series that you have created.

  • Keep creative in your mind and be good on your products. I enjoyed your designs. Go ahead

  • Deb Lane McGuire 27. July 2019 at 20:26

    Keep doing exactly what you're doing! Not all fragrances work for all individuals, that's a fact; but being true to the vision you have for a fragrance is what being a creative perfumer is all about.

  • Andreas Tauer 28. July 2019 at 12:38

    Thank you so much!


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