40 days until the holidays

It is 40 days from here to X-mas. And believe it or not: I have the impression that I can already feel it. Shipments take a touch longer than normal and the queue at the post office is a touch longer, too.  Thus, a bit early ( I know) but still: if you consider getting presents, do not wait too long. The last week before X-mas: everyboy, my retailers and me will work hard but cannot promise anything. Having said that: a piece of advise or two. If you want to give perfume as a present: only do so if you are 100% sure that it will be the right one. Except where explicitely wished: I think that perfume is not an ideal present. It is very hard to find the right one.

I recommend other gifts, such as soaps, that are better suited. And vouchers for perfume, maybe combined with samples. That works.

Anyhow: here, we are shipping miniatures like crazy which is nice. And in the factory I am working on inventory for what happens early 2018. These days, you can really feel how many economies are on the upswing. I do not expect this to last very long, I am always a bit on the pessimistic side there: too many factors that speak against it. But right now: there is a lot of optimism everywhere. It feels nice but I think it is important to always keep in mind that this will change sooner or later again.  So I am working on building up inventory but I try to be as much as possible on the lower end, investing carefully and rather have a fragrance not being available for some time then having shelves that overflow (basically it is cash sitting on shelves).

I know that there are scientific theories and studies about how to buy stock, when to stock up with how much for what item in a production scheme. I guess I am just too lazy. I do it all following a gut feeling. So far that worked very well.

The other day, a client wrote me about another scientific study: it obviously turns out that personal messages (like Enjoy! Andy Tauer on a card going with full bottles) have an impact. (Yes, I would have guessed that). But obviously the color of the handwriting makes a difference, too. Green is the color to pick. So there you go. Imagine!

Yes, I started to write some personal messages in green.

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  • I would have thought blue as so many of your fragrances are in blue bottles. But I am not scientist!

  • I love the personal messages. Such a nice touch even with a sample order! I didnt know about the ink color- I will start paying attention to that. I do agree about gifting perfume. I don’t believe someone else could choose perfume for me. The only time I have received perfume as a gift is when I sent a direct link to a purchase page! I love to “gift” samples, though - with the hope that a friend will find something to love.

  • hotlanta linda 20. November 2017 at 6:33

    `Listen to Your Heart` from Roxette - going for original song :-) Hugs from Hotlanta - but we will dip to 29 degrees tonight.....BRRRR!!


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