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Yesterday, after not working in the perfume factory for three days because of a course that I took: I was packing retailer orders. It used to be different in summer. Usually the summer months were pretty much quiet and I loved it.

There used to be time to build up stock, to prepare launches for the "seasons", with the "season" being the weeks around  X-mas. At least for my perfume brand this is over. I have seen it in the last two, three years already but never so clearly like this year: the seasons dissipate. The same is true for the weeks before X-mas.

Last year, I discussed this with a friend and we came to the conclusion that perfume is probably becoming something that you buy for yourself, all year round. Perfume never was an ideal gift anyhow, except you knew exactly what was high on the perfume wish list.

That works for me. Perfume has turned into a commodity since the eighties anyhow. One that brings a lot of emotions and more, but still: a commodity.

Thus, after three days out of the office and the factory, my order book is overfull, and my stock level did not take advantage of a summer break. And that's perfectly ok.

Today's picture: from the perfume factory yesterday. I always put the orders including testers together on a table, trying to make sure that I do not miss anything which is not always easy: many retailers just send emails, like "24 xair, 2 T." which translates into 24 pieces of L'air du désert marocain, edt, 50 ml plus 2 testers of L'air du désert marocain, 50 ml, edt, for the store. Easy to miss one or two positions that way.

That's another thing that has changed: orders come in through all media. Facebook messenger, Instagram, Twitter, email, telephone. This is interesting.

And confusing.

I wonder whether there is an app out there that puts it all together for me, one screen where I can see all the messages from Facebook, twitter etc. That would be nice.



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  • I dont use any social media much besides Facebook. I forgot the name but I do remember seeing a desktop app few years ago in which you could see different social media on the same page. They were kinda divided in columns. I don't remember the name but I guess there should be even more options now.

  • Dear Andy, I make sure my order is easy to read:) Finally came to the final selection. I am very excited. Thank you for everything!

  • I think that FruitchouliFlash box is mine! :)

  • Dear Fazal, sometimes writing on the blog really helps. While writing, I realized: I have an issue there and need to check this out :-) Thank you!

  • Hi Lucie I thank you in advance :-) Looking forward to it! And I wish you a lovely weekend.

  • hahahaha... Lisa: Nope. This one goes to Germany :-)

  • On the one hand, it's tough not to get those slow periods to rest, but on the other hand having a more constant stream of business might be better financially. I can't believe distributors send you such vague cryptic orders! You are very tolerant. I would make them send a real purchase order.

  • hahaha... Tara! Sometimes, I just develop a selective attention disorder. When I got an order from one (beloved) retailer, through Instagram personal messenger, saying 24xair , I just did not pay attention. This helps. At some point the order comes through in a more precise manner. I guess we are all just way too busy these days..... Have a nice week!


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