This... and the newsletter is out

Hurray! I sent another newsletter, announcing the issue 02 of my Tauer MAG. This, printed and shiny and all, you can get it online here. It costs 5.- but I will ship it with a coupon code inside, offering 5.- off on the next purchase on

And there's more: I am announcing three room fragrances. These are special, a deluxe article due to what's inside and how I offer the room perfumes: in a fantastic sprayer with a mist that is beyond believe. If I find time, I will do a video of the spray. It is actually pretty high tech and I am in love with the sprayer. And I am in love with the three fragrances.  I offer thesefor some time exclusively on for a reduced initial offering price. You can get them here. Later, there will be refill bottles coming, too. So yes, this IS exciting!

That was the happy part of today's message. The negative part: Since yesterday, I cannot ship full perfume bottles to the US anymore. I cannot tell you now why. Take my word: not fun.  But I am working on a solution. Thanks for your patience.

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  • No perfume bottles to US? That is shocking, as it has always been so easy to ship there. I hope you can find a good solution soon. :-(

    So since the room sprays don't have alcohol, will you be able to ship them to other countries that were previously not possible?

    Wishing you an end to your shipping headaches asap!

  • Good morning, dear Tara. Yes, these sprays ship to many countries! Fragrant greetings. Praised by water as solvent!


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