a trip to the factory that produces my soaps. now.

Yesterday, I visited a soap manufacture in Switzerland. Because.... I finally get my perfumed soaps produced. Some of you might know the soap "line": Perfume in a soap. I made these for friends and family, for special occasions, and for the store that my designer guru runs, fabrikat. (please check their website for pictures of their products. They have an amazing collection of things that are still made the way they were made a long time ago. Here's the link. )

So they sold my soaps in the past, a  couple of hundred per year and they could have sold much more but I could not produce more because it is time consuming and my time is limited.

We were both looking for a solution and found one: There is a little factory, founded around 1920, in Switzerland, where they still produce glycerine soap in the good old fashioned handmade way. Today's picture shows you how one of my soaps gets ready to get the tauer logo imprinted into the glycerine.

The glycerine soaps will hit the store in a couple of weeks at the latest. They are a joint venture with fabrikat and my designer guru created a great packaging that I just can't wait to share...

We started with two scents, mandarines ambrées and the super heavy majestic tuberose. These two are actually not just soaps, but really perfume in a soap. Get them when they are ready and you will see.

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  • I got one of your mandarine bars from Le Maroc and quite like it, wish you the best with that. Just in time for Christmas trade :-)

    • Greetings, Marcus
      Yes, the bars.... I am glad that they will look a bit differently. The scent is the same but the look will be quite different. And yes: Timing is everything :-)

  • This is great news! I had one of your gardenia soaps and it was excellent. I have a friend who loves soap and tuberose, guess I know what she is getting for Christmas this year. :-)

    • Tara: Here's a little secret. The fragrance is produced for me by a company in Switzerland, following my recipe. So I sent them the recipe, telling them : It's for a soap, with 1.75% perfume in it.
      And I got the quote together with a comment: Wow. This is the most expensive soap fragrance we ever did. Are you sure. This tuberose sure must smell majestic .....
      So I told them that yes: The recipe is crazy but I can't help it. It needs what it needs (there is rose absolute and jasmine absolute in there in good quantities and other stuff that adds up).
      I got the prototype from the factory and it sits in my bathroom for test purposes. Everytime I go in there, there is the perfume cloud from the soap. Amazing. It might make a room fragrance: Just put the soap into the living room :-) I hope that your friend will be happy.....

  • hotlanta linda 28. October 2016 at 3:59

    S.W.O.O.N.!!! :-) :-)

  • Great news! The funnel-project has grown up, finally!
    Also the mandarine is a fantastic room scent, and the best smelling soap I know, so far... Congrats!

    • Good morning, Till. Sometimes, things need a lot of time, until everything matches, like in this case....
      It took us forever to find the right partner to make these soaps. But Hurray! Finally.... we are getting there. I got the first items from the production run, packed and all and they look and smell amazing. I think you will see them soon, too.
      Fragrant greetings!


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