Tea in the desert

So I am back from Saudi Arabia, back to normal, with orders and packing perfume and water droplets sitting on the railing of the balcony after a night with rain. What a contrast!

I have taken a lot of impressions and memories back to Switzerland. One of the nicest: Tea in the desert, with the sunset over sandy hills, and story telling until the stars appeared, organized spontaneously by Amer, a perfume loving fan from Quassim, the area where they produce the biggest and finest dates in Saudi Arabia.

The hospitality that I was blessed to experience is unmatched by anything in the past. Often I felt humbled and did not feel like I deserve it.

Scent impressions: Many. The strongest. An Oudh, bought in the souq, a gift for me, bought from a dealer who does not sell oudh regularly, sort of under the hand, a dealer that is trusted as he sells to the family for decennials. This, the oudh, I wore during the event at Harvey Nicols where the L'Odore store is situated  (my sales partner in Saudi Arabia, with 6 stores in the country): It is out of this world.

Yes, this oudh is inspiring and will make me dream of the Arabian desert for many days to come.

Today's picture: The smoky, heavenly scented smoky, fire in the desert.

5 thoughts on “Tea in the desert”

  • Dear Andy, thank you shared a very interesting experience
    A good time, I'm a little jealous of contrasts and exotics :-)
    We have snow hides ankles and even more :-)

  • good morning dear Vladimir and fragrant greetings to snow country :-) We will have to wait for snow, but it will be coming for sure !

  • Oh, a Tauer'ed oud approach would be interesting to experience!

    • Yes, it might, Marcus, but then...let's wait and see. Right now I am working on a 100% different theme. Something clean. Just because :-)

  • Sounds wonderful! We are rapidly approching snow time here too in Canada, some parts have already gotten some but not in Montreal. I am wearing a bit of By Kilian Pure Oud but I suspect no actual oud was harmed in the making of this perfume. ;-)


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