always trying to be better

Today's little picture shows you a shipment that is on its way today and an idea of how to better pack a full bottle order.

First, there is a discovery set in there that I ship complimentary with a full bottle order. The discovery set can be added by shoppers to the shopping cart and the shop gives a discount for the discovery set's price.

Then, and that is new, I printed out one of my aquarelle pictures (I just picked one to test and see) and used this A4 sheet of paper to pack a full bottle packed in the tauer tin box. At the bottom, there is a "thanks" label. The A4 sheet of paper works perfectly and I think the packed perfume looks nice. It's a special touch. Just from an esthetic point of view it looks nice.

Next: I want to come up with an A4 picture, maybe a collage of pictures painted by Andy, flacon pictures, logo, a core statement etc, to give a little overview in picture form what tauer is all about. I feel that this is important these days of too much of too similar.

Also next: I will have a meeting soon, with a representative of the Swiss post, trying to find a solution for my shipping problem into the EU, not Italy, but Germany, France, the Scandinavian countries and maybe a few countries in the eastern part. We will least we try.

It feels  a bit like Avis here " we try harder" :-).




8 thoughts on “always trying to be better”

  • peter hurst 19. May 2016 at 12:36

    Receiving a perfume through the [post is so exciting and you are making it even more enjoyable. Love it!

  • What a nice idea! I agree with peter hurst, receiving a package from Andy Tauer in the mail is really something special and personal, and now it will be even more so. This makes such a wonderful personal connection between creator and consumer (or perhaps that should be "appreciative audience").

  • Andy, when I receive a perfume in the mail with your added personal touch, it's almost as if I'm receiving a fragrance that you created just for me. There's obviously a connection with the fragrance, but there is also the connection with the maestro who created it. When the audience connects with both, then you've achieved nirvana... and hopefully your bank account too :)

  • @Michael - well said.

  • I really like the printed art idea for the bottle orders, it looks beautiful! Like a wrapped gift, handmade by Andy Tauer.

  • I love your tulip painting - you are really getting good! Beautiful. I want to do that.

  • hotlanta linda 28. May 2016 at 14:01

    Thank you to Michael!! :-) Andy, you could sell the tulip print as a wrapping paper pattern! ``Wrap it Up`` the Fabulous Thunderbirds :-)

  • Good morning, Hotlanta Linda
    yes! Let's wrap it all up in beautiful flowers :-)


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