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Yesterday, I packed 240 kg perfume and because this is so super boring I took breaks. Usually, I do not do "lunch" breaks in the sense of : I usually do not eat much during the day, but instead of eating I paint or do other brain twisting things. Like thinking about perfume formulas.

Yesterday, I tried another self portrait based on a selfie on the ipad. Yes, I know: No smile. (there was a time when people did not smile when their picture was taken. ...) When I showed it to my partner I got back: "This is a serious picture. Could end up on a bank note." -And I replied: " but then we have to hurry up as bank notes might disappear". Sometimes, I have clients paying cash, a couple of thousand Euros, on the dining table, and yes: They end up in the books, no cheating there. But I just love it when I am paid in real money, as real as it can get when we are talking about Euro.

For two years now, every time we get some Euro that I will not spend by sourcing in Euro: I get rid of them as fast as I can. I do not trust the Euro.

And here's the thing: I am not the only one. And because this is so, the Swiss Franc is strong and the Euro weak and at the very end of the day it is just paper. The older I get the less I worry about money. Funny.

So I was working on the portrait, and thinking "green". I am still working on a fun experimental green scent that might end up as this year's fun splash scent (but not water based) on Tauerville. A client of mine asked me whether I will do another one in tauerville (the last one was the highly experimental water based vetiver & petitgrain). Maybe I am in for a tradition there. But I am undecided.

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  • Going greener. From starting your business as a greenhorn, to turning up on a greenback. That's what I call career advancement.
    Good luck.

  • Wether or not you trust euro, if it loses value you lose exporting power towards europe so you shouldn't be too happy about it. Besides, its "weakness" is a consequence of a voluntary depreciation following the quantitative easing issued by the ECB. I understand your concerns but mark my words, euro will survive for centuries.

  • Hi Sebastiano
    Of course, I am not happy. But I started to disinvest in Europe a couple of years ago. Thus, the harm is somewhat limited.
    One of the reasons why I do not invest in the Eurozone: The Euro is going to crash in its given form. There might be an evolution into a currency of the north. It cannot survive, except, the Euro countries are willing to unify further which these days does not seem likely. But who knows. And in a very peculiar way I could not care less; never worry about things you cannot change anyhow :-)

  • I like the portrait - it doesn't look completely serious to me, there is a smile lurking underneath. :/)

    As for the euro, I don't trust it either. Countries want to take back their autonomy, not give more, and the euro zone can never function optimally without full fiscal unification, which won't happen. Wise of you to remain safely in the Swiss franc. But like you, I don't spend a lot of time worrying about such things, nothing we can do about it!

  • Carol Ritchie 1. April 2016 at 9:44

    Hi Andy.....packing perfume may be a first time buyer...I found / was found by...your maroc pour elle in la basilica gallery in Barcelona..and the absalute delight of finding your cheery "enjoy" and signature inside absolutely made my day!
    So your boring--- was my delight. ....that little touch completed a special purchase...

    As a virtual non perfume wearer...this was an unusual purchase for me.....but....I just fell for the maroc pour Elle as it feels like a real " grown up woman's " perfume. .



  • Good morning, Tara
    Thanks (about the smile :-) )
    Yesterday, there was an article in good old NZZ, referring to a couple of issues that the financial system faces. One view was: Many countries have gone beyond the point of no return already with their debts. Translating into: They can't get out anymore and will need a cut. It will interesting to say the least when this happens :-)

  • Good morning, Carol
    First: Thank you! And then yes: it is a grown up woman's perfume, you can say so. And not what you would expect to be a "non-perfume-wearer's" first choice. So THANK YOU for that. And I will think of what you just said when packing more perfume in the coming days :-)


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