Day 9 of the advent calendar, and a soap

This draw is closed. Thank you to all who participated.

Welcome to day 9 of my advent calendar. Today you can win a soap, Mandarines Ambrées. This is actually not a "product" that you can buy. I make these for friends  and family, and for the lucky winner here. See the fine print below for details.

The soap comes as "perfume in a soap", as the perfume is actually more important than the (glycerine) soap. Sometimes, I makes these available to a shop or two, here in Switzerland. Honestly, I could sell hundreds of these and the rose and the tuberose and the gardenia soaps. But it takes just too much time to make them and in a very peculiar way they are not helpful as I often have to decide: Do I make soaps or do I work on something else. Usually, the decision is: Something else.

Maybe this will change someday, but not today :-) And then... I love the idea that there are things that we just can't get.

Anyhow: This morning was a super happy morning. Thanks to Fragrantica, where -based solely on reader's votes and interest- my Vanilla flash from my tauerville line was no. 3. Right after a Hermes and a Dior scent. This is absolutely fantastic! Yes. And thanks to you all. Have a lovely day!

And here's the fine print: we pick a winner using The soap ships from Zurich, Switzerland. And wherever you live, local taxes, VAT, and import fee may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible for making sure that they are allowed to import the prize. The draw is open for anybody, but winners from these countries should provide a mailing address elsewhere: Italy, Russia, Spain, Croatia, Greece.

76 thoughts on “Day 9 of the advent calendar, and a soap”

  • Your soap sounds wonderfully special. Congratulations on being no.3 on Fragratica!

  • Hi Andy, I would really love to try out the soap!!! Madarines Ambrees, lovely name for a perfume soap :)

  • Congrats on being No.1 for Best Shared Niche Perfume produced in 2015 on Fragrantica for (Vanilla Flash)!

  • Congratulations for Vanilla Flash! The soap looks delicious!

  • I love finely scented soaps. I do hope you will make these more widely available in the future. :)

  • congratulations! the soap sounds intriguing...

  • Oh, I think this is a first, too- thanks a lot for a chance to win one of your "for friends" gifts

  • Shipping inside Zurich make things easy :-)

  • A mandarine soap sounds lovely this time of year.

  • Good morning Andy. I've sampled Vanilla Flash and I agree, it's lovely.

  • Thanks for the giveaway! And congrats on Vanilla Flash!

  • Good news about the Vanilla Flash at Fragrantica. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Mandarines Ambrées sounds wonderfully sensual and inspiring! The idea of a perfume in a soap is clever idea too.

  • That soap must have a lovely smell...

  • These soaps do indeed sound lovely. Thanks for the draw.

  • Congratulations. And soap does sound amazing.

  • I love soap! Please consider selling your soap every now and then.

  • Congratulations on no.1 best shared niche! I love Vanilla Flash! And I know how beautiful and fragrant your soaps are. :-) I think it's a good idea to keep them special by not selling them, it makes them more special and reminds us that not everything is for sale.

  • Congrats, and thanks for the draw. I've loved all of the Flashes I've tried (still have to get a sample of the Amber). I'd love to have a chance to try your soaps.

  • Madly curious about the soap!

  • I love the Vanilla Flash too! The mandarin soap sounds delicious.

  • I read a strange novella, A Slow Regard of Silent Things, where the main character makes a batch of soap. In fact you could call that action the climax! It's a lovely story by Patrick Rothfuss set in his fantasy universe. I highly recommend it!

    Anyway, I am so excited by the chance to try your soap! I always try to spring for nice soap given the option. It makes a noticeable difference

  • I agree with some of the other comments -- it would be great if you sold your soaps every so often!

  • Congratulations, Andy! Your soaps always sound gorgeous, thanks for the chance.

  • Good news, now I only need to find a place in Berlin where I can test the Tauervilles :)

  • The soap sounds amazing. Oh to be one of your friends around the holidays!

  • Fragrantica e-mailed those results. You must be very proud. Congratulations!

  • Congrats! It really does say something about what an impact you've made on the community with passion and talent, but without a billion dollar marketing budget. Well done!

  • Please sell soaps!! Congrats on Vanilla Flash. yum

  • That is so exciting about Vanilla Flash's high ranking! congratulations, Andy! the torrential rains continue in the Pacific Northwest... we need our bits of perfumed pleasure, which if they come from Tauer, are not fleeting!

  • Soaps, I love them! Just bought some for gifts!

  • Love scented soaps :)

  • Thanks for a chance to win something what is not available publicly. Perfume in soap - it sounds very interesting! And congrats to Fragrantica rating! :) We love your fragrances!

  • Thank you so much for treating your fans just like your family!

  • Thanks Andy for your generous gifts, and congrats on the listing!! All of us here of course think you are NUMBER ONE!!

  • Die gehört in ein Museum :D

  • Yay, a coveted soap! I love the color orange. Thanks!

  • Right now I don't know what I would do to get hold on a floral soap of yours. Really. I don't.

  • Congratulations on your successful Vanilla Flash, I've yet toto smell, but if it is anywhere near as good as the Rose Flash, then I'm sure it's great!

  • Just read the article, congrstulations!

  • great article!
    I would love to try the new soap!

  • Hi Andy!! all your perfumes are lovely!! The soap is a dream!!Thank you

  • Hi all
    When will the snow come? I can’t wait to put my boots on and go tracking. Happy Holidays to everyone, especially Andy and the scented camels.

  • Hi Andy! Congrats!
    This soap sound amazing.

  • So nice of you to share your special soaps with us!

  • Congratulations Andy. And your soaps sound wonderful. Love a beautifully fragranced soap.

  • Your friends must be very lucky to have such a special fragrant soap!!! For sure is more then amazing!!!

  • Good ol' fragrantica & well done you! Love a good soap - I have a smokey rose geranium glycerin soap that is wonderfully scented.

  • That is great news, Andy! I love the fabulous "macho vanilla" :-)

  • My favorite shower gel had lemon and honey, I like that combination of sweet and with some sour. But, of course, they stopped producing it.
    Sharing the medals with Hermès and Dior, great!

  • What a special little treat! It sounds wonderful -- your friends are lucky!

  • I haven't played with scented soaps much--mostly don't want something to interfere with my perfume! But I imagine there are days when a good soap is just right. Merry Christmas!

  • Oh, happy day to you and your marvelous fragrances. Mandarines Ambrées must smell as wonderful as I imagine it to be. :)

  • Congratulations! Coming number 3 in shared scents against some really big and widely distributed lines is a real achievement. Number 1 in shared niche is great, too. I think Elena has it correct that the reason you came on top is "your talent and sincere passion for what you do." And you communicate your passion so well in your blog and at Tauerville.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a soap reserved for friends and family!

  • :) A holiday mandarine soap is able to lighten our lives up even in the gloomiest winter day I guess ^)) Maybe I will become a lucky owner, who knows.

  • if that soap ends up in my house, the rest of winter will be so lighthearted. hope it happens! peace

  • I don't know how my perfume morphed into a soap obsession too, but there it is!

  • wow congrats! it got no.3! i like Fragrantica site too. i dont know vanilla flash but it must be brillant, great news!

  • Congratulations Andy!

  • Mandarins Ambrees sounds so beautiful. I remember my mother making soap once when I was a child, a crazy undertaking she never repeated.

  • Congrats, Andy!

  • Wonderful about Fragrantica awarding you third place. i wish I had known, I would have voted. My son wears Vanilla Flash daily. He smells like heaven. My other son is getting Rose flash for christmas. Thanks Andy.

  • Hi Andy. Your circle of friends must be one of the best smelling circle of friends in the world!

  • Congratulations! I love Vanilla Flash - I'm obsessed with all four of the Flashes, actually. The soap sounds amazing!!

  • Congratulations on Vanilla Flash! I'm very curious about all the 'flashes'.

  • Congratulations and thank you for the draw.

  • I wish you would make soaps I am sure they are amazing.

  • Ooooh, I do love a luxury fragranced soap!

  • These sound good. I'm enjoying your advent calendar, like I do every year.

  • How very Christmassy :-). It might look like an odd comments, but I associate mandarins and other members of their citrus family with early winter, when the new crops became (sort of) available where I grew up. Many thanks for the draw!

  • Mandarines are the best smell at Christmas. Loved the chalk image of the camel-he is delightful!

  • Congratulations, I have tried many of yours but not Vanilla Flash. It's on the list now! I love your drawings, the camel's personality shows.

  • Congratulations on the high ranking for Vanilla Flash. It's actually my SOTD today! One we certainly enjoy the experience of a Mandarines Ambrées soap too. :) Have a happy day everyone.

  • I am sure I missed the drawing, but congratulations on the high ranking! It was well deserved!

  • hotlanta linda 11. December 2015 at 1:07

    How did yt miss this???? Congrats on the wonderful ranking!! :-)

  • Thank you for the draw Andy... I had one of your Mandarines Ambrées once and it was is great!

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