Day 7 of the advent calendar and another draw

This draw is closed. Thank you, thank you very much indeed to all of you for commenting and sharing!

Welcome to my draw for day 7 of the advent calendar: You can win a discovery set today. (that’s a set of 5 x 1.5 ml samples in a tin box. You can choose your scent from the list of scents that we offer online for this set)  Just leave a comment and say hi. Thanks!

Here, we have super busy week ahead; like super busy. One of the things that keep me busy: emails and talking to shippers. It is the season and with the season come shipment issues. This year it is actually worse than ever. I do not know why, but especially in the US a lot is not working. Yes, I know, it is sort of a negative post here, but I think it is important to share these sides of the business, too.

In the US, I am working with Shipwire to ship things. Shipwire is dead as a dodo, it seems. My bottom line there: I need to change next year; and another bottom line: If you want things to get done, you need to do them yourself.

On a happy note: I managed last week to get 150 soaps done. Hurray. I have thus all the little soap gifts for friends done!

And on another happy note: I got myself some time over the weekend to sniff and think and mix, and to paint. Another dune: Today's picture, acrylic, spatula work.

Fineprint: we pick a winner using The discovery set ships from Zurich, Switzerland. And wherever you live, local taxes, VAT, and import fee may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible for making sure that they are allowed to import the prize. The draw is open for anybody, but winners from these countries should provide a mailing address elsewhere: Italy, Russia, Spain, Croatia, Greece.

Good luck!

107 thoughts on “Day 7 of the advent calendar and another draw”

  • Hello Andy!
    Thank you for another oportunity to win your amazing products.
    Have a nice day!

  • All the best to get over those shipping issues. And I like that dune :-)

  • I love this painting, a warm accent on chilly windy day.
    Hope everyone has a nice day!

  • Another lovely painting, and I'm enjoying the story! I hope that one day, you will be able to ship your wonderful creations everywhere in the world! So many silly rules and regulations, it isn't fair at all!

  • Wow, I think you are really getting the hang of the spatula. Such color! I like it. And, I lke thinking that even someone as busy as you are, you can also find time to run and to paint. That means I surely must be able to get more good things in my life too. Thanks for sharing your life and thoughts, and your lovely creations, and your donations, too. I'll donate as well to these organizations. Thanks for vetting them. Lots of thanks to you Andy. You do a lot of good things. Sincerely, R.

  • Hi Andy
    Busy is good but remember to take care of your health as Christmas is coming soon.
    Take care!

  • Never have a talent in drawing. Really wish I could draw like that someday~
    Stay healthy;)

  • Hi, Love the painting - a deasert landscape is just about the opposite of todays cold drizzeling rain here in Sweden. Nice to dream about!

  • Hello,
    I really admire you for your talent. I like this drawing.
    Have a good day.

  • Morag's sister 7. December 2015 at 9:54

    The festive Badger watches over the Christmas preparations, and deep in his sett the magic starts to unfurl.

  • I love this dune picture! It makes a warm contrast to the cold grey day outside.

  • Very interesting painting, love the colors and shades. Thank you!

  • Lovely dune! I can sympathize with your mail woes, though mine aren't nearly in the same league. We moved to Germany for a year and had to move everything either in our luggage or in the mail. Some of the hassles I've been through have been amazing -- though nothing like yours, I'm sure.

  • Good morning Andy!! Lovely drawing! Your friends are really lucky to receive such pretty scented gifts! Being a one man show you do need to do everything by yourself don't you? Enjoy the festive season!!

  • Good day to you.

  • wonderful earth tones!

  • Wonderful advent calendar! Many thanks for the giveaway.

  • Lovely dune painting. Thanks for the draw!

  • Hello, Andy. i can relate to you on shipping problems: I work in an online shopping business, and it's a nightmare this time of the year. Stay strong!
    Thanks for the Advent calendar and all the stories.

  • Here in the UK Tesco and Argos have had major delivery problems this last 10 days. They blame Black Friday.

    Early Christian hermits lived alone in the desert to get away from it all...

  • Hi Andy! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

  • Good morning Andy! Have a lovely day.

  • Hi Andy,

    Hope you have a great day!
    Thank you for your generosity!

  • Hi Andy! Love your art! Have a lovely and hopefully less-hassled day

  • The colors in the painting are both beautiful and soothing to the eye. Thanks for your generosity, Andy!

  • Loving the squirrel-red painting today Andy. The best colours come directly from living nature. And the best scents!

    Have a great day.


  • I hope you overcome the shipping issues soon. Have a wonderful day!

  • Hello Andy!
    Thank you for the oportunity to win your amazing scents.
    Have a nice day!

  • Hello,
    Lovely painting and a lovely story, yet again.

  • Dear Andy,
    Your warm landscape painting is beautiful! Gorgeous textures and colors. How interesting that you are able to paint and compose scents, both with such a vivid palette. And it's a lovely inspiration to wear L'air du désert Marocain today. Good luck with your business logistics, and warm wishes for the holiday season.

  • Ahhhh...I know shipping issues in the US well.... If I had videorecorded everything I have seen shippers and delivery personnel do, it would make for quite a funny/ridiculous show. Leaving packages in the driveway of the business, far from the entrance. sending packages to the wrong address two cities away and stating that they were delivered....oh, my......

  • Shipping and Christmas shopping. This topic is covered every year by US media extensively.

  • Hi hope everyone is having a good day. I'm enjoying the sunshine and mild temperatures! Looking foward to the next installment of the story and love the colors of the pic.

  • Bev Frederickson 7. December 2015 at 13:35

    Wearing Sotto La Luna Tuberose. Need I say more? it's a heck of a way to wake up at 7AM, but the nose is fresh.

  • I like this painting a lot! Have you ever considered selling prints?

  • Philip Faustin 7. December 2015 at 14:23

    Thanks for the ongoing story.
    Hope the shipping issue works out.

  • Hello Andy,
    you are very talented in many ways.
    Hats off to you.

  • You really are an Artist, Andy. In your capacity as a perfumer as well as a painter.

  • Hi, dear Andy! Thank you again for your generosity!

  • all will be well. thanks for the generous draw andy. those little soaps sounds so cool. peace

  • hotlanta linda 7. December 2015 at 14:49

    Your art always adds needed cheer to our day!! Thank you!! :-) :-)

  • Wow, love the dune painting! It looks inviting, viewed from the neverending cold gray skies here. I hope your shipping woes are fixed soon!

  • Hi Andy, it would be great to try your newest fragrances. Thanks for chance to win them.

  • Hi Andy,
    Happy Monday & thanks for the draw.

  • I like the way you have been using color contrast in your paintings. Sorry that the shipping (especially to the US) has been so difficult. Sadly, the countries of the world are hardening their borders... Pray for Peace. Thanks for the drawing, Andy. XO

  • I like the watercolours.

  • Sorry to hear about the shipping woes. Hope that soon you will have a new fulfillment partner!

  • Beautiful picture! As always! Thanks for the draw!

  • Hello. Lovely painting!

  • Thanks for the chance to DISCOVER more, feel more, smell more!

  • Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the story and the opportunity for your lovely scents.

  • Hi Andy! Love the painting. Hope your shipping issues resolve quickly and leave you a *little* less busy...

  • I love the story, Andy! Can't wait to read how things turn out.

  • Thanks for sharing the story and the chance to win a Discovery set.

  • I wish you a wonderful day and Happy Chanukkah!

  • 150 soaps is so much! hope everything works out with shipping :)

  • a really beautiful picture today, Andy! I just love it! Sorry about your shipping woes. I had a bad start to the day too. Torrential rain here caused all the buses to be backed up (and full to the gills). Got to work late, and wet. Oh well.

  • Hi Andy! I am still waiting for you to be able to ship to Spain, getting my friends to order perfume and them ship it to me makes little sense nowadays. Still. Some extra patience is always handy, isn't it?

  • Beautiful painting. It really complements the story. Have a lovely day.

  • So glad your shipping woes are getting resolved. I enjoy the daily painting!

  • Robert Matthews 7. December 2015 at 18:05

    I think we are all busy at this time of year but you seem much busier than anybody! Good luck!

  • claire thomson 7. December 2015 at 18:14

    lovely artwork.

  • Amazing colors!

  • Thanks, as always, for the giveaway! Wonderful painting, it makes me think of my beloved New Mexico.

  • Gorgeous landscape! Thank you!

  • The colors are so energizing that I am almost awake after a loooong day! But yes, a busy week, indeed - I have scheduled exams, court attendance, accountant meetings, working on Saturday...I hope I will survive at the end!
    Have a great week, Andy! Thanks for the chance!
    The holidays are knocking on the door!

  • Thanks a lot for the draw - and for your work in general!

  • Beautiful painting. I think it is quite a hassle just to mail our Christmas gifts out. I can't imagine coordinating huge mailings ;) Thank you again for the wonderful advent calendar!

  • Hi Andy! I finally bought a bottle of L'Air du Desert this year. Love it so much!

  • Fragrant soaps, painting, mixing and smelling...I wish my holiday preparations were like yours! But then I don't have your shipping issues. :) Good luck! Hope everything gets where it needs to be.

  • Thank you for the draw. I bet the soaps are amazing!

  • thanks for your generous offer!

    it's inspiring to hear you're how productive you are even with the shorter days

  • You are so talented an full of energy! I admire you!

  • I loved to read today's story! The painting is very beautiful too! I feel it very warm! I hope things will get easier for you as soon as possible :)

  • Really enjoying the village and camels story.I'm looking forward to the next installment -- will the exploring men bring water back to the desert?

    150 soaps! Your gift recipients will be very happy.

    Thanks for the draw opportunity.

  • Soaps, bath bombs, blogging, shipping and! You are a real life Santa Claus! I hope you have elves helping you out. I barely manage to buy and wrap a few gifts for my loved ones over the holidays :-/

  • Hope everyone is having a good Monday. I'm counting down the days to vacation, myself!

  • We have a saying here.............if you want something doing ask a busy person..............sounds like that's you Andy!
    Cheers & thanks

  • Hi Andy, I'm glad you got some time to paint with all the busy times going on! Thanks for the draw.

  • Hi Andy and thanks for the draw.

    I like your advent calendar and look forward to it every year. In my house there are two Star Wars calendars, a Marvel superheroes calendar and my own calendar which has a nativity scene on it.

    I would like to say a friendly hello from South Wales.

    warmest wishes

  • Love the intensity of the spatula work

  • Wonderful Monday start...with so energic and inspirational colours!!! Thank you!!!

  • Love the colours in your painting. Thanks again for the draw!

  • I love perfumed soap,just bought some for gifts, I think Imight try and make
    some next year.

  • Waving hello from Africa!!! :)

  • I am a HUGE fan of your creations and would love to win this great gift!

  • It's a busy week here too — but festive. Lots of holiday parties. I'll be wearing Incense Rose if it gets cold enough for a sweater.

  • Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you!!

  • Hi Andy,

    You'd think that "E" commerce would be smooth sailing in this day off age. Good luck with your next US shipper

  • Thanks again, Andy for your generous giveaways. I really enjoy your artwork and look forward to seeing it in each blog post.

  • hello andy. nice painting with full of colours, we need strong colours like this in winter, here most of people wear black, grey, beige, brown, and stuff makes me feel gloomy! im kind of hours beyond so not sure about this post timing... im sending this to your yesterday post... anyway...

  • Those soaps smell wonderful!

  • Sorry you are having so many headaches over shipping! Hope things get resolved for you next year, and you can have more time for more pleasurable things!

  • Thanks for the chance

  • Hi! Thank you for sharing your dune painting. It is lovely. I feel warm as I look at it.

  • Andy, I like reading about all your ups and downs. Its all so real. Glad you got some time.

  • Merry Christmas, Andy!

  • NaturalSelektion 8. December 2015 at 5:05

    Hi Andy, I just received my Amber Flash in the mail today. Per the usual, it's wonderful and I love it!

  • I love the painting :) Thank you!

  • Hi Andy, thanks so much for another generous draw! I hope you have had a wonderful day!

  • Hi Andy, Today was rainy and foggy in Toronto, Canada and I wore Amber Flash to cheer me up. It did! I love your painting of the dune and the colours. A discovery set. Wonderful!

  • I can see in your painting that you still find peace during this hectic holiday season. That's wonderful. No matter how crazy things get try to find the beauty and joy in life.

  • How many perfume ideas are you working at at the same time? And does office work give you time to think or makes you loose flow? Have a great day! Andrea

  • Hi there, probably too late but I would love to get in.

  • Hi Andy, sounds like you've been a busy little bee! I'm not sure how you're managing to make so many gifts while dealing with all your shipping woes. I hope it gets better from here.

    All the best, Julia.

  • Your soaps are magnificent Andy. I wish we could all have as many as possible, but I guess good things are always rare :-)

  • Thank you for the giveaway presents, and for going to these lengths for your fans!

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