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uiuiui... we are still in post Pitti blast mode here, and in PHI - une rose de Kandahar bringing back mode which means packaging and packing and packing to get the shipments out to the stores that reordered the rose de Kandahar months ago. The good news is: The biggest order of these with delivery in September, traveling south, over the Alps, towards Italy, will be packed today and will start moving next week and then... then we should all be able to go in a somewhat slower mode.

The picture of today: I picked it because I realized at Pitti again how much Noontide Petals is loved in Italy (and some other places) and how much this scent is under the radar in the US. I have no clue why this is. Is it cultural differences? Or is it that in the US there are just very few stores for selective perfumery? I am not talking about malls and alikes. No, I am talking about nice stores with a great selection. In Italy, there are many. Like: Really many. Like in every city. In the US, there are very few.

Maybe it is conditioning (towards certain scents)? In the sense of: If you stick your nose too often and for too long into malls, you get used to whatever you get there.

Maybe it is the name?

I do not know, but I find this very fascinating how different scents work differently in different regions. And you know what? I learned at Pitti that the BIG trend in the Saudi market these days is/is going to be is..... CLEAN and POWDERY. Nope. Not the dirty, stinky, old smokey socks oud thing. Although, to tell you the truth, the oud fragrances that we get these days have little to do with the "real thing". The real thing is hardly wearable, at least for westerners. Anyhow. What I heard at Pitti: The hip thing among the hip Saudi perfume lovers is clean and powdery. So there you go. And I heard a lot of other things, some gossip, some hard facts, numbers; and I together with many insiders I go like "Oh my ...this is going to be the perfect storm". That's why I answered one journalist's question about what I do with tauer as a brand for the future with the line: "I get my ship ready for the storm that is imminent".

Thus, while taking down the sails and closing the portholes, I am trying to make sense of it all. Clean and powdery. Well.

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  • Hmmmm. Interesting about Noontide Petals. I really enjoy it and love the juxtaposition I found in it. Regal, classic glamour of aldehydes and then a natural smell of earth, flowers in the soil. The 1920's meets the 1960's. Glamour in the garden, makes me happy. You are correct there are fewer places in the U.S to find niche fragrances and most consumers purchase their fragrances from malls. But also, I think the younger consumer doesn't appreciate aldehyde in perfumes or associates them with another generation. Also in the U.S we are bombarded by clean smells in our soap and laundry detergent and dryer sheets, the smell of which I loathe it consumes whole neighborhood blocks. But Italy and the Middle East may be where Noontide Petals finds its audience and that is good news.

  • Clean and powdery?? Eeeek. I don't want to smell like clean laundry, no matter how pleasant that might be. I want to smell like a medieval cathedral.
    Although I draw the line at dirty, stinky, smokey old socks :-)

  • From time to time new scents are introduced into the market. Clean and powdery reminds me of a fresh and innocent scent, that of a baby. I can't wait to smell this. :)

  • Clean and powdery... Interesting. Not my thing personally.

    I do love Noontide Petals though! I have reached for this frequently this summer. The aldehydes don't smell old-fashioned to me, it doesn't remind me of Chanel for example. It smells modern to my nose. But as you say the niche perfume scene in Italy is much more widely available there than in the US. And Italian women are famously sophisticated. :-)

  • Noontide petals is my favorite from your range, up to now.
    I find it very modern and make me feel happy: it's like happiness in a bottle.
    So I can't explain the strange reaction of the customers from US... May be just because after all I'm italian :)
    About what kind of storm are you speaking ??? Do I have to worry??? ;)


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