archetype and stereotype

Today, unfortunately, my bike needs to go to bikeshop. The bike's chain broke. That's a first in my life and totally not exciting. It broke yesterday, and I had to walk home from town. But these transitions are fascinating on the other hand: you know... things work and from one moment to the next, for no particular reason, things break; and the world is a different world.

I mean: Not that the world is really different because my bike chain broke, but I look at it as an allegory.

Yesterday, in the factory, I was thinking about air du désert marocain, and archetypes and stereotypes. Stereotypes: Perfume and art and art editions, and snakes and sins and arabic nights and so on. And I realized that with air du désert marocain I  was actually very close to some of these stereotypes. It's a thin, very thin line there. From stereotype I moved over to archetype and was looking for pictures of dunes (yes, stereotype around the corner there, too) to paint, and then a picture of a Berber man (Berber tribe in the Maghreb) popped up on the ipad and I did a sketch of him. Men of the desert... archetype or stereotype?

And then, before going to bed, I realized that actually, a bit of stereotype is necessary. It helps.



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  • I can relate to the transitions. Friday May 29th I was working at a job where I have spent the last 20+ years and the next day I was on a plane to Montréal, unemployed and embarking on the next chapter of my life, finding a new way to spend my days and bring meaning to my life. Radical change in perspective.

  • hotlanta linda 9. June 2015 at 21:21

    Tara C!!! Prayers for health and success!! :-) :-) Your sketch could have come from a vintage movie - all stereo-typed back then, right?? May the bike be fixed right the first time :-) Queen`s ``Bicycle Race`` for U today!! :-)

  • Thank you so much hotlanta linda for your kind words! So far things are going well, I am adjusting slowly to my new surroundings and schedule (or lack of one). :-)

  • Wow Tara! That must have been quite a shock. I hope that you can look at is as a chance, too. I hope that the new ways that are opening up will be bright!

  • Thank you for your kind words, Hotlanta Linda!

  • This is an excellent drawing Andy.
    Tara C, as Andy indicates, if you can afford it, and already doing it, then go ahead and start doing whatever you always wished to do in your life. People often want to do something different but are reluctant to take the leap and leave the security and familiarity of their current job… so when change does happen, whether by one’s own accord or not, it might be the chance for us to follow our dreams (or search for one if you don't know what's the dream yet :-))… such opportunities don’t happen very often in life ;-)
    (… sorry for almost hijacking the post Andy, but I guess your entry, dreamy drawing and Tara C’s story made me a bit pensive…)

  • No worries, Kal. It made me a bit pensive, too. Reminding of 11 years ago. And made me look into the future.

  • point of reference often can translate in stereotype…..
    today i brought home "lone star".. i smiled the entire train ride from brooklyn to manhattan…smiles &adjectives are not my best " attributes" …thank you!!

  • Good morning, Marius
    Thank you for getting a lonestar memories!

  • Thank you all for the kind words! It was my decision to resign from my job and follow my dreams to Montréal. I have been planning and saving for this moment for a long time, but it is still quite a shock when it actually happens. I am still adjudting but I am looking forward to having the time to pursue all the things I couldn't do while working full time in a demanding job.


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