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  • cheers to a fruitful 2015

    Here's a cheers for a happy, fruitful, peaceful and fragrant 2015 .

    I am looking forward happily into the new year, not knowing what it will bring, but I am sure that it will be full of surprises. I am also looking happily into the start of 2015 with the daily routines coming back after the holidays. It is time to go back to normal. And this is perfectly fine with me.

    So there we go: A Happy New Year !

  • winter wonderland

    Good morning to you all. Winter wonderland! And how... We got kicked into winter here in Zurich and from one day to the other everything looks different. It is wonderful, but chilly. And I am not sure whether my bike will bring me to the factory today. Two wheels might not be enough today.

    I need to head to my production rooms today in order to finish the year: Counting what is left. Bottles, pumps, boxes and all the other stuff need to be counted for the bookkeeper who wants to close the books. I am no bookkeeper and the books are filled with magic for me. Depreciation here, activation there, and in the end we will know where the Tauer GmbH stands and what is left after a busy, busy year. To be honest: I do not really care that much.

    I tend to look at numbers in a simplistic way: What is left to come up with new ideas in 2015? That's what matters most to me, really. I guess there will be some funds left that will go right into the projects for 2015.

    Anyhow, first things first: Counting what is left. Enjoy these last days of the year. I think they always feel very special and precious.

  • Day 24 of my advent calendar. Happy Holidays!

    This draw is closed. I thank you all for your participation and your wishes.


    Merry X-mas to you all, dear friends and business partners and perfume lovers!

    It is day 24 of my advent calendar: Today you can win an explorer set. I will leave this draw open for a day longer and pick a winner Dec. 26. Good luck!

    So... this is the last day of the advent calendar and we are here, faster than anticipated. Wow. Is it Christmas already? As nice as it is that the holidays are here: They were approaching almost too fast.

    Today, there's no advent animal, (sorry!) I picked today's picture, a tree without any glamour and any blingbling,but with hope and warmth, because I feel that this is what Christmas is actually all about. Or: This is what Christmas is also about.

    Today, I will pack the presents for the kids, and kickstart the kitchen for a series of invitations: Basically we will have guests from Dec. 24-26. This is wonderful. There will be time, food, warmth, laughter and an absolutely non glamourous x-mas tree. That's the way I like it.

    I wish you peaceful moments with your beloved ones, and I thank you for your enthusiasm and support. Enjoy!

  • Day 22 of the Tauer advents calendar, and a furry teaser

    (This draw is closed. Please make sure not to miss Day 23...)Welcome to day 22 of my advent calendar 2014. Today, you can win a discovery set with 5 samples, your choice; just leave a comment here and you're in. I hope that you like today's advent animal posing.

    We are coming soon to an end of this calendar; 24th of December will be the last day. Make sure to check in again Dec. 23 for a special treat again! Here, in the house of tauer, we go from busy to very busy mode the next two, three days. There are a couple of things that need to get done before the new year starts; like preparing orders from shops that need to ship early January and like trying to fill those idea bubbles that I came up with during the second half of 2014 with life and words and scents for 2015.

    To be honest: Shipping (and invoicing) orders to retailers is not that fun, except maybe for the bookkeeper.

    Working on bubbles for sure is, except maybe for the bookkeeper who sees money going down the drain. The problem with bubbles: Most of them bust. Be it financial bubbles, crazy ideas bubbles or just niche perfume bubbles. One bubble that sure worked this year was the rose flash idea (a 10 ml roll-on, rose, perfume, hmmmmmmm!) . Therefore, rose flash will be back early 2015, for sure.

    But in the world of bubbles, that was an exception. Saturday, when shopping for the kids, I passed by the perfume counters in a couple of department stores. Here, in Zurich, "niche" spills over into department stores. That's new. Department stores, here in Switzerland at least, are still busy places, with a lot of salespeople trying to help you find what you need. Guess what: I was cruising the world of "niche" there for quite a while. Nobody dared to talk to me. Not because I am tauer. I think it is because they are helpless when it comes to "niche" stories.

    I think that's the difference to (just picking one perfumery here) a place like Les Senteurs in the UK. And I think it is very important that we all begin to understand: You cannot expect to find "niche" in a duty free like environment and at les Senteurs at the same time. I mention this because I get a lot of questions from perfume lovers why my creations are  not available in duty frees.

    And if you do, then something's wrong.

    Anyhow: "Niche" is in quotation mark here because of a couple of things. And exiting this particular department store with a nice non scented gift for one of the kids I said to myself: This is the beginning of the end!

    This is a bit a pessimistic post: Sorry. But the happy end note is: I am not worried at all, as I do things differently here.

  • day 20 of my advent calendar, and a rabbit showing off

    (This draw is closed. More chances to win here...) A warm welcome to my advent calendar post for day 20! After yesterday's explorer set  (pssst: I think you can still comment there, on perfume posse and enter the draw!)  you can win today again a discovery set, with 5 samples of 1.5 ml each, your choice of scents. Good luck to you!

    Today's picture: a rabbit sneaking in, kind of showing off. There is no other reason (no place for Easter bunnies here really) that this bunny is appearing than me; I just happen to love bunnies in the first place, thus I painted one and I decided to publish it- ah, and yes: Publishing. I am waiting for the article to appear here, in the local newspaper.

    When talking to the journalist on Thursday, it was quite amazing, actually: Both of us completely forgot the time. We ended up  talking for more than 3 hours, and both of us turned up late at the next event/happening/dinner. We talked about a lot, perfume mostly, how it is born, why. Where. And what happens these days in the perfumeries, the stores, those selling niche and those selling not so niche, and what makes the differences, between real or fake, artisanal and designer, low volume and high volume.

    We basically talked pretty much about everything. And I think we both agreed that our days are really exciting, also for perfumer folks like me, as the world of perfumes is changing, fast.

    But back to our rabbit and why it is here: Because of me. The same is true and will always true in my perfumery. Me, me, me: Me creating, me and nobody else, and also nobody else deciding what to share with my perfume loving friends. So there we go: More "rabbits" are on their way for 2015. Why? Because I just cannot not do it. But, psst: This is going to be a surprise. 2015 will be a year of a couple of surprises. The time is right for a couple of changes. I am very much looking forward to it.

  • Day 18 of the advent calendar , a penguin, and allowances

    (This draw is closed now. Make sure to visit the Dec. 19 draw. Worth a try... good luck!)
    Tatata! It is day 18 of my advent calendar. And today, you can win something special. Sometime, from time to time, I make fragrant soaps. This are special as they are no product that I sell (yet). So there we go: Today you can win a Mandarine ambrées and a plush Gardenia soap. They are 100 gr., super yummy, really a treat, very fragrant, and I will ship them from Zurich. Just comment here and you are in. Good luck to you all. And thank you for your comments.

    And tomorrow, we have another treat, worth checking in again....

    Today's picture: A penguin that looks like it is coming a bit late to the party.

    Here, I am also a bit late with my allowances that I should have done since months basically. My bookkeeper reminded me every day. This morning, finally, I did the paperwork, September- December. Business stuff so to say. It was like a flash back: Travelling to Turin with the incense event, to Florence with Pitti, to LA with meetings, to Olten with a radio interview...

    I am late because I am not super professional when it comes to the business paper work. But it needs to be done. It is part of this "juggling" of business side and the creative side of what I do. There was a great interview that Persolaise from the Persolaise blog did a while ago where I talk about how to balance the different parts. In case you are interested: Here is the link to part 1. What is funny about this business side: Technically, I am just an employee of Tauer GmbH (Limited Liability Company). And as employee I have to do the stuff that the company asks for. Like allowances. As owner of the company, I have to sit together with the bookkeeper and define what needs to be done. And as employee I have to do what the owner of the company decided.

    Today, I will meet with a journalist in the "factory", discussing some business and some creative aspects, I guess. That's going to be fun, and the perfect excuse for not having to pack perfumes for an hour or so. Very welcome, indeed, as besides being the creative director and the super trooper CEO, I am also the packing underdog.


  • Day 17 of the advent calendar, and wishes

    This draw is closed. Dec. 18 waits for you with another chance. Thank you! Welcome to day 17 of the advent calendar: Today, you can win again a discovery set, by just leaving a comment you're in and with a bit of luck will pick you.

    Today, I shipped another explorer set to a winner of the previous days: There are more prizes like the explorer set, thus stay tuned!

    And yesterday, I talked to my sister-in-law: Children's' wish lists, four of them. These days, the wish lists get pretty long as here in our days and our place, we live happily in plentifulness. I am quite sure that my wishlist for the holidays, back then when I was a child, was pretty long, too. Maybe a touch less expensive, as back then, in the sixties, early seventies, money was tighter.

    These days, grown up, my wish list is pretty small. I mentioned it before: A pad to write and work with. There are other wishes for the holidays, but these do not very materialistic really. Like peace for our time. Health for my friends. And tranquility to accept what cannot be changed.  And happy moments with friends and family. And laughter under the x-mas tree. And a couple of other things, like "please, please, please: Sun!".

    This was the inspiration behind today's x-mas tree: A couple of wishes for the holidays (a higher resolution is going to appear on facebook). This illustration was done with airbrush colors, using regular brushes, not with watercolor.

    And here's the thing: I will probably not follow the children's wish list too much. Surprise, surprise!

  • Day 16 of my advent calendar, or a stressed squirrel

    (This draw is closed now) Welcome to day 16 of my advent calendar. Today, you can win again a discovery set. Just comment here and you're in, and with a bit of luck, will pick your comment.

    Yesterday, we had a technical issue with the blog and hence many could not comment while the blog was offline. Hence, the draw of Dec. 15 continues until tomorrow. If you haven't commented there yet: Here's the link to the Dec. 15 draw again, and thank you for your understanding.

    Today, I share a busy squirrel. Squirrels are always super busy, like indie perfumers, and hence again: My little advent squirrel does not really look happy. For reasons beyond my comparison, my advent animals don't look too happy.

    Maybe it is subconscious and reflects me, yesterday: Yesterday, we (my IT gurus) had to migrate the website, from one server to another. There were a couple of issues and the result was the broken website. Nothing to worry really, but annoying for me and you, I guess. But it was a welcome reminder how vulnerable all these internet things actually are. What we see on the screens on our phones and PCs, what looks so ethereal and feels like its coming right out of space: It is all coded and written and sits in or on servers, 0 and 1 on magnetic coatings in a micro, almost nano, world. Very vulnerable if you start thinking about it; and basically magic. And every 0 and 1 needs energy to be written and rewritten and deleted. Sometimes I wonder how many power plants  are just running on this planet to keep this internet thing going. Must be a lot.

    Bottomline: It is magic. And just the beginning. And even if -rarely- this internet thing does not work: I am so glad it exists.  The squirrel does not know about it; it is busy storing food for winter, I guess, and not in the mood to stand still with a Christmas ball ornament.


  • Day 15 of my advent calendar, or a candle missing

    (This draw is closed now) Welcome to day 15 of my advent calendar. Today, you can win a discovery set, 5 samples, your choice of scents, shipped in a tin box. Just leave a comment and you are in. Good luck to you all and thank you for your comments!

    Yesterday was the 3rd advent Sunday (already) and the countdown to X-mas runs faster and faster. Today's illustration of happy advent pictures misses a candle, in the sense that with every advent Sunday we light another candle, but there was no place really to put a third candle on the giraffe.

    So we are moving fast towards X-mas. Saturday saw one highlight of the season, too. The traditional "Duftapero", that I run every year together with Pascal, the shop owner of the Zurich shop Medieval art&vie where everything around Tauer Perfumes started and where my fragrances are sold exclusively in Switzerland. A happy gathering with scents, literature, food and drinks and a good crow, enjoying the warmth of the season. I talked a bit about Gardenia sotto la luna and showed some of the ingredients that go into the scent and that helped me come up with a Gardenia scent that is inspired by the picture of a white flower blooming under the moon.

    Now that this event is over, we are moving into the hot phase of X-mas preparations. Sort of. One of tasks: X-mas cards.

    This year, it will be easy. I made many illustrations to choose from but I haven't made up my mind yet. I will print them myself on the printer. That's the easy part. Then I am supposed to write them in the next couple of days.

    Most of them stay in Switzerland, so there is still time. But still.... the clock is ticking.

  • Day 12 of the advent calendar, and a minimalist x-mas tree

    This draw is closed. Please visit  EAUMG for the draw Dec. 13. Thank you and good luck!

    It is day 12 of my advent calendar: you can win a discovery set today, Dec. 12. Your choice of 5 samples, shipped to you in a little tin box. Just leave a comment here to enter the draw for Dec. 12.

    And, as we are flexible, we are cheating a little bit about the Dec. 13 draw. December 13 brings you the chance to win another explorer set, 3x 15 ml, your choice again. To enter the Dec. 13 draw:

    Please visit Victoria's EAUMG blog. The draw starts during Dec. 12 and runs until Dec. 14. Victoria was so nice and flexible to open the draw a bit earlier: This, in order to make sure that everybody gets a chance, although it is a weekend. My thanks go to Victoria! Here's the link for the Dec. 13 Explorer Set draw. Good luck, and sorry for cheating a bit ....

    Today's picture shows you a minimalist x-mas tree. I like it that way. Our x-mas tree will - like every year- be super minimalist. Actually, it is not really a tree, but just a "symbol", kind of a metal spiral, holding some candles and decoration. But you know what: We use it every year, saved some 20 trees since we have it, and we just love its minimalist appearance.

    The "making of" this picture you see here: my "creative" workspace. A mix of paper, paint stuff, fragrant raw materials, a balance, a coffee mug, a computer screen.

    creative bench space creative bench space

    The fragrant raw materials are a few bottles of raw materials that went into my interpretation of Gardenia, for "gardenia- sotto la luna", among other things a bottle with methyl benzoate (powerful stuff), jasmine absolute, rose absolue, orange blossom absolute,... I need these to later make dilutions in ethanol, for a little scent gathering focused on Gardenia over the weekend.

    What the picture does not show you: The mess at the bottom where you find more paper, more tubes and vials with paint, and many, many more fragrant raw materials. Arranged in no particular order. I always say creation is a fluid process. You have to let go to some extend. Let the material and your imagination guide you. In my case, it might also just be an excuse for not having to clean up... Have a great day and don't forget to visit the EAUMG blog somewhen around Dec. 13. Thanks!

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