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  • L'AIR DU DÉSERT MAROCAIN - solid perfume

    A bit of luxury for a very affordable price in hard times.

    I was working this one for quite a while. And, what a coincidence! I got ready right now. Last week, I got the last ingredient in larger quantities, allowing me start production. So there we go: let's say hello to:

    L'AIR DU DÉSERT MAROCAIN, solid perfume.

    WHAT is it?- solid perfume means fragrance oil (15%, that's 50% more than in the l'air du désert marocain eau de toilette) ,mixed into a wax base that melts on your skin. The wax base is composed of a moisterizing solid mixture of organic, cold pressed jojoba oil, pure almond oil, vitamine E and white beewax, put together in a way that it is soft, but still solid.

    HOW to apply?-you just put some on your finger and apply it there were you wish to smell good. Not on lips, not on any membranes or eyes. Not inside the ears, too.  You apply as often as you wish.

    It is nice to have it with you all do, but do not leave it in the sun or in the car.

    PACKAGING-it comes in a nice tin box, with logo and all.

    SHIPPING-right now, I ship this from Switzerland to the US, France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. This may change over the next weeks.

    Some of the "making of" you can see here on . Enjoy!

    and stay healthy, please.

  • no shipping to /from the US

    We are very sorry, but because of the current corona situation we cannot ship to the US anymore. At all. Air freight from Switzerland gets very tight (no planes flying anymore) and shipment from our warehouse in California: not possible.

    We can only thank you for your understanding and patience until we can send our smelling goodies to the world again.

    Yours, Andy

  • new year, new perfume

    Welcome to 2020! I hope that you had a fabulous start into a fabulous 2020.

    I sure did, spending some time under a fantastic blue sky in the mountains. Down here in Zurich, there is a thick cloud of fog on top of us. Up there: it is warm and sunny and peaceful. So, I am ready now to continue my ventures. Last year was good. I do not know when, but I found some time to work on some new ideas, too. I rarely talk about it because I do not want to feed expectations too much.

    This year, I want to continue where I stopped last year: creating perfumes. Last year, I went back in time and proposed Les Années 25 BIS, a vintage inspired perfume. This year, fingers crossed, if all goes well, will see me proposing an avant-garde kind of perfume. Or better said: a fragrance that I have not done yet  in the past, not even vaguely. Right now, I am also feeling that it is one of the longest lasting creations that I ever came up with. I am adding the last touches there.

    My goal is to propose this perfume by late spring 2020.

    Now, before I go busy again in 2020: let me finish by saying thank you to all of you for your support and enthusiasm. Merci!

  • a little gift and the artist curse and a news

    Did you know? We have a new fragrance.... Les Années 25 BIS. It is not a flanker of Les Années, but rather a new interpretation of vintage -my love!- and a second take of the big classics of the last century. Do not ask me why I rather wanted to do this than just make another batch of Les Années 25.... I guess this is part of the artist's curse. Iin this case: it was worth doing it again. It got better . More on the artist's curse: here's a great video on youtube from (a conversation of Mark Carder with fellow artist Shirley Seput)

    Artist curse=big thing to overcome.

    And here is the link to the Les Années 25 BIS

    And: I also have a little gift news for you. We always send a gift with full bottles purchase. These days, we also send you a miniature if you wish with full bottle purchase. Just let us know at the end of the check out in the comments field. We can offer one of these miniatures: Les Années 25 BIS, l'air des Alpes Suisses, l'oudh. And we can only send full bottles to: Switzerland, France, Austria and the USA. Thank you for your understanding.

    I wish you a peaceful holiday season.



    Finally, after a super crazy spring (in bed because I was sick) and a busy summer because of many orders (thank you!), we are ready and launched a new product. Finally.

    You can order a full size bottle here (shipping only to the US, France, Switzerland and Austria)

    It is L'AIR DES ALPES SUISSES. It comes as an edp. It is inspired by the Swiss Alps (obviously) and was also an excuse to travel on company costs to many beautiful places in Switzerland and do photo shootings and smellfies (me and a bottle).

    The perfume is ready for a few months now and I was wearing it all summer, secretly, and it felt wonderful. It got me a lot of compliments. So.... it felt like it was made for me. I hope that it will feel like that for you, too.

    Yesterday, I sent a newsletter out, with some pictures and text. If you did not get it: here is the link to the newsletter site.

    And a last word about samples and shipping: we still can only ship samples to Switzerland, France, Austria and Germany. For the US, we offer full size bottles and the miniature of L'air des alpes suisses as a special offer.

    And here one of the fun encounters in the Swiss Alps.....


  • an update about shipping

    Greetings from Zurich where we survived the heat...

    Here follows an update about shipping perfumes. We still cannot ship samples or miniatures regularly in Europe. Overseas: we cannot offer samples either. For Europe, we are testing new shipment logistics these days, on selected markets, like Spain and the Netherlands. If this works, we will add other countries in Europe. The drawback: delivery from here to there takes longer.

    Generally, I learned through an instagram post that there are some misunderstandings of what can be shipped and what cannot be shipped from Switzerland to some countries or what we do not want to ship. Let me outline this here , also saving me some emails:

    Generally: full  size bottles do only ship to Switzerland, France, Austria and the US. No exceptions.

    Generally: we do not ship samples or full size bottles overseas.

    There are many countries that we do not serve in general because of customs issues or regulatory issues. Examples are Brasil, South Africa, Mexico. If a country is not listed at check out: we do not ship there.

    ITALY: because Italian customs does not accept the import of cosmetic goods from non EU countries (Switzerland is not part of the EU) without sanitary inspection (this means paperwork, money, goods blocked for weeks sometimes) we do not ship there and work with a distributor. As some goods come with lower margin, these are not available in the Italian market, like soaps, body oils, candles.

    Greece, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republik, Slovakia, Lithuania: we do not ship because we found the local post and customs clearance too slow or complicated or unreliable.

    Germany: we do not ship full bottles there because the German postal service is not reliable enough and the German customs is too complicated for our clients.

    And now: back to work.

  • Important news: no more sample shipments possible

    Here's an important news that is somewhat terrible.

    As of today, we cannot send samples to the world anymore because of stricter implementation of the rules for transport of dangerous goods/perfume in Switzerland. The authorities/Swiss Post started to even send single 1.5 ml samples back. So there you go.... there is no alternative/affordable shipper and sample business is a low margin business that eventually we have to stop this totally. For the time being: samples only ship to Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland, because there the post transports via ground. All other countries are not served anymore with samples and miniatures.

    Now: reimbursing clients and sending mails....


  • Payment card industry data security standard compliant and back from sick bay


    I was sick for a while, but now I am back and running and trying to catch up. All projects had to be postponed, though, to Q3, like... September. Ah... well. There is time.

    And on a side note: this morning I got my certificate again, confirming that I am compliant with the payment card industry data security standard. Hurray. And next: trying to keep up with orders and stock issues.
    Have a great weekend everyone. Fragrant greetings!

  • oups

    so, I am sort of back after being sick for a couple of weeks. I could basically just take care of the ongoing business but not of new products and plans for the future. Therefore, my plan to launch the newest scent/project: it is delayed and rescheduled. I think it will be after August now, because I do not want to present a new fragrance in the summer months.

    I learned a lot these last few weeks. I went silent on the social media in order to have a bit more time and in order not to have to tell lies about how good I am. Now, I am good again and every day, I am looking forward to head for the perfume factory or do the online orders.

    And: the picture of today is me, in Vilnius, where  I was for a stories event and it was a blast! 120 perfume lovers, with lots of selfies and hugs and smiles. I loved it so much.

  • design is not democratical

    On Instagram I wrote, in the context of the upcoming unreleased fragrance: "Design is not democatical." , in the context of visual and packaging design and of course! perfume design. The media is the message, and hence there is no long textual discourse happening on Instagram. Instagram is visual.

    In perfume design, being undemocratical, can for instance mean: use florals in men's offerings, or cumin. So many perfume lovers out there go like "oh... I would love it so much if there was no cumin in it". For instance true for one of Vero Kern's offerings. God bless her. The cumin in there was totally necessary, from an esthetic, creative point of view. I guess these days, it is more important than ever to be undemocratic when it comes to design.

    Anyhow: I am working with my designer guru on the labels for the full size 50 ml bottle, a miniature, and the samples and box. It is looking totally undemocratically great and I cannot wait to start polishing bottles and put the labels on when they will finally be finished and ready. Today's picture shows you a detail of one of the labels.

    In the mean time: I continue working on orders and am trying to build some stock. And I am trying to look the other way when I come accross an "influencer" on the visual platform Instagram. Their visual language has become so boring. I mention this here as I get " invitations for collaborations" by  almost every day, and I hope that the message is spreading: no collaborations, please!

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