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  • room to dance a Tango


    The real estate rent agency and me agreed on the price and conditions and now I just wait for the contract papers and by May 1 I will be a proud renter of two rooms, 15 min biking distance. The rooms will need some painting and I can't wait to show you pictures and share all the details.

    The two rooms are connected by a door and we will use one of them as storage room for boxes, bottles, labels, paper and all the other stuff that fills my place here. And the second room will be a boxing, packing room with space to dance a tango.

    Well, almost.

    Actually, not really. Maybe a slow Waltz might work.

    The picture to the left shows you one of the reasons why we need to move out of our little farm into a place with more space. This shipment goes South right now and I can only say: Yes, I love you all, my dear Italian fans and friends.

    And now: Off to the train station. I need to travel to Bologna on Sunday, 5.5 hours forth by train, the same time I will need to go back by train and in the middle I will visit a stand or two at the Cosmoprof exhibition.

  • Back from Rome

    I am back from Rome and - as you might  imagine - have a plate on the table that is pretty full. About as full as our home here in Zurich: We got the 5000 inlays delivered and the green flacons for the COLLECTIBLES and the flacons for the PENTACHORDS. And now we are full. This afternoon, I can go and fetch all paper labels for the COLLECTIBLES and PENTACHORDS from the printer. And then we are over full.

    Thus, you will read from me soon more on design and colors. And I look forward to sharing some impressions from Campo Marzio at Via Vittoria in Rome and the event that we had there. Think: The biggest reunion of artisanal noses that I have ever attended.  But first, I share a few pictures of Rome, a city that I love so much. The picture to the left shows you Hadrian's column early in the morning.


    Column and shadow early in the morning

    Early in the morning...a city full of antiques

    Beauty everywhere

    A room with a view.....

    An Italian car....Spring in Rome. Finally!

  • ZETA samples

    today's picture is a teaser, showing you the first samples I did yesterday of the ZETA - a linden blossom theme- fragrance. In reality, the color is even more honey yellow sun like. Amazing. I feel it is the rose absolute that renders the fragrance so bright and sunny.

    I put them in bright sunlight for the picture. But now they rest in the dark, as all perfumes should.

    Tomorrow, I take the train and travel to Rome. I look so much forward to these three days. Although, I have to admit it right now and here: I will go to Rome soon again , in April, for 100% private reasons. Thus, as the W.-factor mentioned yesterday, I am truly blessed.

    I really am and I try not to forget.

    Thus, my next post will be early next week, I guess. For those of you who have not left a comment but wish to participate in yesterday's draw: Here's where you have to go.... click here. I will pick the winners later tonight (Swiss time).

    And here is my reading hint for you: Giovanni from Fragrance Scout did a lovely interview with me. You find it here  (English version click here). Thank you for your interest and have a lovely time!

  • Day 21 of the advent calendar

    This is day 21 of our advent calendar and it's again the W-factor who is typing these lines. W stands of course for Werner (Werni) although I could live with some of your suggestions such as Wunder-Werni.  Another wonder is the fact that W survived Andy's whimpering during the last few days. Contrary to what some of you suspected, Andy could not reach the keyboard anymore because he had shrunk nor had he worked too much; he's simply getting old. Proof: See the x-ray below, showing some  soft tissue calcification, responsible for a serious inflammation.

    The doctor is optimistic that he can save the arm and make a fortune with it in the coming years. Andy is optimistic to be up and running in 2011, trying to earn the money for the doctor.

    The doctor says it's a vicious circle. Andy says that he's so right. Today you can win again a "Cologne du Maghreb" by simply hello in the comment section below.

    x-ray, right arm


  • click here

    In order to access today's (Dec. 16) advent calendar entry.... click here
    Enjoy your December 16!


    It is this time of the year again. Please visit my advent calendar 2010 with lots of prizes and chances to win.

    Click here for my advent calender 2010.

    Enjoy this wonderful time of anticipation and waiting.

  • Official PR

    This is the official PR for the new Tauer launches, on Now Smell This. Click here for Robin's post.

    And here my contribution to this PR fact (click on image for larger version).

  • see you soon again

    and off we go for our little biking trip. I hope that my labtop will find a WLAN from time to time, allowing me to post a bit.  See you soon again!

  • A moment with lily of the valley

    Yesterday was air du désert bottle pouring and crimping and labeling day. And today we engage in UNE ROSE VERMEILLE bottle pouring and crimping and labeling day. Oups. No. Wrong. We are still waiting for the labels, but do the bottle thing.
    Over the week end we plan to do more bottle pouring fun, in preparation for the PITTI FRAGRANCE exhibition September, and for expected sales early autumn.

    Thus, normal production routine towards the end of this week.

    Let me introduce and seduce you in between: Please visit FRAGRANTICA and make sure you participate on their draw for a Carillon pour un ange, co-organized by Luckyscent. The draw is over this Friday!  There, you will find a little text by myself: This is my contribution to the e-book project "A MOMENT WITH LILY OF THE VALLEY",  a charity project that will end up in an e-book, jointly organized by Tauer and . (what kind of charity: Will be decided by poll on this blog later)

    Here is one reason why I wanted to do this e-book: I realized that with every launch I get more interest in what I do, interest by the press and other media. And one day, I figured that this attention might be used to create awareness to xyz. xyz was something in the field of charity, and fun, and community oriented. The hope that I have with this e-book project: That by spring 2011, when launching the Carillon pour un ange in its final packaging and getting the press for it, we can use part of the press to push sales of the e-book. And that we continue collection stories and end up with a large e-book on lov(e).

    Thus, I look forward to receiving many contributions. If you consider sharing your MOMENT WITH LILY OF THE VALLEY: please send it to us by e-mail or snail mail and do not publish it here (or there) ONLY: For copyright issues we need your official agreement for publication by e-mail or snail mail. Details you find in here: MOMENT WITH LILY OF THE VALLEY (pdf file, 200 kb).

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