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  • answering interview questions

    Today is going to be a very busy day and in between boxing and packing I need to answer interview questions for one of the top magazines here in Switzerland. "What was your first scent experience?" is one of them. Hmmm... my memories there are limited. I think of the dog "LEO" in the village, and my aunt's cologne. Real Kölnisch Wasser. I have a bottle of it, sitting in my fragrance storage box, from my mother. The picture of today is a detail from the flacon.

    Smelling this cologne , for me, brings back memories of  days long  gone by. A time where ladies always had their little flacon of Kölnisch with them. At least my aunt did. She did for all kind of purposes. Refreshing, perfuming, cleaning , you name it.


    It is interesting: my first scent memories are not easy to find. Can you pinpoint a first scent memory?

    In this context: In case you have not watched the video interviews that Brian did on scent memories: Now is the time to watch them, there on vimeo or on the Woman's Picture blogging round.

    Fragrant greetings!


  • I am back from Munich

    Fragrant greetings to you. Yes you!

    I am back from Munich, a bit tired because of  my not being used to being exposed to journalists. Usually, I am exposed to perfume lovers or bloggers and this different. The get together with Patrica de Nicolai and Sebastian Fischenich from Humiecki and Graef was wonderful, and I enjoyed their company a lot. We chatted about our brands, about our flacons and about our scents. I got to smell the new Eau cHic by Nicolai that I really liked a lot, because I am a big geranium fan to start with. But my favorite from Patricia's line is and remains the New York, that I got a couple of years ago in her lovely shop at Rue Grenelle. New York is an absolute classic. Think Habit Rouge, but a touch more modern.

    Anyhow. So we all met the journalists who were absolutely lovely. To be frank: I did similar events in the past, and I had visitors falling asleep over my scents. almost. Not this time. Woo hoo! I showed une  rose chyprée, ZETA - a linden blossom theme- , Pentachords VERDANT, and L'air du désert marocain, of course, telling the image of the scent, in 60 seconds. And I got some really nice comments and better even: Smart questions. I love smart questions. Such as how to balance the quest to grow and the artistic aspects of the brand.

    A good question. For all of you who have never heard the Air du désert marocain image behind the scent, there we go. The others might consider reading (and taking their chance to win a sample)  on Olfactarama about Miriam, and following the serialized interview with Brian. Enjoy, and follow this link to Pat's blog.

    And here comes the image of Air du désert marocain:

    "Imagine yourself in a hotel, in Ouarzazad, close to the desert, in the evening, you lying in bed, the door to the terrace wide open, the evening wind blows from the Saharan desert, it is dry and warm, it brings with it the spices from the souk, the smoke from the many open fires where women cook the evening food, the jasmine bush blooming at the corner of the street and the sweet hint of oriental cookies from the bakery next door. You inhale this perfume and fall asleep, dreaming of Moroccan wonders. "

    Today's picture: the first original visual going with the air du désert marocain. The moon rising over the desert.

  • bye and some links

    This is a byebye for a day or two. Tomorrow, we will be driving and then I will be standing at the exhibition stand at Pitti Fragranze.

    And today, it is last minute preparations day.

    Thus, I leave you to reading other blogs and news and there we go with the recommended posts of today:
    Elene publishes the second chapter of the Miriam Novelette, and an interview with me on some of the core factors when building Miriam  that you will for sure find interesting. You find here post here.

    And Persolaise published the first film interview as part of the blogging round. And you can win a sample on his blog. Please see the interview here on his blog.

    I wish you fun reading and watching and send you fragrant greetings.

    Today' s picture taken from the terrace of our hotel room, booked early and amazingly affordable, shows you the sun over the Arno, taken last year from our hotel in Florence, and guess in which hotel we are staying this time. Yes!

  • the sweet smell of a career change

    Today, I invite you to listen to Vero Kern and me in a joint radio show in English, moderated and prepared by Susan Stone from Berlin. She met us in Zurich and is a wonderful journalist.

    You can click here to the piece on the Deutsche Welle.


  • this stuff brings back memories

    There is not much you can do: Perfume is subjective. What is gloriously shining on your skin is bääh! for somebody else. No way to convince that bääh! is not bääh! But there is hope that (at least!) a bääh! perfume is recognized as a creative master piece. It will remain bääh! , but in the category of masterpieces.

    Yesterday, I felt like Cuir de Russie, after a grey and wet day, and I reached for my perfume strength masterpiece in a bottle from Chanel. I love it. It is a masterpiece and a perfume that reaches back in time. So I went to bed with it, and I realized (again) how different these perfumes where, back then. Although perfume strength, it was not particularly strong, and you could feel how it was not glued together with the superglues such as Okoumal that fix any banality for eternity.

    And it speaks a different language. It is much less loud. It is like reading a newspaper from the twenties and comparing it to tabloid of today. And then, suddenly, you realize what we have gone missing, while getting a lot of new treasures. So, I am totally taken, reading the lines of this old, past, fragrant story, when the W.-factor comes by and goes like "Bääh, I don't like it!"

    "But it is Cuir de Russie, perfume strength, a masterpiece. A classic!", I go.

    "I don't like it", the .-factor replied. "But look at this wonderful birchtar line. That's like in Lonestar Memories, and then the animalic notes!", I try ...

    "I do not like it, it smells odd!"

    "Well, I guess, in a sense it does.

    But it's a masterpiece.", I finally add in, and "yes, I can see that" is as good as it got yesterday.

    I gave up, went to bed, fell into sleep, remembering a line from Woman's Picture, where Miriam says "this stuff brings back memories". Actually, this was one line that I found important to keep in mind when I saw the movie the first time. Miriam is a perfume that brings back memories, too. Memories of a time when perfumes were different. Own memories of times when we were different. I started remembering how I used to smell Cuir de Russie, going back in time, trying to understand how perfumes were done a century ago. In the mean time, I moved on, but I still love to go back to the classics, be it vintage versions or not. So much better than much, much, much else that drolls  around in pink bottles.

    Sometimes, I feels good to go back in memory and look into the mirror of past days.

    Today's job: Filter Miriam. Open the 10 liter aluminum bottles and filter the juice. Everytime I filter a new juice for the first time it means a lot to me. It is, together with the first flacons poured, a moment where the work of months or years comes to an end.

  • Great Valley

    I am on my way now to Milan for one day; doing a little video interview with for the upcoming launch of the Pentachords in Italy, where they will be available exclusively for 3 months in Campo Marzio in Roma. I will actually take the train forth and back to get there, but today's picture nevertheless fits: A little road in the US.

    It is a pathway through grassland, that we have seen and hiked for an hour or two  in the Great Valley State Park. We have seen about 10 Coyotes there and the equal amount of rabbits. It was a hike through a state park and we learned how a large portion of the region of the Great Valley must have looked like 200 years ago. Simply beautiful. With lots of yellow grass.

    Imagine the sights and sounds in the evening!

    Fragrant greetings to you all.

  • waiting

    I am in London today and partly tomorrow for the 2011 UK FIFI awards because Orange Star is one of six proud nominees in the category "best new independent niche" which is cool. I am curious to see what this diner is going to be like: Another first in my life.

    And it is basically a free lunch dinner. Thank you for your waiting for me until I am back....

    Today's picture: Dog waiting for someone, seen a while ago in Zurich.

  • Cherry blossom

    Our old cherry tree blooms. It exploded in white yesterday. What a treat!

    I wish you a lovely spring day.


  • double filtration

    Contrary to what I told you yesterday: Here comes another short post dealing with the ZETA linden blossom. I will fill more flacons today to fill up the stock that is shrinking on a daily basis. Yesterday, when packing more of the Zetas, watching the sunlight play with the flacon, brining nice green patterns onto the labels  on the bench, then I realized that I did not talk about these labels, yet.

    We came up with a different labeling concept for the COLLECTIBLES. You may remember that we use stamps to put on the Haiku and the obligatory EU allergen information. We stamp this onto the backside of each metal box, too. For that we use large, pentagonal stickers that provide the information that is not supposed to change, like where it comes from, that it is handmade and who imports it in Italy.

    The rest, the perfume specific information, is put on by hand stamping each box. This approach allows to change from vintage to vintage information such as the allergens for our beloved EU administrators.

    Right now however, I am not stamping but I am doing the filtration. Number 2. Double filtration of ZETA is necessary as some of the naturals (especially the Vanilla CO2 extract) are rich in waxes and diluted in ethanol these precipitate. Needless to say that this filtration takes forever ...

    Today's picture shows you the ZETA flacon, and the stamped information on a label.

  • first tulip of the year and a new circle beginning.

    I continue showing you spring teaser flowers: The first tulip that showed its shy red head a few days ago. Today, it is proudly showing it all...

    The last few days have been amazing: An explosion is taking place right in front of our eyes and noses.  And fitting with nature starting another circle we kind of start another circle, too. I sent the papers off for the new office and storage place. I signed the lease. A little signature translating into a major step for me. June 1 is the date when I can get in there, and I look forward to moving there. Not that it would not be nice sitting on my bench here, in our little room, close to tulips with a view. But it is getting narrow here. Yesterday, when packing the first ZETA's into boxes, later in the evening, the W.-factor and me realized again how little space is left in this room.

    Thus, by June 1 we can start moving.

    And until them, we continue in our little room. And as it is the last weeks in there: I suddenly enjoy it more than before.

    I will continue packing ZETAs today. And will start shipping the first ZETAs to retailers. And tonight, I go for a burger, meeting friends, old friends, that worked with me and helped me a lot in a previous circle that I luckily left.

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