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  • Day 6 of the advent calendar in 24 videos and a draw

    Edited Dec. 10. This draw is closed. The winner got an email. Thank you to all of you who participated. And good luck with the coming draws.

    Today, you can win one (your choice which one) of my water based room sprays. How? Just comment on this blog post and you will be in. I will pick a winner with and will contact the winner by email in about 3-4 days, leaving some time to everybody to comment and enter the draw.

    In the mean time, my advent calendar in 24 videos, a story told, continues on my advent calendar page. Enjoy!

  • Day 3 of my 24 video advent calendar

    Edited Dec. 8: This draw is closed. The winner of a scarf got an email. Thank you to all of you who commented. Good luck in the coming days!
    Welcome to day three of my Advent Calendar in 24 videos. These, the videos, you find here.

    And, besides telling the third chapter of the story there, you can win on the blog. This time, it is something special! You can win one (the winner's choice) of my 100% silk scarves. You find these here on my online store.

    Just leave a comment on this post and you are in for the draw. As always: I will pick a winner randomly. This post is open for comments for a few days. Good luck to you all!


  • Patch flash is here

    I have just sent out the newsletter: patch flash is available now on I am a bit behind my schedule: the Pitti fair was a touch too busy. But now, we are there, and uploaded the latest fragrance from Tauerville on my site.

    Sending a newsletter out is always exciting. I think, I mentioned it before: the newsletters work for me (thank you to all of you who read and click and order). When sending a newsletter out, I always have to make sure that I have  two, three days ahead where I can process orders and emails.

    I do not know how it compares to industry standards: I get around 40-50% opens per newsletter and around 10-15% clicks on links. In that sense, my perfume loving clients are much better than myself. I get a couple of newsletters but do not open many of them. With one exception: I love getting my Adobe newsletter and learn about their offerings. Ah... and yes, the microsoft newsletter, and the apple one and the luckyscent one and... I guess I am not so different after all.

    At Pitti, I wanted so hard to make pictures but there was no time. I was busy on the stand, had no meals during the day and survived thanks to Coke. The general public was not allowed this year which I personally find not ok. At the end of the day, it is not the distributors who buy and spritz from my bottles, and not the agents, and not the retailers: it is the perfume lover. And I actually love talking to them.

  • greetings and an outlook

    Right now I am sitting in front of my room at the Harmony Motel in 29 Palms, heading for the Joshua Tree National Park soon where I will stroll around and do some sketches if I feel like it. Maybe I will just hang out on a boulder and do not much more than watching the sky and the boulders.

    I have been visiting this place for many years, many times, and there is nothing that I MUST do here, which is nice. It will be a busy weekend in San Francisco with events at the Tigerlily Perfumery, April 7 later afternoon the full tauer immersion, April 8 a gathering of 12 independent perfumers at Tigerlily with talks and discussions and all. Thus, a moment of nothingness, here in Joshua Tree, does good.

    Actually, I am super excited as I will present two more scents from my STORIES line. There is a great article on Fragrantica that explains it all.  (click here) It is exciting also because for the STORIES I do not have to worry about what's next and how to keep up with stock and logistics and all. They just come and go when I am there at an event and it feels very liberating. I also do not have to worry about how many we will sell. I look at it as an installation, a presentation of something rare. Of course, they will sell, and sooner or later I have to think about making more and all, but for the moment I can just relax and look forward to San Francisco.

    There, in San Francisco, at Tigerlily, sits also a bottle of the unreleased attar. The attar that is inspired by many things, a trip to Saudi Arabia, Oudh and more; I have sent 200 of it, 1 ml rollerball bottles to VIP clients. I am thinking about sending more of these, offering them on my site, as I got a lot of queries for it. We will see....

    Right now, I am enjoying the sun and am blinking and am looking forward to the boulders that will still be here when I am long gone.

  • no pampers, thank you

    I will probably fall into vegetative state: Salad feeling, watching home order TV for an hour tonight. It was super busy the last few days.

    Today's picture is proof of what kept me busy the last few days. A bunch of parcels that will be picked up Thursday. I will celebrate when they are gone and out of my way.

    I do it rarely, watching home order TV, but when I do: It has a meditative effect. Much better than watching regular TV. There, every evening,  I feel kind of sorry for the Germans. The health of the average German must be dire. I always watch a bit of the German news and before the news comes the ad block and it is full of pain relief ads and other stuff that is supposed to help when you have: Digestive problems, dry skin, running nose or you can't sleep. In Switzerland, there's more TV ads aired for food. Conclusions?

    Besides this general observation:  I watched a movie the other night and took notes what I was presented with during the ad block. No, I do not need pampers, no sleep help, no I do not have a mortage, no dog in the house either, I do not need a new phone carrier, no Yoghurt Schnitte, no dishwasher tablet, no new Volkswagen car, no emoji and I buy the chocolate that I want and it is not from the maitre chocolatier because the maitre chocolatier produces a mass product.

    My five cents: Complete waste of money. Sad. But, I have learned by the POTUS that repeating a message again and again and again helps to get a message out. Interesting. And: The shorter the better. And it does not matter whether it is correct or true: It will stick. Very interesting.

    In perfumery, you can observe exactly the same thing. There is so much "art" out there, and it is repeated again and again, perfumery as art, master perfumers, and the industry’s most respected perfumers, and after a while, with the help of megaphones, everybody seems to become a believer; or gets numb and moves on. Interesting.

    Sometimes, I look at the pictures of these masters of perfume, their "creative" space, the "perfume work place" where they compose and all: I wonder how on hell do they manage to work without balance and pipettes.

    But then, that's me. I guess in the end  we all want to be cheated and one fine day I might end up buying a Volkswagen, because they are the best and run and run and run. That's what they say.


  • what I am up to these days

    I haven't been posting for quite a while. Sorry. Here's why..... Besides the daily routines of shipping orders, small ones like this one (see picture of today) which was basically a tuberose order, and shipping large orders to retailers, and the daily perfume packing routine in the factory (il faut s'imaginer Sisyphe heureux - you have to imagine Sisyphus happy), I was texting.

    And, obviously, I cannot text different things at the same time. It's like a writer's block: Either this or that. I admire every blogger who keeps up with his or her writing. It needs a lot of discipline, especially when you run a blog on the side.

    And I was keeping my supplier for fragrance raw materials and mixtures busy as I started ordering for autumn. Which, of course, feels totally odd at a time when the crocuses just started blooming on the veranda.

    Thus, basically, the last couple of days were crazy and I had to compromise on a couple of priorities. Trying to get a touch more effective, I learned that my iphone is actually smarter than I thought. I tried the dictation tool that it offers. In English, French and German, answering emails by just talking into a magic stick. And wow! this little phone can do it these day, pretty accurately. Amazing. The smaller the sentences, the better (no , I do not dictate this text ....) and I guess I know now how Mr. Trump does his twitter thing. This, my dictation, and the bots make me feel very certain that we are heading towards big changes. Bots. A while ago I was on basenotes, reading a somewhat rough debate. And I would bet: A couple of the comments there were bot comments. Machine code, fake, artificial but human like. I came to the same conclusion on twitter and facebook, especially when reading discussions there about "politics".

    Thus, jogging through Swiss wonderland -like every Sunday- I imagined that in a few years from now, I might have a business bot, too. You know: Andy in digital. Ha!  From there I moved forward and came up with a story that needs to be writen. Title: Hail Bannon! A fiction story about a bot dominated post apocalyptic world.

    I read a book a while ago where one chapter was dedicated to a very simple question: Is God in the internet? The answer is probably yes, be we have to bring God there. So there you go....

    And coming back to the start of this post: I was not texting on the fiction story.

  • an oil portrait

    The last week felt a bit like 24/7. And this week will continue like that. Because.... I will leave in 7 days for a short vacation. And I will close the tauer perfumes website for a couple of days, too. For two reasons: I cannot fulfill orders when absent. And we will do some upgrades during this time ... to serve you even better.

    On another line: I am coming to the end with this oil portrait (of a guy from the internet): About 7 layers, working on it for quite a while. I shared the process of doing it a little bit on instagram and got a helpful advice from a twitter follower which was super sweet and super helpful.

    Twitter and social media and all: Amazing!

    Like in the art of creating perfumes: I have no formal education in painting. I take pencil drawing classes, though. Thus, any advice from a professional is highly welcome.

    Contrary to earlier, 10 years ago, more than 10 years ago when I started this blog, I have a harder time to share perfume experiments. I find it easier today to share painting experiments than perfume experiments. One thing that I learned over the last years: Sharing perfume experiments can lead to a lot of disappointment on my reader's side. I raise expectations that I cannot fulfill eventually.

    Yesterday, when looking at the oil picture after a super busy weekend I figured: Hey! This guy needs a perfume. That would be something new....

  • PHI-une rose de Kandahar

    PHI-une rose de Kandahar was on my mind this morning, standing on the balcony, looking into morning mist and realizing how the cooler temperatures silenced the birds.

    Some of them were fighting over the berries that are gleaming in a bright orange on the bushes around the house. By the time winter has come they will be gone.

    Water droplets were sitting on the dying leaves of my mirabilis plant that finished blooming a while ago. I collected some of the seeds for next year, in about 6 months.

    With all this in mind I started my day with Photoshop.

    Enjoy the season!
    License: <a href=''>stefanholm / 123RF Lizenzfreie Bilder</a>

  • Day 17 of the advent calendar

    Thank you to all of you who participated. This draw is closed.
    I invite you to continue participating: There are a couple of nice prizes waiting for you all.
    Welcome to day 17 of my advent calendar.

    Today, you can win a prize again: A discovery set. Just leave a comment and you're in. 5 scents, your choice. You find your choice here on Please see the fine print below for details.

    And yes: We are quite down here. I am just doing what needs to be done and then I am back in bed. Today's chalk illustration is about 2 weeks old but fits perfectly.

    I just hope that I will be up and running soon again. I do not want to stay in bed over X-mas.

    Fineprint: we pick a winner using The discovery set ships from Zurich, Switzerland. And wherever you live, local taxes, VAT, and import fee may apply and are not covered by Tauer. The winner is responsible for making sure that they are allowed to import the prize. The draw is open for anybody, but winners from these countries should provide a mailing address elsewhere: Italy, Russia, Spain, Croatia, Greece.

  • bestsellers et al

    Good morning! Ui.... It's been awhile since I've been talking here. It was utterly busy, in a peculiar way: We got a lot of shipments that needed to get out and shipments (by truck) mean: They tell you that they will come, somewhen.  And sometimes they forget you. Thus, I ended up, stranded a bit, in my warehouse/factory place, where there is no IT infrastructure except for my phone and my ipad, and where I pack perfume and come up with ideas.

    Like "I need to join Instagram". What I did. Instagram is different. And in a very comfortable way it is a politics free zone which is nice, too. Just nice pictures and some nice videos. Of course, of course... I know: The media is the message and "we are amusing ourselves to death" (for further details see here, on Wikipedia). These days, we might also say: We are sharing ourselves to death. And in brackets "while worlds go under".

    This is food for thought.

    I will wait for another truck this morning. And pack another order. Ah, and yes: Air du désert marocain is one of the best sellers, actually in the top eight list, of Luckyscent, together with Rose and Vanilla flash from tauerville. And that, that's totally cool.

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