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  • summer in Switzerland

    Cheers from wonderful Switzerland in summer!  I enjoy it whenever I can and when I am up there in the Alps, I try to bring a bottle of L'air des Alpes Suisses with me for photos and fun.

    This picture of today: I took it on the Diavolezza. I admit: I got up there with the telecabin. The view is breathtakingly beautiful and the air is clean and crisp.

    The day before yesterday, I was hiking in the Alps again, but on 1500 meters over sea level and I realized again why I came up with L'air des Alpes Suisses. The air  up there smells amazing.

    I invite you to come and visit. And until then: let's spriz some Alpes air and enjoy the season and forget the troubles of today.


    Sometimes, my perfume loving friends find the better words. Therefore, a few days after the launch of Phtaloblue, edp, here what other say: (picked by me, without any affiliation, from instagram, searching for hashtag #phtaloblue

    " Not aquatic, but oceanic! Andy means business when he states 'redefining the aquatic genre'. Not your fresh crowd pleaser. There's a salty sharpness to it. With a bit of vegetal notes, but not overdosed algae ...." (@dufthochzwei)

    "wow, what a fragrance! Clean and fresh, lavender and herbal tones, a perfect sweetness throughout the entire life of the fragrance. I'm in love." (@countfragula)

    "On my skin it works very natural, don’t trust own impressions from a blotter, where algae might feel overpowering. The real surprise awaits at the point of 2+ hours, when the orange blossom and the ephemeral impressions from the see breeze shows up. Impression, and not the typical aquatic feel which is associated with the genre. " (@alltomorrowsperfumes)

    so.... thank you, to all, for a great start of Phtaloblue. Two or three comments from my side:
    The name:
    Phtaloblue instead of Phthaloblue: just because (SEO optimization...)

    Shipping information:
    50 ml full size bottle: to US from California, to France, Austria and Switzerland from Switzerland
    5 ml miniature bottle: to US from California, to Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland from Switzerland
    1.5 ml samples: to Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland from Switzerland -> US only as part of the MARVELS discovery set (here's the link) from California.

    The inspiration:
    Think Tauer is missing the sea.....

  • no shipping to /from the US

    We are very sorry, but because of the current corona situation we cannot ship to the US anymore. At all. Air freight from Switzerland gets very tight (no planes flying anymore) and shipment from our warehouse in California: not possible.

    We can only thank you for your understanding and patience until we can send our smelling goodies to the world again.

    Yours, Andy

  • Day 24 of my advent calendar, the last chapter told and a charity draw

    Edited Dec. 29. This draw is closed and the winner is informed. Thank you to all of you who participated.

    The advent time is over and today, I publish the last chapter of my advent story, told in 24 videos. Here, following this link, you can watch and hear it. Enjoy!

    And the last draw of my advent calendar here on the blog: I give 500 Swiss Francs to charity. The winner of this draw will decide where the money should go. You can participate by leaving a comment here, on the this blog post. Thank you!

  • And it is day 15 on my advent calendar, a video and a draw.

    Edited Dec. 19: This draw is closed and the winner was informed by email.

    Good luck for the coming draws.

    =========It is day 15 of my advent calendar and I have uploaded another video of my story told in 24 videos. You can watch me, being somewhat tired in the factory after a long day packing orders, here. Enjoy!

    And there's a draw here, on my blog: just leave a comment and you can win one of my body oils. Your choice whether Amber flush or Rose delight.

    Good luck!

  • Win two perfume in a soaps: advent calendar Dec. 12

    Edited Dec. 16: this draw is closed and the winner got an email.

    Good luck to you for the coming days!
    ========Welcome to day 12 of my advent calendar here and another chapter of the story told in 24 videos. The next chapter of the people from Bankonupatut: follow it here. Enjoy!

    And today, you can win 2 glycerine soaps, heavenly and heavily scented (they actually perfume a room when unpacked): the winner can pick two of the collection of 4 perfume in a soaps.

    Just leave a comment and I will pick a winner using in a few days. Winners will be contacted by me directly through email. I do not communicate the winners here. Thank you for your participation and good luck!

  • Day 6 of the advent calendar in 24 videos and a draw

    Edited Dec. 10. This draw is closed. The winner got an email. Thank you to all of you who participated. And good luck with the coming draws.

    Today, you can win one (your choice which one) of my water based room sprays. How? Just comment on this blog post and you will be in. I will pick a winner with and will contact the winner by email in about 3-4 days, leaving some time to everybody to comment and enter the draw.

    In the mean time, my advent calendar in 24 videos, a story told, continues on my advent calendar page. Enjoy!

  • Day 3 of my 24 video advent calendar

    Edited Dec. 8: This draw is closed. The winner of a scarf got an email. Thank you to all of you who commented. Good luck in the coming days!
    Welcome to day three of my Advent Calendar in 24 videos. These, the videos, you find here.

    And, besides telling the third chapter of the story there, you can win on the blog. This time, it is something special! You can win one (the winner's choice) of my 100% silk scarves. You find these here on my online store.

    Just leave a comment on this post and you are in for the draw. As always: I will pick a winner randomly. This post is open for comments for a few days. Good luck to you all!


  • Patch flash is here

    I have just sent out the newsletter: patch flash is available now on I am a bit behind my schedule: the Pitti fair was a touch too busy. But now, we are there, and uploaded the latest fragrance from Tauerville on my site.

    Sending a newsletter out is always exciting. I think, I mentioned it before: the newsletters work for me (thank you to all of you who read and click and order). When sending a newsletter out, I always have to make sure that I have  two, three days ahead where I can process orders and emails.

    I do not know how it compares to industry standards: I get around 40-50% opens per newsletter and around 10-15% clicks on links. In that sense, my perfume loving clients are much better than myself. I get a couple of newsletters but do not open many of them. With one exception: I love getting my Adobe newsletter and learn about their offerings. Ah... and yes, the microsoft newsletter, and the apple one and the luckyscent one and... I guess I am not so different after all.

    At Pitti, I wanted so hard to make pictures but there was no time. I was busy on the stand, had no meals during the day and survived thanks to Coke. The general public was not allowed this year which I personally find not ok. At the end of the day, it is not the distributors who buy and spritz from my bottles, and not the agents, and not the retailers: it is the perfume lover. And I actually love talking to them.

  • greetings and an outlook

    Right now I am sitting in front of my room at the Harmony Motel in 29 Palms, heading for the Joshua Tree National Park soon where I will stroll around and do some sketches if I feel like it. Maybe I will just hang out on a boulder and do not much more than watching the sky and the boulders.

    I have been visiting this place for many years, many times, and there is nothing that I MUST do here, which is nice. It will be a busy weekend in San Francisco with events at the Tigerlily Perfumery, April 7 later afternoon the full tauer immersion, April 8 a gathering of 12 independent perfumers at Tigerlily with talks and discussions and all. Thus, a moment of nothingness, here in Joshua Tree, does good.

    Actually, I am super excited as I will present two more scents from my STORIES line. There is a great article on Fragrantica that explains it all.  (click here) It is exciting also because for the STORIES I do not have to worry about what's next and how to keep up with stock and logistics and all. They just come and go when I am there at an event and it feels very liberating. I also do not have to worry about how many we will sell. I look at it as an installation, a presentation of something rare. Of course, they will sell, and sooner or later I have to think about making more and all, but for the moment I can just relax and look forward to San Francisco.

    There, in San Francisco, at Tigerlily, sits also a bottle of the unreleased attar. The attar that is inspired by many things, a trip to Saudi Arabia, Oudh and more; I have sent 200 of it, 1 ml rollerball bottles to VIP clients. I am thinking about sending more of these, offering them on my site, as I got a lot of queries for it. We will see....

    Right now, I am enjoying the sun and am blinking and am looking forward to the boulders that will still be here when I am long gone.

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