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  • lot labels

    Today, I was so busy that I had no time doing any blogging. I was heavy duty working on packaging concepts with my Adobe Illustrator. The packaging concept is for another project I am working on and I can tell you more about this very exciting development in May. Every day I am getting a bit better there on Illustrator, and by the end of this project I will probably have mastered 40% of its functions.  Amazing what you can do with this piece of electronic logic.

    So I spent my day in front of the computer, and will also spend a good part of my night in front of the same computer. I wonder how many gallons of Swiss Alpine water had to flow through a turbine somewhere in the mountains to produce the electricity that I used today. A lot, I guess. Let's hope it was worth it.

    Before getting fixed on my computer, I was piling up two piles of boxes on two palettes in the morning; thew will be traveling through the same mountains right now. Uff! That was my exercise for today.

    And before that I was in a last minute effort making a few lot labels. You can see them in today's picture: They are the lot labels for the upcoming PENTACHORDS, that I will launch in September at Piti. Thus, mark your calendars, because September 10 is the Pity weekend in Florence.  And this year, Piti is going to rock! I am considering to do some prelaunch measures with these PENTA babies that are so special. Thus, I needed a few samples to start with.

    It has been a while since I last talked about actually creating a fragrance. It is always amazing again how much time and efforts go into sharing the fragrant babies with the world. But then, to be honest and frank, sharing them is equally interesting and rewarding like creating them.

    Before I can go a little bit more into details on the PENTACHORDS -WHITE, _AUBURN and _VERDANT: I need to go for a day to Paris. Thus, I will spend some good 8 hours in the train tomorrow. Time to answer a few e-mails on the go.

  • more violet flowers

    We will hit summer like temperatures again this week. This is nice, as it brings me back into T-shirt-all-day territory. On the other hand, the first tulips came, saw the sun and left a day or two later. For some of the delicate spring flowers these temperatures are already too much.

    I guess this is true for the violet flowers, too. You see them everywhere these days. They are about as delicate as they are fragrant, very fragrant. But, helas!, only for a short while, before the nose will get tired due to the ionones and you do not smell a lot anymore.

    Actually, these ionones in pure form are some of my favorite molecules to play with. Like Irisone beta that you find naturally in violet flowers. My absolute favorite when it comes to ionones: Irone alpha. (6-methyl alpha ionone)

    This is violet and orris root heaven.With a bit of silvery wood and a hint of raspberry.

    Unfortunately, for a price tag that is also quite remarkable: It is about Rose absolute divided by two. At least the quality that I am using. Now, what can you do with Irone alpha? - I think about everything. At least a pretty good PENTACHORDⓇ. And with this we sort of finish the non stop linden blossom talk of the last weeks and move forward to new exciting stories unfolding....

  • on the move-we hope

    Yesterday, as announced earlier, we could finally pick up all the papers and labels from the printer shop for the COLLECTIBLES and the PENTACHORDS®. The Pentachords trademark, by the way, got approved the other day in the US by USPTO  for publication. Welcome to the neurotic world of brand protection. A game that is more expensive than fun but that needs to be played...

    Anyhow, before I fall into brand protection lamentations: Here is the latest news from the swiftly moving tauer folks. Since half a year I am trying to find an office and production room with two side conditions: close enough to get there by bike and affordable enough to continue selling my fragrances for a price that folks can pay. These days, everything is still happening in our house and in the cellars of my neighbors.

    Yesterday, for the first time in 25 weeks, I found one. Actually, we found several options, all in the same building, in different sizes and forms. We took the bike (w.-factor and me) to get there in 15 minutes and now we just hope that the official price is going to be in the range expected. If we are lucky, in a few weeks from now, we shall not have to climb above boxes anymore when going to bed. Hurray.

    PS: Sorry for not commenting ... we are utterly busy around here.

  • Back from Rome

    I am back from Rome and - as you might  imagine - have a plate on the table that is pretty full. About as full as our home here in Zurich: We got the 5000 inlays delivered and the green flacons for the COLLECTIBLES and the flacons for the PENTACHORDS. And now we are full. This afternoon, I can go and fetch all paper labels for the COLLECTIBLES and PENTACHORDS from the printer. And then we are over full.

    Thus, you will read from me soon more on design and colors. And I look forward to sharing some impressions from Campo Marzio at Via Vittoria in Rome and the event that we had there. Think: The biggest reunion of artisanal noses that I have ever attended.  But first, I share a few pictures of Rome, a city that I love so much. The picture to the left shows you Hadrian's column early in the morning.


    Column and shadow early in the morning

    Early in the morning...a city full of antiques

    Beauty everywhere

    A room with a view.....

    An Italian car....Spring in Rome. Finally!

  • design aspects

    Today's picture on the left is a shot made with the i-phone somewhere in the vast Moscow Metro ( for a quick overview of its history: click here to visit the Metro Website in English). A lamp that shines its post Soviet light onto stone walls that seem to be built for eternity. The political system, the party and all that came with it was not built for eternity, but the metro in Moscow made me remember these days. There are pictures on the walls with parachutes and more brave pictures in socialist realism style.

    And there is this very  art deco style that you find everywhere that I like so much. This is really wow. I love art deco. But as I stayed basically only 30 hours in Moscow, doing a training and visiting LE FORM boutiques, really chic and hip concept stores, Andrey (my business partner) and myself rushed through the underground system too fast to really appreciate all its beauty. Like the St. Petersburg metro the lines are really deep, deep down and the metro fulfilled also a function as shelter.

    My pentagonal flacon is in a sense also  a little bit art deco, or makes a reference to art deco. Design becomes the longer the more important in my life. And guess whom I visited in Switzerland the day after my arrival: Yep. I visited my designer friend from the Designers Club, showed him the sample of the pentachords® flacon (the same pentagonal flacon, but a clear glass, with the faintest hint of turquoise). We had an issue with the color and I wanted to show him the flacon color that I needed to decide.

    I will talk more about the pentachords in a few days. First, I need to talk a bit more on the Carillon pour un ange. I am sometimes forgetting that scents and flacons that are a thing of the past for me are all new for my perfume loving friends. Thus, this morning, when waking up, I realized that I need to to a PR sheet for the Carillon pour un ange.

    And I think I have an idea how to do it. It should reach some points of sales physically together with a sample to show the shop owners what Carillon pour un ange is all about. And this PR sheet should reach some blogs electronically, to spread the news about the 30 ml flacon coming soon in May to the shops.

    Thus, chances are good you will encounter it.

    The first batch of 30 ml flacons however will go to Russia, with joy, this week.

  • dilution work out ahead

    Today is dilution day. Big time!

    All PENTACHORDSⓇ go into dilution today. As I want to have juice for 1000 flacons each in stock by mid May, we will pour some 150 liters of volatile flammable liquids forth and back. I will do so with a flame extinguisher nearby.  And making sure that all metal parts are earthed to prevent spark formation that could start an ethanol fire. There, I have quite some respect.

    Last year, when preparing for the launch of the two new fragrances in autumn (the rose vermeille and the eau d'épices) we had a very hard time keeping up with orders, stock and making sure that all was ready for the launch and beyond. In the end, we got it sort of out of the house, but a bit too late. This year, I want to have all PENTACHORD scents ready by May, allowing me to present them to the press, to perfume lovers, to retailers and to produce all for shipment in summer for launch in autumn. It sounds weird, but this is the way things work. And this early time frame allows for some delays which might come in handy.

    For those of you not familiar with the PENTACHORDS idea: It is a  dedicated line of scents within the Tauer family of fragrances. I will be available in September 2011, in a 50 ml pentagonal flacon that is light turquoise colored. You might want look at the Pentachords  as gallery sculptures, or a fragrant  chord each, uncompromisingly minimalist, built on 5 notes only. These 5 notes are 5 ingredients that I blend in a way that the resulting chord is a harmony. This is not easy. I worked on the concept for a while but rarely talked about it. What sets the pentachords apart, by the way, is the ingredients: You will find in the pentachords top notch molecules that you do not get in this concentration and for the anticipated price tag anywhere else.

    Perfume lovers tend to forget: There are molecules that are very expensive, more expensive than naturals like Patchouli or a Vanilla Carbon Dioxide extract, or the best lavender oil from France. It is these molecules that render each pentachord unique.

    There will be a pentachord_WHITE, a pentachord_AUBURN, and a pentachord_VERDANT. But first things first: Dilution time!

    (PENTACHORDS is a registered trademark in the US, EU and CH)

  • flacons for the line and inlays

    After yesterday's post that basically aimed at:
    - showing you the Cologne du Maghreb, that I made specially for the advent calendar draws, taking place December 1-24 (yes, you cannot get it anywhere else)
    - with some irony reflecting on pictures used to present perfumes

    we are back.

    But today I am a bit more serious, with a short post on another issue high on the list of things that need to get finished. But first things first: We got the reordered flacons delivered from France. Perfect timing, indeed! 400 kg of blue and amber flacons, neatly packed into boxes with 72 flacons each, all neatly stored now in the basement. Yep: carrying these down is sort of a "Pump it up action", replacing the gym. Now, that these are delivered and paid: I am getting ready with my designers to order the next round of flacons.

    Flacons for the PENTACHORD line, planned to launch autumn 2011

    Flacons for the COLLECTIBLES line, planned for May 2011 (I will probably launch the linden blossom in this format, as it is a collectible in the real sense of the word

    For those who haven't seen the video yet, of how these flacons are made. There we go (sorry for the bad quality, this was one of my first videos done)...

    [pro-player width='380' height='320' type='video'][/pro-player]

    On the things that need to get finished: We will have a final (so we hope!) round on the folded inlay. Today's picture to the left shows you the folded inlay, version 2, perforated there where I need to fold it. Version 1 which is used in production is not perforated, thus it is safe but hard to fold (although it is embossed at the folds). The red circles show you where the biggest strain is found on the paper. There is the biggest risk that the paper does not hold and tears in. This we want to fix. Today, I will sit together with the designer guru and we test about 10 different papers with different structure, coming right out of the embossing-perforating printing press. We will test them and need to decide to come up with version 3.


    And, as we talk packaging: I need to write an article for a packaging site on the flacon, and the packaging of it, which is sort of cool.  Finally, talking writing: Here 's a reading recommendation for you.  Nathan Branch published the next series of open letters to a fellow perfumer, between Mandy Aftel and me. Click here for the article. Enjoy!

  • on pentachords

    Finally, it went through. Sometimes it is amazing how long things can take, because you are not certain, fiddle with things, weigh ideas and pros and cons and pros again, and discuss and then when you move on and start getting serious, then things get on so slowly.

    When I got the envelope from the Swiss Institute for Intellectual Property last week I checked back in my blog archive when I have talk about the concept for the first time and was amazed. February 2009. Time passes by. Fast. The first post was here, followed by a post there in April, 2009. As the idea and the concept behind the pentachords was important to me, I wanted to wait before I continue talking more about it. I wanted to create a few pentachords to see whether a perfume built around 5 ingredients makes sense,  and whether this reduction can lead to beauty and excitement. I feel it can. As I have seen a few ideas of mine copied (no details here) in the past, I wanted to protect my line this time. It is weird, but this is the way things work these days...

    In the envelope I got the confirmation that my brand registration for PENTACHORDS (TM) in Switzerland got through, Nov. 9, after a few issues that we needed to fix, in the US it is deposited and in the EU , too. I started working with my designers on the flacon and the packaging concept: The PENTACHORDS line  within my brand will launch later in late summer 2011 but I want to have enough time to produce them and introduce them. Thus, I need to start now.

    I have 5 pentachords in my books, and I will present the 3 most diverse ones. The reduction in the composition leads to a challenge in composition. The minimalism brings new fragrant forms. And it does not allow to cheat. You must use the most expensive synthetics that you can get in the highest quality. And the composition must be perfect. I worked for a while on them. Composing with 5 ingredients was one of the biggest challenges and one of the greatest joys in the last year. Also because I kept it a secret. I was worried about many things, also about failing and feeling under pressure by raising expectations.

    While working on the composition "PENTACHORDS_white", think: [-violette blossom-orris root-bourbon vanilla-amber gris-warm wood- ] I learned a lot about the nature of vanilla, and orris root as I was looking at the natural equivalent, thinking about it, like looking into the mirror. It is interesting to see how a limitation can make you think differently. For me, this is art in its purest form: mirroring nature, bringing it into a concept, and by doing so thinking about it and invite others to think about it and enjoy it.

    And now, we continue thinking conceptionally on labels and flacons.

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