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  • l'oudh

    I have sent the newsletter out and since then I am a little bit under water. Thank you to all of you who ordered. The newsletter was about the miniature of PHI-une rose de Kandahar added to the miniatures (there are just two right now: PHI and LDDM, aka air du désert marocain), available here.

    And I announced that the l'oudh, that I described in my MAG issue 04, is also available in 50 ml, and as sample (1.5 ml spray). Here's the link to the l'oudh. And here the link to the sample size The miniature of l'oudh is sold out. I made 500 of these to go together with the MAG....

    What is next? I will go to the post office, dropping packs and envelops. And tomorrow, I will fly to London. On Friday, I will meet my retailer partners there, Les Senteurs, for a discussion about what's next. And on Saturday, there's the award ceremony of the Institute of Art and Olfaction. I was a judge, helping them evaluating the many perfumes that they got for their award programe, and I am looking forward to meeting many friends there.

    And then, well.... then I will send the MAG to the printing company and will start preparing my Montreal trip. There again: I will meet friends and perfume lovers and my retail partners at Etiket. It is  a busy and happy spring here in tauer land.



  • working on the next issue of the Tauer MAG

    These days, on the side, I am working on the next issue of the Tauer MAG, scheduled to be available in May on my website. I got all the texts, mine and the contribution articles. This edition will come with a lot of content from external contributors, like Persolaise, Eddie Bulliqui, Roberto Drago, my Italian distributor. This edition will also be translated into Italian, for my Italian fans and friends, distributed in the end through the stores selling my fragrances. Getting this done means: spending $$$$ on professional translations. But I think I owe it to my Italian perfume lovers. They often -because shipping to Italy is not possible because of customs - are being served late or not, depending on whether I can bring in a product in a distribution scheme. Some, like the body oils, with low margins, I cannot offer there. But at least, if all goes according to plan, I can say thank you through this upcoming edition of the MAG.

    So.... I am layouting things now, putting pictures there and text in Adobe's indesign and trying to get all the formats right and so on. I am doing this on my portable microsoft surface. Sometimes, I think I am ready for a larger screen. But that's another story.

    Ah, and yes: I am doing this whole MAG thing because I feel that I can make a difference in a very, very confusing market.

  • Miniature of PHI-une rose de Kandahar

    Yesterday, finally, I managed to add the miniature of PHI-une rose de Kandahar to the website (here's the link). Hurray!

    Next: it will take quite a while until I add another fragrance in the miniature format. And I have not decided which one to add, yet. Filling them is a bit tedious and the logistics of them is also a bit tedious. But when they are filled and ready to ship in the tin box: they are super cute!

    And: they are 5 ml miniature, with a splash opening, and no spray. In this dimension, a spray would be too tricky. What I also love about the miniatures: they remind of the past glorious days when all the brands used to do them. They are a lovely gift and treat.


  • #tauer

    Today's picture is my contribution for @perfume_society on #twitter on their #smellfie hashtag idea. Yes, this post is about social media.

    I am switching gears there, having learned a couple of lessons. And as always: I am following my gut feeling and let me guide by my happiness factor: where am I more happy these days. Honestly, I am happier on Instagram than on Facebook. Especially recently, Facebook comes with shades of grey that are slightly disturbing.

    What I like about instagram: it is picture based. I love to come up with pictures: a perfect fit. In the last year, I learned that I need to try to put my communication together a bit. So, when asked by a student about doing a little diploma work in the field of integrated communication, I said yesssss! It was a nice starting point to look at all my activities: newsletter, MAG, instagram, facebook (I am talking about my business website there, my personal account is supposed to stay messy and filled with what goes through my mind). The student and me were analyzing a bit what is going on. And we figured that it is time to tell the world that #tauer is #trueluxury and I am special, and not owned by the big ones, and that I do my thing, like others. For instance Oliver and Co. I am putting the next edition of the MAG together for May, and the market will be a topic therein. Recently, it got a bit confusing in the markets, and I have seen too often people sharing their niche bottles that they got in the mall.... you get the picture. One of the reasons why I am doing the MAG: sharing my universe and trying to communicate that I am different.

    Anyhow, I invested quite some time trying to understand what I was actually doing in the social media and how it impacts what I am doing in the real world. And guess what: because of this (and working on the next MAG edition) I sort of forgot to post here, on my blog.

    Integrated communication, there you go.....hahahaha. But then, being a one man show: there is only so much that you can do.

    And, to be honest, at the end of the day I am making perfumes and everything that happens in the media is only the side dish, fun and entertaining, but my real job is making perfumes.

    Finally: I am in love with this new emoji. Screenshot (24)

    Don't ask me why.

  • Vanilla planifolia shortage

    I always say: do not buy a lot but buy quality. It will make you more happy in the end. Quality is, of course, very subjective and when it comes to perfumes also tricky to see, sometimes. The prices especially in the luxury segment do not reflect quality but are marketing decisions.

    This post is not about pricing, though. It is more about what makes fragrances special: it is what goes inside; the composition and the quality. Both make a huge difference. And quality: goes for naturals and synthetics. And if many of my fans say about creations of mine: genius or bravo etc. , it is actually a bravo! for my raw materials suppliers producing specialities beyond the ordinary. Putting these naturals in, however, is not always easy.

    Having said that: Tauerville Vanilla flash is basically out of stock, with a few bottles lingering here and there. New stock: ordered from my supplier for a long time now but.... we still face a vanilla planifolia shortage.

    I use a high tech CO2 natural extract, 12% vanillin, of Vanilla planifolia in Vanilla flash from my Tauerville collection. 2017 was a bad harvest and getting qood quality of natural vanilla pods was difficult for the producer of the extract, Flavex. We now hope for later in spring 18 when new Vanilla should be processed from the 2018 harvest, mostly coming from Madagascar, one of the poorer countries on this globe.

    Here's the irony: I produce luxury products, we consume luxury perfume products and can afford them because somewhere on the globe farmers are working for almost free. If we'd to pay western salaries to the workers in the fields, it would be a different world.

    I decided to sacrifice some of my last stock that I kept myself, for emergencies. The picture shows you part of the 1kg bottle. Thus, I hope that by spring, I will have more stock of Vanilla flash.

    Prices of natural vanilla have gone up, significantly, of course , too. But I have decided that I will keep the Vanilla flash price for this batch.

    Thus, let me wrap up:
    A cyclone devasted parts of the vanilla crop in 2017 in one of the poorest country, natural vanilla got harder to get and costly, Vanilla flash should be back for my retailers in spring 18, and I kindly ask all perfume for their patience and thank them for their appreciation of the real thing.




  • a teaser photo

    finally, we are all, hopefully happily, landed in 2018. Me, too. And as every year, I use the transition from old to new year to clean my desk and make room for myself. It usually lasts a few days only until paper and perfume bottles start covering it again. On top of it sits a paper strip. It sits next to my surface labtop and every day, I am smelling it and see how it develops and lasts.

    This one lasts pretty long. That's good. It is an experimental fragrance. But the formula, in excel, will soon go to my supplier of raw materials. I mentioned it earlier in one my MAG issues: these days I cannot produce all fragrances myself anymore. It is too much volume that I am producing and putting out. Thus, the formula for this guy will go to my producer in Switzerland.

    There, it will be checked for compliance with IFRA and EU regulations. As I use all raw materials from this supplier, the quality of the fragrance will not be an issue to worry about for me. In this particular scent, however, I am using a speciality that I will provide my supplier with.

    I haven't tested the fragrance only as concentrate of course. I diluted it in an edp concentration (12.5%) to test drive it. When composing a fragrance, I usually know beforehand to what concentration I want to dilute it. And usually, but not always, it works. Like here with this guy.

    I am trying to convince the producer of the speciality raw material to write for me in the next MAG, issue 05. Fingers crossed. It would be so cool (I cannot tell you what or who.....).

    I guess, the bottomline of this post is: I am planning an new MAG issue for May 2018. And the perfume in the bottle on today's picture will play a role.

    What a nice way to start 2018.

  • Day 24 of my advent calendar, the last chapter told and a charity draw

    Edited Dec. 29. This draw is closed and the winner is informed. Thank you to all of you who participated.

    The advent time is over and today, I publish the last chapter of my advent story, told in 24 videos. Here, following this link, you can watch and hear it. Enjoy!

    And the last draw of my advent calendar here on the blog: I give 500 Swiss Francs to charity. The winner of this draw will decide where the money should go. You can participate by leaving a comment here, on the this blog post. Thank you!

  • Advent Calendar day 23, a draw for a miniature and the second last chapter

    Edited Dec. 26. This draw is closed and I congratulate to the winner who was informed by email.

    Welcome to the second last day of the advent calendar. When you watch the next chapter of my story told in 24 videos following this link you will see me in my living room, next to me is our "christmas" tree that we bought some 25 years ago, made from metal, and saving one tree every year. Ok: I admit.... it is a bit cool, in every sense.

    And today's draw? You can win again a miniature 5 ml splash flacon of L'air du désert marocain, LDDM, shipped from Zurich, Switzerland, after the holidays. Just leave a comment here and you will be in!

    Good luck and enjoy!

    (and today's picture is a picture of an acrylic painting that I did a while ago)


  • Day 22, a draw for an attar and the story continued

    Edited December 26. This draw is closed and the winnner informed by email. Thank you to all of you who participated.

    Uiiii.... what a day. Rainy and grey, grey like only December days can be.

    Today, it is day 22 of my online advent calendar, a story told in 24 videos. You can watch the next, third last chapter following this link.

    And here on the blog: I do a draw, for a 5 ml attar, fully packed and shipped from Zurich, Switzerland. Just leave any comment and you will be in. I will email the winner after the holidays. Good luck!

  • A draw for a tauerville bottle on day 21 of my advent calendar and another chapter of the story

    Edited Dec. 26: This draw is closed and the winner informed by email.

    Congratulations and thank you to all of you who participated.

    Welcome to day 21 of my advent calender. Slowly, but surely, the holidays are coming. In the factory,  where I produce and pack perfume, am already switching gears from shipping to stocking up. This comes with a moment of happiness: to see piles growing and bottles filling the shelves.

    It was in the factory where I shot today's chapter of the story around the people from Bankonupatut. You find it here following this link.

    And here on the blog: I run another draw for a tauerville bottle, 30 ml, the winner's choice which variety. This will be the last tauerville bottle draw. Just leave a comment here on this blog post to enter the draw. Fragrant greetings!

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