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  • oups

    so, I am sort of back after being sick for a couple of weeks. I could basically just take care of the ongoing business but not of new products and plans for the future. Therefore, my plan to launch the newest scent/project: it is delayed and rescheduled. I think it will be after August now, because I do not want to present a new fragrance in the summer months.

    I learned a lot these last few weeks. I went silent on the social media in order to have a bit more time and in order not to have to tell lies about how good I am. Now, I am good again and every day, I am looking forward to head for the perfume factory or do the online orders.

    And: the picture of today is me, in Vilnius, where  I was for a stories event and it was a blast! 120 perfume lovers, with lots of selfies and hugs and smiles. I loved it so much.

  • design is not democratical

    On Instagram I wrote, in the context of the upcoming unreleased fragrance: "Design is not democatical." , in the context of visual and packaging design and of course! perfume design. The media is the message, and hence there is no long textual discourse happening on Instagram. Instagram is visual.

    In perfume design, being undemocratical, can for instance mean: use florals in men's offerings, or cumin. So many perfume lovers out there go like "oh... I would love it so much if there was no cumin in it". For instance true for one of Vero Kern's offerings. God bless her. The cumin in there was totally necessary, from an esthetic, creative point of view. I guess these days, it is more important than ever to be undemocratic when it comes to design.

    Anyhow: I am working with my designer guru on the labels for the full size 50 ml bottle, a miniature, and the samples and box. It is looking totally undemocratically great and I cannot wait to start polishing bottles and put the labels on when they will finally be finished and ready. Today's picture shows you a detail of one of the labels.

    In the mean time: I continue working on orders and am trying to build some stock. And I am trying to look the other way when I come accross an "influencer" on the visual platform Instagram. Their visual language has become so boring. I mention this here as I get " invitations for collaborations" by  almost every day, and I hope that the message is spreading: no collaborations, please!

  • fixation

    I used this picture on Instagram, in a quick post about the upcoming "unreleased" scent that I am working on. The context of the Instagram post: fixation of a fragrance. With fixation meaning: making some (lighter, volatile ) notes last longer, making sure that a fragrance holds together. (you can find the post on my Instagram account here). The upcoming scent is rather fresh, with some airy aspects. Hence, fixation is quite an issue.

    Talking about new projects is tricky, though. Words and pictures bring about associations that might or might not be part of the fragrance's universe. For instance: last post, with a picture of an idealized rose and a pentagonal bottle, made some think of roses....

    Therefore, an official announcement: no roses in the new upcoming one. And no , the name will not be unreleased. It got a name in the mean time....

  • upcoming

    In about 2 months from now, that's the plan, there will a new fragrance coming. I decided that I want to share some details before it goes live. Like: once a week I want to talk about one aspect of the fragrance and what it means to bring it to you.

    I guess I will do so on Mondays.... Anyhow. The news for today: I am filling the new fragrance into blue pentagonal bottles. And I have one bottle set aside, for me. My SOTD is unreleased.


  • Order processing, shipping and deliveries before the holidays

    Please be aware that orders processing takes longer due to the holidays.

    We are working as hard as we can to process your orders as soon as possible (with single sample orders being processed a bit slower as they are merely a service and not a business).

    Having said that: we cannot influence the speed of international and national shipping services and delivery of orders. These days, before the holidays, national and international delivery is delayed.

    As of today, we cannot promise that sample orders are delivered before the holidays (this includes parts of Europe, especially Germany but not Switzerland). Full size bottles to the US: please order before Dec. 15 for delivery.

    Thank you!

    Picture of today: the candle, l'air du désert marocain, as seen by me (photo montage)

  • Tauer Advent 2019

    It is the time of the year again. I am running an advent calendar.

    For daily updates: visit this page here.

    Depending on the day and mood, I will post advent draws here, on Instagram and on Facebook. Today's draw: on my Instagram page.  You find it here......

    Good luck!

  • we are a Black Friday free zone

    Hi, are you looking for the ultimate deal where you can get all the goodies that you always wanted to buy for almost free or with a promo code beyond the ordinary or at least a bit of a discount because it is Black Friday? Please look somewhere else.

    We are not like that. Our prices do not include the extra $$ compensating us when we give you a discount. Think about this for a second.

    And our products are not made in a cheap labor country where you can just squeeze the lemon a bit harder to produce a touch cheaper.

    That's why there is no Black Friday here.

    And if we see discounts beyond the ordinary for our products in other shops: we might stop selling there. Because we think that discounting our products is just wrong.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Les Années 25 is gone

    This morning I sold out. Les Années 25 is basically gone. The fragrance is still available as miniature (here is the link) . I made around 500 full size 50 ml bottles (a bit more actually, to compensate for store testers that do not sell). What I kept in my stock to serve my online store clients : it is all gone.

    And now? Well, I guess now I start thinking about next spring. I have some ideas there, but my lips are sealed. And before getting into spring thinking mode: I need to get used to the idea that the holidays are less than 60 days away. Wow! Time to work on that stock level.

    Picture: from last year. part of my promotional picture  making efforts for the holidays 2017. This year, I will go for some lighter pictures with more blingbling.

  • back after a while with news

    So I am back after a writing break and have news for you: I just started offering two scented candles. And if you stay with me for a moment: I will talk about the scent of fear in Florence. The candles are:

    l'air du désert marocain

    rose delight

    Yep. The two candles come in 300 ml size, smell amazing (I am totally biased) and have a burning time of at least 65 hours. You can get them here.

    To get the scented candles in the way I wanted them was a bit of a challenge. I do  not pour them myself, but only provide the fragrance. Therefore, I had to search for  a producer that provides the quality that I expected to see. In the end, I found my production partner in the UK and the candles are made in the UK. The biggest challenge was probably the fragrance. It is a totally different world when creating scents for a candle. Not every ingredient blooms in a candle. Some molecules and /or naturals just disappear. Like: not there. Or: they smell horrible in combination with others. Candles and their perfumes are different.

    And then, after many forth and back for both fragrances, LDDM and rose delight:  we had to test run the candles and the burning quality: some fragrant ingredients can make the candles burn faster or slower and you have to adjust your formula for that, too.

    So you see: Not easy. And then, when we got it all right, the packaging supplier (another third party) supplied the wrong thing. And the glass was not right, too (another third company). And you had men and women in CH and in the UK at the edge of a nervous breakdown. But then: after almost 14 years in this business I know that what can go wrong will go wrong at some point. And that in the long run it does not matter.

    On another happy note: Luca Turin and Tanja Sanchez wrote another book,"Perfumes: The Guide 2018"  that you can get here on Amazon, either as kindle version or as paperback. I love their writing so much. I find it refreshing and often up to the point. And there where I do not agree: the world is large and we all have an opinion and maybe I am wrong.

    And then, by the way, Luca Turin continued writing in his blog where he talks about perfumes, too. (Les Années 25 got 5 starsthere  and a lovely review where I felt very recognized. Nice!)

    And finally: there the Pitti Fragranze perfume fair in Florence. This year, it felt very odd and off and I came back energized like one of these Duracell bunnies. Hurray! Hurray! I am still there and I am different and proud. And I do not talk about the rest. But I wrapped the fair up on my Instagram channel by saying:

    "The scent of fear. At the Pitti Fragranze : You would expect that the air of a niche fragrance fair is filled with delightful scents beyond the ordinary. In reality, it was more like the scents that you get anywhere, from department stores to perfumeries: functional building blocks. Why?
    My guess: too many are scared to be original and too few use quality ingredients.
    Entering the fair was olfactory depressing . "


  • Tauer MAG issue 05 and Les Années 25

    Two days ago, I sent out the newsletter, announcing that the latest copy of the Tauer MAG , issue 05, is ready for orders (here). And I announced a new product with it: Les Années 25, edp, 50 ml, a limited edition of around 500 bottles.

    Yesterday, I was asked "why the name Les Années 25"? Here's why: 1925, there was an exhibition in Paris, called Les Années 25. The exhibition was all about Art Déco. I am a lover of Art Déco, although I do not collect things. But I like the esthetics of the time. So, I figured that Les Années 25 is a perfect name for a modern fragrance that is inspired by vintage scents of that period.

    So, there you go: it's as simple as that and lucky me: the name was not taken, yet which sounds like a miracle to me. The perfume: you need to try it. I say on the website "Fresh,light and with an old school depth at the same time: a modern vintage fragrance. The eau de parfum comes with great longevity, is unisex and enchants with balanced sillage. Notes: Bergamot, petit grain, orange oil, Indian ginger Bulgarian rose, iris, benzoin, oakmoss, tonka, sandalwood, amber gris, musk, patchouli, vanilla." Clients came back to me, telling me that they like the vintage vibe of a fragrance that is not vintage. I offer the fragrance in 50 ml, in miniatures and samples. The last two together with the MAG, issue 05.

    The MAG, together with Les Années 25: I look at it a bit as an installation. In the MAG we talk about vintage, too. Me, that's Eddie Bulliqui and Persolaise. And I talk, together with my Italian distributor Roberto Drago, a bit about markets, from a historical perspective and the markets of today. The MAG comes with many pictures taken by Jonas Kambli, in a modern urban Zurich background. Originally, we wanted to go vintage there, too. But then we realized: that's not the way to go.

    The funny thing was: there were a lot of people passing by while we were taking the pictures. Many of them stopped and wondered who that person was. Ha!

    Anyhow: I sent the newsletter out, got a ton of orders and say thank you. If you haven't registered for the newsletter: you can read it here, too. Thank you!

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