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  • We have 10 winners

    I just returned from a fabulous hike up there in the mountains, where it is cooler than the 35 or so we had down here in Zurich.

    And first thing back home: I picked the happy winners of the draw from the 5 year perfumery blogging anniversary.
    Here they are:
    Winners of a perfume, full bottle, of their choice are
    Violette 37
    Lucy as in indieperfumes…
    mjr as in mitali….
    sergey as in moonfish….
    And the winners of the consolation prize, the discovery set, 5 scents in 1.5 ml spray vials at their choice:
    Matt M as in matts mitch
    k-scott as kin kscott21…
    Eric as in datura….
    and Amy K as in beadsdumo….

    Congratulations to you and a big thank you to (who again as always came up with strange numbers, but that's the nature of random it seems. ...)
    I will send you all an e-mail in the coming hours as soon as I have taken care of this red nose and leg ;-)

    Picture: A little blue lake seen above Realp on 2000 meters above sea level.

  • rare species saved from extinction

    Here comes the obligatory reminder: Please, if you wish to enter the draw, leave a comment over there on the blog post of July 12. I will pick the happy winner(s) tomorrow, Wednesday, late in the day (US Time), meaning, early Thursday morning Swiss time.

    And for those who already commented and wished me well and said hello and more: THANK YOU!

    It feels really good and is a motivation to continue! I am sort of flushing and get red like a tomato (see picture to get an idea how red) when reading these lovely comments of yours.

    And here we continue:  As you have seen... my IT gurus sure worked a lot and they continue to do so. There are a few its and bits not working yet, like the blog feed. But the feed should be up and running soon. In a sense, it was a smooth transition. Compared to other IT project it felt like cycling down hill.  Thus, it turned out all well. And what follows now: cleaning up the glasses and bottles after the party and move on. Moving on translates into: Me hiking tomorrow. Us (W.-factor and me) filling 30 ml flacons with Rose vermeille and Rose chyprée the day after tomorrow.

    And finally: coming up with some crystal clear thoughts on the near future. The website is there, "HOMAGES" is set in place of Memorables (that never really worked and that was hard to pronounce, especially for me), but we need to continue working on a nice and decent transition from old to new. OLD = 15 ml flacon of rose chyprée, NEW=AUTUMN 2010= 30 ml flacon of rose chyprée and rose vermeille. And somewhere in between is the CARILLON POUR UN ANGE, that remains in PRELAUNCH mode until spring 2011.

    But I think the Carillon is worth an extra post after hiking and clearing the mind and nose.

    Picture: A PRO SPECIE RARA tomato, bought at a local supermarket (COOP) that supports Pro Specie Rara, a non-profit organisation, aiming at saving precious genetic information by cultivating agricultural important plants and animals... like this beautiful and tasty tomato.

  • 5 year perfumery blogging

    !!THIS DRAW IS CLOSED NOW!! The winners will be informed by e-mail. Thank you to all who participated!

    It is 5 years ago since I started blogging.


    What started with a BLOGGER blog experiment, on July 12 2005, developed into a daily routine on and quite some fun.  At least for me.


    I would love to share this moment with you, hence make a little draw. See the draw information below and make sure that you leave a comment here and today!

    And some of you may have noticed: I gave myself a little 5 year blogging anniversary present: An all new blog, info and shop layout. I invite you to explore and register now for our newsletter. We will, every few months, inform you  by e-mail  about upcoming launches, draws and  much more. Thank you for registering.

    I will pick 5 winners from the comments on THIS POST July 12 2010. The winners will be picked after July 13 using generated random numbers and get an e-mail from me.   5 winners can choose one fragrance flacon per winner  from my line of scents that I sell, originally packed and shipped at no costs to them.

    5 winners get a consolation prize: My discovery set with 5 spray samples. These 5 consolation prize winners can gain tell me what 5 samples they wish to have in this set. Again: Shipped and delivered at no cost to them.

    For your privacy: See our privacy statement in the impressum. I do not use your address or e-mail communicated in this draw for any other purpose than shipping the prizes and informing the winners.

Items 1071 to 1073 of 1073 total