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  • L'AIR DU DÉSERT MAROCAIN - solid perfume

    A bit of luxury for a very affordable price in hard times.

    I was working this one for quite a while. And, what a coincidence! I got ready right now. Last week, I got the last ingredient in larger quantities, allowing me start production. So there we go: let's say hello to:

    L'AIR DU DÉSERT MAROCAIN, solid perfume.

    WHAT is it?- solid perfume means fragrance oil (15%, that's 50% more than in the l'air du désert marocain eau de toilette) ,mixed into a wax base that melts on your skin. The wax base is composed of a moisterizing solid mixture of organic, cold pressed jojoba oil, pure almond oil, vitamine E and white beewax, put together in a way that it is soft, but still solid.

    HOW to apply?-you just put some on your finger and apply it there were you wish to smell good. Not on lips, not on any membranes or eyes. Not inside the ears, too.  You apply as often as you wish.

    It is nice to have it with you all do, but do not leave it in the sun or in the car.

    PACKAGING-it comes in a nice tin box, with logo and all.

    SHIPPING-right now, I ship this from Switzerland to the US, France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. This may change over the next weeks.

    Some of the "making of" you can see here on . Enjoy!

    and stay healthy, please.

  • oups

    so, I am sort of back after being sick for a couple of weeks. I could basically just take care of the ongoing business but not of new products and plans for the future. Therefore, my plan to launch the newest scent/project: it is delayed and rescheduled. I think it will be after August now, because I do not want to present a new fragrance in the summer months.

    I learned a lot these last few weeks. I went silent on the social media in order to have a bit more time and in order not to have to tell lies about how good I am. Now, I am good again and every day, I am looking forward to head for the perfume factory or do the online orders.

    And: the picture of today is me, in Vilnius, where  I was for a stories event and it was a blast! 120 perfume lovers, with lots of selfies and hugs and smiles. I loved it so much.

  • upcoming

    In about 2 months from now, that's the plan, there will a new fragrance coming. I decided that I want to share some details before it goes live. Like: once a week I want to talk about one aspect of the fragrance and what it means to bring it to you.

    I guess I will do so on Mondays.... Anyhow. The news for today: I am filling the new fragrance into blue pentagonal bottles. And I have one bottle set aside, for me. My SOTD is unreleased.


  • we are a Black Friday free zone

    Hi, are you looking for the ultimate deal where you can get all the goodies that you always wanted to buy for almost free or with a promo code beyond the ordinary or at least a bit of a discount because it is Black Friday? Please look somewhere else.

    We are not like that. Our prices do not include the extra $$ compensating us when we give you a discount. Think about this for a second.

    And our products are not made in a cheap labor country where you can just squeeze the lemon a bit harder to produce a touch cheaper.

    That's why there is no Black Friday here.

    And if we see discounts beyond the ordinary for our products in other shops: we might stop selling there. Because we think that discounting our products is just wrong.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • back after a while with news

    So I am back after a writing break and have news for you: I just started offering two scented candles. And if you stay with me for a moment: I will talk about the scent of fear in Florence. The candles are:

    l'air du désert marocain

    rose delight

    Yep. The two candles come in 300 ml size, smell amazing (I am totally biased) and have a burning time of at least 65 hours. You can get them here.

    To get the scented candles in the way I wanted them was a bit of a challenge. I do  not pour them myself, but only provide the fragrance. Therefore, I had to search for  a producer that provides the quality that I expected to see. In the end, I found my production partner in the UK and the candles are made in the UK. The biggest challenge was probably the fragrance. It is a totally different world when creating scents for a candle. Not every ingredient blooms in a candle. Some molecules and /or naturals just disappear. Like: not there. Or: they smell horrible in combination with others. Candles and their perfumes are different.

    And then, after many forth and back for both fragrances, LDDM and rose delight:  we had to test run the candles and the burning quality: some fragrant ingredients can make the candles burn faster or slower and you have to adjust your formula for that, too.

    So you see: Not easy. And then, when we got it all right, the packaging supplier (another third party) supplied the wrong thing. And the glass was not right, too (another third company). And you had men and women in CH and in the UK at the edge of a nervous breakdown. But then: after almost 14 years in this business I know that what can go wrong will go wrong at some point. And that in the long run it does not matter.

    On another happy note: Luca Turin and Tanja Sanchez wrote another book,"Perfumes: The Guide 2018"  that you can get here on Amazon, either as kindle version or as paperback. I love their writing so much. I find it refreshing and often up to the point. And there where I do not agree: the world is large and we all have an opinion and maybe I am wrong.

    And then, by the way, Luca Turin continued writing in his blog where he talks about perfumes, too. (Les Années 25 got 5 starsthere  and a lovely review where I felt very recognized. Nice!)

    And finally: there the Pitti Fragranze perfume fair in Florence. This year, it felt very odd and off and I came back energized like one of these Duracell bunnies. Hurray! Hurray! I am still there and I am different and proud. And I do not talk about the rest. But I wrapped the fair up on my Instagram channel by saying:

    "The scent of fear. At the Pitti Fragranze : You would expect that the air of a niche fragrance fair is filled with delightful scents beyond the ordinary. In reality, it was more like the scents that you get anywhere, from department stores to perfumeries: functional building blocks. Why?
    My guess: too many are scared to be original and too few use quality ingredients.
    Entering the fair was olfactory depressing . "


  • working on the next issue of the Tauer MAG

    These days, on the side, I am working on the next issue of the Tauer MAG, scheduled to be available in May on my website. I got all the texts, mine and the contribution articles. This edition will come with a lot of content from external contributors, like Persolaise, Eddie Bulliqui, Roberto Drago, my Italian distributor. This edition will also be translated into Italian, for my Italian fans and friends, distributed in the end through the stores selling my fragrances. Getting this done means: spending $$$$ on professional translations. But I think I owe it to my Italian perfume lovers. They often -because shipping to Italy is not possible because of customs - are being served late or not, depending on whether I can bring in a product in a distribution scheme. Some, like the body oils, with low margins, I cannot offer there. But at least, if all goes according to plan, I can say thank you through this upcoming edition of the MAG.

    So.... I am layouting things now, putting pictures there and text in Adobe's indesign and trying to get all the formats right and so on. I am doing this on my portable microsoft surface. Sometimes, I think I am ready for a larger screen. But that's another story.

    Ah, and yes: I am doing this whole MAG thing because I feel that I can make a difference in a very, very confusing market.

  • #tauer

    Today's picture is my contribution for @perfume_society on #twitter on their #smellfie hashtag idea. Yes, this post is about social media.

    I am switching gears there, having learned a couple of lessons. And as always: I am following my gut feeling and let me guide by my happiness factor: where am I more happy these days. Honestly, I am happier on Instagram than on Facebook. Especially recently, Facebook comes with shades of grey that are slightly disturbing.

    What I like about instagram: it is picture based. I love to come up with pictures: a perfect fit. In the last year, I learned that I need to try to put my communication together a bit. So, when asked by a student about doing a little diploma work in the field of integrated communication, I said yesssss! It was a nice starting point to look at all my activities: newsletter, MAG, instagram, facebook (I am talking about my business website there, my personal account is supposed to stay messy and filled with what goes through my mind). The student and me were analyzing a bit what is going on. And we figured that it is time to tell the world that #tauer is #trueluxury and I am special, and not owned by the big ones, and that I do my thing, like others. For instance Oliver and Co. I am putting the next edition of the MAG together for May, and the market will be a topic therein. Recently, it got a bit confusing in the markets, and I have seen too often people sharing their niche bottles that they got in the mall.... you get the picture. One of the reasons why I am doing the MAG: sharing my universe and trying to communicate that I am different.

    Anyhow, I invested quite some time trying to understand what I was actually doing in the social media and how it impacts what I am doing in the real world. And guess what: because of this (and working on the next MAG edition) I sort of forgot to post here, on my blog.

    Integrated communication, there you go.....hahahaha. But then, being a one man show: there is only so much that you can do.

    And, to be honest, at the end of the day I am making perfumes and everything that happens in the media is only the side dish, fun and entertaining, but my real job is making perfumes.

    Finally: I am in love with this new emoji. Screenshot (24)

    Don't ask me why.

  • Black Friday

    It is Black Friday. I offer you 30% better legible "Thank you!" cards with every order, only today. But wait: this is not all. I use 20% more ribbons to wrap your orders, only today. And I will do so with 15% bigger smiles today. You do not see this, but you might feel it.

    Happy shopping!

  • peak perfume

    I am hoping that we have soon reached peak perfume: the climax of new perfumes sent into an oversaturated market. Maybe I will put an article together for the next tauer MAG, about peak perfume.


    I am working on the next edition of the Tauer MAG which is a side project but I am loving it. It is refreshing as I do not have to worry about logistics and stock and packaging at all. I only have to worry about text and pictures. The plan is to go in print in August. I will write a story, better: I am writing a story for the MAG that covers the attar, going into some details of what's it like to create perfume and what it's like to make it. And, because I am thinking and writing there: I have a hard time writing here on the blog. Funny.

    My goal for the next edition of the Tauer MAG: Provide a bit of an inside what it is really like to create and make a perfume. I feel that I can make a difference there. These days, many do not make a difference anymore between creative directors and perfume creators. And these days, with uncounted launches and new brands, I think I can make a difference telling what's it like not to produce in Grasse.

    I am not sure about the above mentioned peak perfume article that is hopping around in my head. Another title might be: Surviving of the fittest....A little insider article about why we see all these discounts on various brands and what it actually means. And no: there is no reason for consumers to be happy seeing niche brands that launched a year ago (or two years ago) being discounted by 30% or more in perfumeries. It basically means: the brand is not selling, thus it is sold off, and hence it is dying except somebody has money and can keep it going.

    The result: shiny zombie brands.

    In that sense I feel very sorry for everybody who puts all his money into building a new perfume brand and presenting it happily at Pitti in Florence. You really need to be very special to survive these days.

    But then: Maybe I should not write such an article. It really feels like negative territory. To be seen.

    I am heading happily for my little perfume factory now. Adding my share to peak perfume, trying to be very, very special.



  • delivery imminent

    Right now, I am at home, in the office, waiting for a DPD delivery of new labels. So there is time to share some stationnary with you. I got new business cards. They were designed by my designer guru who is super cool. In the picture (one of today's orders) it sits on the wrapped perfume box (wrapped in a print out of one of my aquarelles, tulips, with golden ribbon). The card is two things: The top part can be sprayed and it is perforated, thus you can take the lower little part as business card (and lose it, what happens to me all the time.)

    I also got a new flyer that I used together with order shipments, to leave a little note, saying thank you.

    And we got, again designed by the guru, a paper wrap that goes around the body oil bottles, with some legal information and information how to use them. A simple paper, with two stickers holding it all together. It is simple but looks actually very nice. It comes with an artisanal aspect which is perfect as this is what I do; produce artisanal things.

    This week is a bit calmer than last week: One visitor will come over on Thursday: Christie from China is going to visit me and we will do some talking and videos. Because Christie runs a niche perfume online business and we met and talked for half a year now and things are looking good. Sooner or later I might ship some more bottles there. I have sent testers a while ago to test whether the Chinese might like Tauer. Some do. Nice.

    So, yes: I live in a totally globalized environment; our postman, the DPD and DHL and Fedex guys are sometimes amazed about all the things I am getting, coming from everywhere.


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