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  • snow on the hill

    This morning I got up and realized: Wow! Snow on the top of the hill on the other side of town.

    A nice and welcome reminder that winter is coming, for sure, and with it the season, the holidays, x-mas and all. Actually, it is just a couple of weeks from now and we will be in advent mode.

    Thus, for once, the timing is right for the long awaited glycerine soaps to arrive, here, in my online boutique. I got them, hundreds of them. All nicely packed and cellophaned and I will soon be offering them. Today's picture shows you what you will be getting. - - - -But wait: I am a one man show, most of the time. And next week, I will be travelling to the US for some business and meetings and an appearance at the Fumerie in Portland (Nov. 18.... Hurray!)

    This appearance will rock for a couple of reasons, surprise, surprise... I will write about it a couple of days before getting there.

    When I am travelling I have a back-up and I am always feeling sort of sorry when leaving with a new product in the online store because it is hard work to get shipments ready and out. And I am also feeling sorry for myself because everytime I bring a new product, my email box gets filled with a lot of often the same mails, such as:

    " why don't you ship here (Italy, Haiti, Swaziland... you name it)? "

    " I love your products but can't buy right now. Please send anyhow (no kidding)"

    "My credit card does not go through. Please ship by email (no kidding)"

    "Is it cruelty free?-  is it gluten free?- can I send the packaging back for recycling?- give me the formula of what's inside! - how did you do it?-  I ordered yesterday and it did not arrive yet".

    "I wish it came as body lotion. Why don't you make one for me".

    So there you go. I will be heading for the factory now and sooner or later will put the soap online. You will learn about it here, on the blog. Thanks for following!

  • Tea in the desert

    So I am back from Saudi Arabia, back to normal, with orders and packing perfume and water droplets sitting on the railing of the balcony after a night with rain. What a contrast!

    I have taken a lot of impressions and memories back to Switzerland. One of the nicest: Tea in the desert, with the sunset over sandy hills, and story telling until the stars appeared, organized spontaneously by Amer, a perfume loving fan from Quassim, the area where they produce the biggest and finest dates in Saudi Arabia.

    The hospitality that I was blessed to experience is unmatched by anything in the past. Often I felt humbled and did not feel like I deserve it.

    Scent impressions: Many. The strongest. An Oudh, bought in the souq, a gift for me, bought from a dealer who does not sell oudh regularly, sort of under the hand, a dealer that is trusted as he sells to the family for decennials. This, the oudh, I wore during the event at Harvey Nicols where the L'Odore store is situated  (my sales partner in Saudi Arabia, with 6 stores in the country): It is out of this world.

    Yes, this oudh is inspiring and will make me dream of the Arabian desert for many days to come.

    Today's picture: The smoky, heavenly scented smoky, fire in the desert.

  • a wonderful scented bubble

    So I am back from Pitti, the fragrance fair in Florence, Italy. It still feels like I am in the midst of a big Tauer Perfumes cloud after 3 days of intense spraying and spritzing and talking about my creations.

    Time to get back to crisp and clear Swiss air.

    Pitti is a glamour world, with a lot of gold and black, strong evocative visuals, perfume bottles without end, and in the middle somewhere, a guy in jeans and bright sneakers: Andy. Looking at it from a distance sitting here in Zurich and trying to get control of what feels like the perfect communication storm, I realize that the Tauer guy at the stand, me, is probably one of the only perfumers there in sneakers. I made a TAUER T-shirt: That was neat. But otherwise: Andy is a bit displaced there. Or is it that he's at the perfect spot?

    I think, me, Andy, is there at the perfect spot because what I do is a bit different.

    Let me explain.

    There were about 250 perfume brands at Pitti. Some brands, houses, I highly appreciate for their honest and authentic appearance, like Sarah from 4160Tuesdays or Oliver from Oliver & Company or Olivier from Olivier Durbano or Neela from Neela Vermeire and some others. We all share one piece of DNA. Phenotyp: Authenticity. For 11 years Andy is playing the perfume selling game in a corner of the industry, referred to as niche, and with every year passing by, the corner gets more crouded and confusing. So I am standing there, still not bought by Esthee and not financed by Puig, with what I have to offer and wonder where we are all heading and my Italian friends come by, visit my stand and wonder about the same questions, too. Because they are in the know.

    They, perfumistas, and average consumers, do not buy in department stores, there are less of these mall kind environments anyhow, but they buy in perfumeries that are abundant, also for selective perfume offerings. In this country where you stumble over historic mementos of rise and fall of empires on every corner you have more selective perfumeries than in the entire US. Think: 10 times more. Italy is different.

    And so are the Italians. You cannot cheat them into buying an industrial salami by telling them it's the real thing. There is this thing in Italy that always amazes me; they all seem to be born with a style gene. The resulting phenotype: Whatever they put together it comes with style. And before leaving the house: Perfume makes the difference.

    Italy has always welcomed Andy with cheers, and the Italians forgive the Swiss guy his missing style gene, but love the fact that his perfume creations are different because the Italians, they know their perfumes. Again: It's in their genes.

    So I presented two novelties, one in Tauerville and one in Tauer Perfumes.

    Both novelties will be talked about here and there; the Italians deserved to get them first. Now, I use my Swiss busy worker genes to build up stock (we sold too much in Italy) and to continue telling the story to you, too.

    There is time.

    As I was jogging in Florence, running my way through centuries, I met David, the white marble beauty, the amazing, eternal, and I could not but look up and feel humble.

  • always trying to be better

    Today's little picture shows you a shipment that is on its way today and an idea of how to better pack a full bottle order.

    First, there is a discovery set in there that I ship complimentary with a full bottle order. The discovery set can be added by shoppers to the shopping cart and the shop gives a discount for the discovery set's price.

    Then, and that is new, I printed out one of my aquarelle pictures (I just picked one to test and see) and used this A4 sheet of paper to pack a full bottle packed in the tauer tin box. At the bottom, there is a "thanks" label. The A4 sheet of paper works perfectly and I think the packed perfume looks nice. It's a special touch. Just from an esthetic point of view it looks nice.

    Next: I want to come up with an A4 picture, maybe a collage of pictures painted by Andy, flacon pictures, logo, a core statement etc, to give a little overview in picture form what tauer is all about. I feel that this is important these days of too much of too similar.

    Also next: I will have a meeting soon, with a representative of the Swiss post, trying to find a solution for my shipping problem into the EU, not Italy, but Germany, France, the Scandinavian countries and maybe a few countries in the eastern part. We will least we try.

    It feels  a bit like Avis here " we try harder" :-).




  • what a trip that was

    I am back from my trip to the US and what a trip that was.

    I was in Chicago, for an event at Q Brothers with the lovely team there.

    I was in San Francisco, for an event at Tigerlily with Antonia and it was fantastic. I gave actually a speech and that was super fun.

    You can watch it here on Youtube.

    And I was in LA, attending the Institute of Art and Olfaction awards ceremony, which was fun , too as I was one of the final judges there. But, yes, my lips are sealed about my own judging. The awards ceremony came with some Hollywood glam and I loved it!

    And I was in the desert, for two days only, but still: What a treat. A lot of flowers were still in bloom, especially along the washes and during many hikes I painted and sketched the desert. Wow.

    I admit it: It was a bit stressful at times, you know: Traveling by plane is not really fun anymore and one fine day we might all have to get totally naked before we can enter a plane. But overall it did so good to go out and meet clients and Tauer fans and see something different than the four walls of my little factory. Now, back in Switzerland, all my orders with delivery put on hold because of my absence, are pouring in, palettes of stuff. Like for the next production run of Tauerville in the US. Yes, the bottles come to my place from France, and before I forward them by FedEx air cargo, I inspect them and make sure that all is allright. In the end, it does not cost more than to source them from Europe in the US. Funny, really.

    The next production run there will be for Vanilla flash, a scent that seems to be low in stock all the time.

    If you haven't tried that one yet: Go for it. It is an amazing fragrance. That's what I thought when the stock of Vanilla flash fragrance oil came in from my Swiss supplier of Tauerville fragrance oils: I always get a 10 ml bottle to check the quality and smelling the pure fragrance oil of Vanilla flash is ... well: Almost an extraterrestrial experience. This is a scent I am really proud of.

    The next days see me hopping here and there and collecting more goods that I need to ramp up inventory in Zurich. For autumn and beyond. Exciting! I need to talk a bit more about what's coming. I will do so in the next week(s).

    Today's picture (© Q Brothers) shows me sniffing a customer's wrist in Chicago.

  • last minute preparations

    Sorry for not talking too much lately. I was busy filling the tauer factory with stock of some goods before I leave for the US for a trip that will bring me to Chicago (Q Brothers), LA, SF (Tigerlily) and back to LA again for events. In LA I will be attending the Awards ceremony of the Institute of Art and Olfaction. So cool! So the last few days were pretty busy.

    The trip is one I am actually looking very much forward too. It is a long time since I was in Chicago. And coming back to San Francisco, even when only for a day, is always great. And LA is cool anyhow.

    It will be a tauer perfumes week, that's for sure. Hence, today's picture. The Tauer Perfumes tin box.

    When back from the trip, it will be time to plant out the tomato seedlings (if they survived) and a couple of other plants that I grew from seeds successfully so far. And I will have to start producing perfumed goods for the upcoming holidays, the X-mas holidays. I ordered a lot of stuff and when back from the US, my tauer perfumes factory will start filling. That's the plan. What will happen... well, you never know what you gonna get.


  • failed

    Today's picture shows you a complete failure before it failed. It is anecdotal but a nice example of failing because of trying too hard.

    I had to gift wrap a booklet and decided to do a special thing: I wrapped it in thick drawing paper and sketched a rose with a soft pencil (giving high contrast) on the parcel and then bind it all together with some golden ribbon. So far so good and convincing. Then I had the idea to add one of these plush toy animals that you can use as key ring. So far so good and it looked superb.

    Then I put it into a bag, onto the bike and I rode the bike for an hour. When unpacking and handing it over, I realized that lovely plush toy animal got a dirty black-grey back and the drawing lost a lot of the graphite, looked totally smeared and almost abstract because the stupid bird was moving forth and back over my drawing with its back while being transported by bike.


    Because of too much.

    This is also totally true for ads, for promoting products on facebook, for instance, where being too loud and present can go totally wrong.
    Or it is true for mixing perfumes. Too much is quite often just too much and bad.
    Unfortunately, these lessons go forgotten by Andy Tauer regularly.

    Bottomline: Before gift wrapping with a pencil drawing, fix it with a fixation spray.

    On a positive note: When doing the sketch, I was figuring that it would be a nice X-mas "thing" to get wrapping paper with my drawings on. For private or business use. To be considered....

  • experience center

    While I am writing these lines, my partner is calling the Miele Experience Center. This is newspeak for hotline. For once, I like this newspeak. Nice. I want an experience center, too. We are surrounded by newspeak and usually I do not realize it because like most of us I am getting used to terms like Quantitative Easing, meaning desperate measures. The next measure there, in the world of $ and banks, would be "quantitative flying" when Mr. Dragi, head of the European Central Bank, sits in a helicopter and throws money out of in the air, hoping that somebody will actually take it and spend it.

    In an hour I will meet a friend for a quick sniffing round: What a nice way to start a busy week. Sinking into scents and forgetting the ups and downs of shipments and production, not worrying about anything for an hour.

    Then I will have to head for the factory and send parcels out of there.

    It is going to be a busy week with a couple of meetings. One of them is a meeting with my IT gurus. The Tauer Perfumes website is now almost 5 years old and it sucks out all the computing power of the shared servers; which means that my website adds a heavy load, more than necessary and basically it means that the Magento system is getting old and outdated and it is time to update and upgrade and change.

    That's probably going to be a project for 2016 and I am looking forward to it, too. Maybe I can get an "experience center" there, on instead of a good old contact page.

    And today's picture: A cowboy, a quick pencil sketch, done yesterday before jogging.

  • an apple a day

    The holidays are over and we are going back to normal which is actually easier than one might think. I do not know about you, but I cannot handle too many festive days in a row. I get all slack and honestly: I can't handle too much food, too. Thus: Welcome back normal! Over the holidays, when not in the kitchen cooking or in the dining room eating, I was working on a couple of perfume ideas and doing some painting exercises. Like working wet in wet in oil. The result: Today's picture. I haven't worked in oil for almost a year and it was interesting getting back there. I learned a lot using other techniques and realized (again) that sometimes it really helps staying away for a while. The same thing is true in perfumery

    Perfume work: Well... this needs a couple of more trials. But I am getting there. I am revisiting a couple of trials and ideas that ended up unfinished in my excel. I sort of rediscovered them after having them sit there for a year or more. Sometimes, yes, sometimes doing nothing and just waiting does the trick.

    Today, I'll start moving some of my stuff into the new room (painting stuff): I am using part of the room to store perfume packing material. This I already moved up there Dec. 23rd. I will need to get a couple of things like a table and a chair, too. I think this is all super exciting.

    In a certain way, the table and chair will be my holiday gift from self to self. Otherwise, I did not give myself anything. This is perfectly fine. I have everything that I need.

  • sometimes we do this

    Greetings from Zurich, after a couple of hectic days. Like: Really hectic! One reason is the Tuberose sotto la luna.

    The other day, I watched a documentary about Steve Jobs and was amazed. I learned a lot of details that I did not know. And I was amazed about how pushy and smart he obviously was. Pushy also in the sense of: Super not modest, like telling everybody that this, this PC is the best in the world. Well, I guess some of them really were top.

    So I said to the bookkeeper the other night: "you know what: I think it is about time to be a bit less modest."

    "like what?" he replied know my bookkeeper is always getting suspicious when I talk like that; quite often a sentence like "it is time to..." ends up with spending money for an idea.

    " like telling the world that some of my scents are some of the best there are. In the world. Period."

    "Ok, that should work", the $ gatekeeper replied, all happy.

    So there you go: Luca Turin mentioned during a recent event organized by the Perfume Society in London :

    "....Oct 3:Here's snippet 4 u. reckons L'Air Du Desert Marocain is on par with Shalimar & will still b with us in 100 years." (copied recklessly from Persolaise's twitter feed)

    Then, of course, the house of Guerlain and Tauer cannot be compared. I am still a baby, and maybe not focused enough on making money, like really, yes, seriously.

    That's why, maybe, I do sometimes things like this, a hand painted birthday card going with an order (see today's picture). This, well, this cannot be explained to a business development manager, as it does not pay off in $$$, but only in smiles. And no: It is NOT going to be a standard service that I 'll offer.

    But then: A smile counts, too. Somehow. Although it does not pay the bread, and for sure not the butter.

    Ah, and yes, I forgot: You know what. The Tuberose sotto la luna is one of the best tuberoses out there.

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