It is this time of the year again: Welcome to Andy Tauer's advent calender 2010.

This is how  you participate day by day: From December 1-24 click every day on the active link, and leave a comment where you land or follow the instruction there. Good luck!

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Your chance to win a great prize every day, December 1-December 24. We will publish the pseudonym names of the winners for every day here (click to get to the list).

Advent Calendar


This year's highlight for the advent give-aways: I made an all natural, all botanical Eau de cologne, baptized LE COLOGNE DU MAGHREB, 50ml, in a simple glass flacon with atomizer, especially for this occasion.

I use only natural essential oils, absolutes, and resins in it. It is a classical cologne, with a woody baseline chord, a firework of natural citrus notes, exploding into expensive sparkles, on a background with ambreine and cedarwood from the Moroccan High Atlas.

Like all colognes it is not made to last but it is a fragrant joy, living in the moment, leaving you with the finest veil of woods on your skin.

Ingredients: Citrus essential oils and absolutes (such as lemon, bergamot, clementine, mandarine, grapefruit, orange blossom absolute, neroli oil), rose absolute and oil, cedarwood, ambrein, cistrose and much more.
And the winners are:

December 1: parfumnut (kro...@frontier...)
And we created a little consolation prize for : quimerula

December 2: bear (dsmoffa@cle....)

December 3: simon (

December 4: Cheryl G

December 5: Maria (

December 6: Thomas (

December 7: Lauryn (lauryndb@.....)

December 8: Judith (lemonp...@...)

December 9: ABYSS (

December 10: Lexfordrose

December 11: Michael Ma....

December 12: Judy (jshum11@....)

December 13: Lindaloo (rchawork...)

December 14: leng jay (ultimatefo....)

December 15: Cristiane McD

December 16: Allan Middlet.....

December 17: Mansur (m.qurais....)

December 18: boojum (emily....@)

December 19:  Guus Bunn.....(Zoetermeer...)

December 20: cviehe@h......

December 21: Susan M (smaakest@...)

December 22: Dana (cd865upson@....)

December 23: justin fri.......

Day 24: Naturalselektion (naturalselektion@...)

Day 24: Karen Eckardt (via facebook draws)


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