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  • Not everything, everywhere, all the time

    Greetings from Switzerland! Today's picture shows you happy Andy in the Swiss Alpes. (Jungfraujoch)

    It is the holiday season and I take a day off here and there. But no real holiday here: we are just too busy packing and shipping orders out. This is nice and there will be the time for a few more days off  later. (in order to avoid questions: shipping orders means shipping to retailers by FedEx or truck in Europe, and to end clients, there were we can serve them. For details: see  . I stopped talking about shipping terms on all possible social media channels. I refer to the website where we provide the details.... We  (me and my team mate) got just too many mails asking where do you ship?.....).

    What sells best these days? L'air des Alpes Suisses is among the favorites. But first comes: the desert scents, l'air du désert marocain and Au Coeur Du Désert. Actually, we sold so many Au Coeur Du Désert in the last few weeks that we got sold out and could not serve some retailer orders. We kept some bottles for us to serve you, though.

    Some complaints... yes , we got them. But hey! This is NICHE, SELECTIVE PERFUMERY. Not everything can be made available all the time. (and some scents disappear, but this is another story)

    The situation should get better in a couple of weeks and I am sorry if you could not order from your prefered retailer in the last weeks. We ramp up production now and will soon have more stock. Having said that: ramping up is not easy. And I do not promise that everything is always available everywhere.

    Perfume business is a complex logistics business with parts and ingredients coming from all over the planet. It starts with alcohol (access was restricted for a while because the ethanol went into bottles to kill viruses.....) and it continues with (natural) raw materials that come from around the globe, too  and the bottles that come from Spain/soon from Portugal, and the boxes and and and.... Therefore, the last few months, we were busy talking to suppliers and together we tried to find ways to get what we needed. It always worked out but took longer than normal.

    Having said that: I am ramping up, not only production, but also general stocks of production items, like paper and boxes and bottles. This will bring costs up... money sitting on the shelves. But I learned my lessson. And: This is niche. Not everything everywhere all the time. 


  • green and other musings

    I do not really have a green perfume in my collection, yet. Yesterday, on  a Sunday hike in the woods enjoying the green fabric of majestic trees overlooking creeks and creatures, I thought: I want - one fine day- a green fragrance. Like super green. With tons of green stuff like Undecavertol. Or bergamot. Or whatever makes me feel green.

    Until then: I continue working in the perfumes factory a bit in the coming days. This year, I am not shutting down in summer. Like last year, I  will take a few days off, here and then, when the weather is nice and the soul needs green. This means: sometimes it will take a day or two longer to fulfill my retailer friends' orders. But then: green is green.

    Having said that: I recommend this to anybody who can: get out.

    Get some green.

    Green heals.


    Picture: taken in the Zürich Oberland (a creek easily accessible through Wald), photos taken with a Nikon 7000, not edited (much), shrinked in size and resolution to fit here. And yes: water can be totally green.

  • summer in Switzerland

    Cheers from wonderful Switzerland in summer!  I enjoy it whenever I can and when I am up there in the Alps, I try to bring a bottle of L'air des Alpes Suisses with me for photos and fun.

    This picture of today: I took it on the Diavolezza. I admit: I got up there with the telecabin. The view is breathtakingly beautiful and the air is clean and crisp.

    The day before yesterday, I was hiking in the Alps again, but on 1500 meters over sea level and I realized again why I came up with L'air des Alpes Suisses. The air  up there smells amazing.

    I invite you to come and visit. And until then: let's spriz some Alpes air and enjoy the season and forget the troubles of today.

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