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    Sometimes, my perfume loving friends find the better words. Therefore, a few days after the launch of Phtaloblue, edp, here what other say: (picked by me, without any affiliation, from instagram, searching for hashtag #phtaloblue

    " Not aquatic, but oceanic! Andy means business when he states 'redefining the aquatic genre'. Not your fresh crowd pleaser. There's a salty sharpness to it. With a bit of vegetal notes, but not overdosed algae ...." (@dufthochzwei)

    "wow, what a fragrance! Clean and fresh, lavender and herbal tones, a perfect sweetness throughout the entire life of the fragrance. I'm in love." (@countfragula)

    "On my skin it works very natural, don’t trust own impressions from a blotter, where algae might feel overpowering. The real surprise awaits at the point of 2+ hours, when the orange blossom and the ephemeral impressions from the see breeze shows up. Impression, and not the typical aquatic feel which is associated with the genre. " (@alltomorrowsperfumes)

    so.... thank you, to all, for a great start of Phtaloblue. Two or three comments from my side:
    The name:
    Phtaloblue instead of Phthaloblue: just because (SEO optimization...)

    Shipping information:
    50 ml full size bottle: to US from California, to France, Austria and Switzerland from Switzerland
    5 ml miniature bottle: to US from California, to Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland from Switzerland
    1.5 ml samples: to Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland from Switzerland -> US only as part of the MARVELS discovery set (here's the link) from California.

    The inspiration:
    Think Tauer is missing the sea.....

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