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Greetings from Zurich where we survived the heat...

Here follows an update about shipping perfumes. We still cannot ship samples or miniatures regularly in Europe. Overseas: we cannot offer samples either. For Europe, we are testing new shipment logistics these days, on selected markets, like Spain and the Netherlands. If this works, we will add other countries in Europe. The drawback: delivery from here to there takes longer.

Generally, I learned through an instagram post that there are some misunderstandings of what can be shipped and what cannot be shipped from Switzerland to some countries or what we do not want to ship. Let me outline this here , also saving me some emails:

Generally: full  size bottles do only ship to Switzerland, France, Austria and the US. No exceptions.

Generally: we do not ship samples or full size bottles overseas.

There are many countries that we do not serve in general because of customs issues or regulatory issues. Examples are Brasil, South Africa, Mexico. If a country is not listed at check out: we do not ship there.

ITALY: because Italian customs does not accept the import of cosmetic goods from non EU countries (Switzerland is not part of the EU) without sanitary inspection (this means paperwork, money, goods blocked for weeks sometimes) we do not ship there and work with a distributor. As some goods come with lower margin, these are not available in the Italian market, like soaps, body oils, candles.

Greece, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republik, Slovakia, Lithuania: we do not ship because we found the local post and customs clearance too slow or complicated or unreliable.

Germany: we do not ship full bottles there because the German postal service is not reliable enough and the German customs is too complicated for our clients.

And now: back to work.

14 thoughts on “an update about shipping”

  • Günter Schramm 29. July 2019 at 16:39

    Hallo :-)
    Ich würde gerne zwei Flakons bei euch bestellen.
    Gibt es schon ein Update bez. des Versands nach Deutschland?

    Liebe Grüße aus Ingolstadt / Bayern

  • Andreas Tauer 30. July 2019 at 10:36

    aehmmm . Wie oben geschrieben: Kein Versand ganzer Flaschen nach Deutschland. Der Zoll und die Post: Es geht einfach nicht. Bitte bei den Dt. Onlinehändlern bestellen ( oder Danke. Freundliche Grüsse

  • So does this mean samples can no longer be shipped to US, but full size bottles can be?

  • Dear Andy Tauer,

    I am a Chinese girl , we have sevral on line shops to promote the good niche perfumes from all over the world, we loved your perfume, and our boss has very deep interest and your perfume indeed matched our perfume career strategy, i am looking forward to your reply. actually i have tried every way to find you, maybe a lot of inquiries that you received recently is from me. so never mind the logistic issue, we can solve the problme. allow me a chance please.


  • I am heartbroken :(
    I am a new fan as of this year and was fortunate enough to purchase two sets of samples before this happened. I had a shopping cart with one full bottle and more samples all ready to purchase and could not figure out why it would not allow me to go through the shipping section. Now I see this and understand. I truly hope that you will be able to find a resolution in the future. I would love to continue exploring your unique line of perfumes. Even if the cost goes up for samples shipped to the US I would still purchase.

  • Can you please advise if noontide petal is discontinued?

  • Hi. I've just ordered a bottle of perfume, and I'm worried that it might never arrive here in US, because of COVID-19. Do you think that there'll be problems with shipping to US?

    • Andreas Tauer 17. March 2020 at 10:02

      thank you, dear. There will be delays in order fulfillment but the warehouse in the US has the goods and will fulfill the orders. It just takes a bit longer than normal. Thank you and stay healthy.

  • Andreas Tauer 17. March 2020 at 10:00

    thank you, dear. There will be delays in order fulfillment but the warehouse in the US has the goods and will fulfill the orders. It just takes a bit longer than normal. Thank you and stay healthy.

  • Is shipping to Denmark possible???

    • Andreas Tauer 17. March 2020 at 13:59

      not really. We only ship soaps, body oils and candles there. But there is a store, with online section , in Denmark.
      Enjoy! And thank you!

  • Is shipping of miniatures/samples possible to Spain?


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