Important news: no more sample shipments possible

Here's an important news that is somewhat terrible.

As of today, we cannot send samples to the world anymore because of stricter implementation of the rules for transport of dangerous goods/perfume in Switzerland. The authorities/Swiss Post started to even send single 1.5 ml samples back. So there you go.... there is no alternative/affordable shipper and sample business is a low margin business that eventually we have to stop this totally. For the time being: samples only ship to Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland, because there the post transports via ground. All other countries are not served anymore with samples and miniatures.

Now: reimbursing clients and sending mails....


5 thoughts on “Important news: no more sample shipments possible”

  • This is sad news. :-(

  • DuftHochZwei 1. July 2019 at 14:51

    Oh, bummer. I can imagine that your workload is rather high when compiling the individual discovery sets in relation, but these sets are highly welcome at fragrance fans and often happily sprayed forward to others.

  • That is a sad piece of news indeed. I have never heard of an airliner blowing up due to shipped perfume, DHL ships perfume all over the world in airplanes, so why the paranoia? Very bad news for your customers.

  • The shipping of hydro-alcoholic perfumes by air is never hassle-free. When you wish to ship perfumes abroad, you will have to use an intermediary company, which charges extra. I once asked Marina Barcenilla Perfumes in the UK to ship samples to Germany, and they said that their specialized intermediary would charge them £40 even when it were just samples. I assume that in Switzerland the situation would be similar. It really makes no sense to pay such high shipping charges.

  • That is unfortunate as I was just going to order a sample pack.


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