In about 2 months from now, that's the plan, there will a new fragrance coming. I decided that I want to share some details before it goes live. Like: once a week I want to talk about one aspect of the fragrance and what it means to bring it to you.

I guess I will do so on Mondays.... Anyhow. The news for today: I am filling the new fragrance into blue pentagonal bottles. And I have one bottle set aside, for me. My SOTD is unreleased.


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  • Now that's what I call a teaser! A good reason to look forward to Mondays :-)
    And I started to wonder if the new fragrance will actually be called Unreleased. Or Released. All kinds of associations evoked....

  • Oh this tiny blue bottle sitting at the center of a huge rose, that's indeed promising.
    So your lovely tale of roses continues, after beginning with the jasmine rose of Le Maroc that carries one through a warm night, followed by the Rose Chyprée, the little sister of L'Air du Désert, and the lavender Rose Vermeille, the up-lifting Incense Rosé that lets you walk straight with the head high. Then the emotional Phi, Une Rose de Kandahar that I also can smell on my clothes when we cuddle. You get it. And Rose Flash and Rose Delight, you name it. I can't wait to get to know this muted, milky pinkish rose in your image.
    Take care

  • Constance G. Lowe 3. April 2019 at 1:57

    The rose reminds me of Angel Skin coral with its light pink hue.


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