we are a Black Friday free zone

Hi, are you looking for the ultimate deal where you can get all the goodies that you always wanted to buy for almost free or with a promo code beyond the ordinary or at least a bit of a discount because it is Black Friday? Please look somewhere else.

We are not like that. Our prices do not include the extra $$ compensating us when we give you a discount. Think about this for a second.

And our products are not made in a cheap labor country where you can just squeeze the lemon a bit harder to produce a touch cheaper.

That's why there is no Black Friday here.

And if we see discounts beyond the ordinary for our products in other shops: we might stop selling there. Because we think that discounting our products is just wrong.

Thank you for your understanding.

9 thoughts on “we are a Black Friday free zone”

  • No worries about no discount, Tauer products are already a great value for the money. Thank you Andy!

    What I really want to know is when the vanilla body oil will be released. :-)

  • Black Friday is a complete nonsense. Top quality never needs such gimmicks.

  • Well Black Friday to me buying something that never sell good or at least in white Friday (normal days) we know them with ridiculous price tag and now they pretend that their goods are really in good deal!
    Black friday is just a marketing action to gain much more profit than normal days for some products that never sell good and always it presented with extra $$

  • Andy: The year-long value for price equation at Tauer Perfumes is much more valuable for the fragrance lover anyway.
    In my work life, we're in a premium service business and always courteously walk away from potential customers who are just price-shopping. Like they say, price is what you pay, value is what you receive. Create and believe in quality always.

    Happy holiday season!

    • Thanks so much , Chris! I could not have said it better. Thank you. Fragrantly and with my best wishes for your holidays. Andy

  • I respect Andy's decision on how he wants to present and market his brand, that's his right.
    However the language used such as "ultimate deal", "almost free" or "promo code beyond ordinary" seem excessive representations of what I would think some customers would appreciate.

    For example this Black Friday I had 2 Tauer creations in my Essenza Nobile basket, Au Coeur du Desért and No. 05 – Incense extrême, I'm not saying that if there was perhaps a "bit of discount" I'd absolutely 100% have bought both, but it would certainly have made it an easier decision. In the end I just bought Au Coeur du Desért, which I know I'll love having gone through the sample.

    My impression of Tauer Perfumes has not changed regardless of discount or no discount and from what I've sampled, they are all wonderful creations. I'll look forward to my next Tauer purchase which will be more considered.

    Genuinely, thanks Andy for the wonderful creations..

    • good morning and thank you for your purchase. It is Sunday and busy here and I will try to make my answer short. With every discount a brand gives, the brand redefines the price level and ultimately, a brand educates its clients to wait for the next discount (new year discount, Valentine, Eastern, .... ) . In the end, it translates into a race to the bottom and the only way to win this race is to rise prices to compensate for the discounts.

  • Annette Neuffer 22. December 2018 at 0:45

    Dear Andy,
    I couldn't agree more on every word you said! There is NOTHING for free in this world and all the Black Fridays and other occasions do only mean that the regular prices of the discounted products will be higher for those who don't wait for the special occasion and buy during the rest of the year. Not fair towards the loyal returning customers I think.
    Best regards and discount free Happy Christmas, Annette

  • The truth is, most people don't wait for discounts. I have never seen someone really wanting a perfume in January waiting until Novemver or December to buy it because of some discount that might happen. Some people wait, but they are definitely the minority in this aspect.


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