Today's picture is my contribution for @perfume_society on #twitter on their #smellfie hashtag idea. Yes, this post is about social media.

I am switching gears there, having learned a couple of lessons. And as always: I am following my gut feeling and let me guide by my happiness factor: where am I more happy these days. Honestly, I am happier on Instagram than on Facebook. Especially recently, Facebook comes with shades of grey that are slightly disturbing.

What I like about instagram: it is picture based. I love to come up with pictures: a perfect fit. In the last year, I learned that I need to try to put my communication together a bit. So, when asked by a student about doing a little diploma work in the field of integrated communication, I said yesssss! It was a nice starting point to look at all my activities: newsletter, MAG, instagram, facebook (I am talking about my business website there, my personal account is supposed to stay messy and filled with what goes through my mind). The student and me were analyzing a bit what is going on. And we figured that it is time to tell the world that #tauer is #trueluxury and I am special, and not owned by the big ones, and that I do my thing, like others. For instance Oliver and Co. I am putting the next edition of the MAG together for May, and the market will be a topic therein. Recently, it got a bit confusing in the markets, and I have seen too often people sharing their niche bottles that they got in the mall.... you get the picture. One of the reasons why I am doing the MAG: sharing my universe and trying to communicate that I am different.

Anyhow, I invested quite some time trying to understand what I was actually doing in the social media and how it impacts what I am doing in the real world. And guess what: because of this (and working on the next MAG edition) I sort of forgot to post here, on my blog.

Integrated communication, there you go.....hahahaha. But then, being a one man show: there is only so much that you can do.

And, to be honest, at the end of the day I am making perfumes and everything that happens in the media is only the side dish, fun and entertaining, but my real job is making perfumes.

Finally: I am in love with this new emoji. Screenshot (24)

Don't ask me why.

4 thoughts on “#tauer”

  • Vladimir Shubenkin 22. March 2018 at 13:51

    Dear Andy, I love this photo, it's your special view of the world I :-) know, I guessed why you are in love with this new emoji. :-)

    • hahaha... Vladimir. Thank you. This emoji is kind of haunting me. Half of my Whatsapp communication is filled with it :-)

  • I hope you won’t stop posting on facebook altogether, I can’t keep up with both instagram and facebook. Love the smelfie. :-)

    Also, I have been following Oliver & Co. and believe what he is doing is great. I hope it is successful for him. To me the situation is like being a privately held company vs. one with stockholders. When you have to cater to the stockholders you don’t have the freedom to make long-range decisions or try experimental things that may or may not work. Better to be independent and free!

    • Thank you, Tara. No worries: right now, there is no plan to stop posting on facebook. I know that I have many followers there and I follow a lot of people there. I would miss them....
      Oliver is brave and I wish him only success. What his step tells me: we all have to keep on moving. Fast and with courage. Otherwise, we will become the clones of clones....and will be forgotten.
      If I could ship to the world like he can, I would -not as consequent as he does it- also tighten my sales network .... and would ship! :-)
      And your comparison is very good!


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