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  • Black Friday

    It is Black Friday. I offer you 30% better legible "Thank you!" cards with every order, only today. But wait: this is not all. I use 20% more ribbons to wrap your orders, only today. And I will do so with 15% bigger smiles today. You do not see this, but you might feel it.

    Happy shopping!

  • 40 days until the holidays

    It is 40 days from here to X-mas. And believe it or not: I have the impression that I can already feel it. Shipments take a touch longer than normal and the queue at the post office is a touch longer, too.  Thus, a bit early ( I know) but still: if you consider getting presents, do not wait too long. The last week before X-mas: everyboy, my retailers and me will work hard but cannot promise anything. Having said that: a piece of advise or two. If you want to give perfume as a present: only do so if you are 100% sure that it will be the right one. Except where explicitely wished: I think that perfume is not an ideal present. It is very hard to find the right one.

    I recommend other gifts, such as soaps, that are better suited. And vouchers for perfume, maybe combined with samples. That works.

    Anyhow: here, we are shipping miniatures like crazy which is nice. And in the factory I am working on inventory for what happens early 2018. These days, you can really feel how many economies are on the upswing. I do not expect this to last very long, I am always a bit on the pessimistic side there: too many factors that speak against it. But right now: there is a lot of optimism everywhere. It feels nice but I think it is important to always keep in mind that this will change sooner or later again.  So I am working on building up inventory but I try to be as much as possible on the lower end, investing carefully and rather have a fragrance not being available for some time then having shelves that overflow (basically it is cash sitting on shelves).

    I know that there are scientific theories and studies about how to buy stock, when to stock up with how much for what item in a production scheme. I guess I am just too lazy. I do it all following a gut feeling. So far that worked very well.

    The other day, a client wrote me about another scientific study: it obviously turns out that personal messages (like Enjoy! Andy Tauer on a card going with full bottles) have an impact. (Yes, I would have guessed that). But obviously the color of the handwriting makes a difference, too. Green is the color to pick. So there you go. Imagine!

    Yes, I started to write some personal messages in green.

  • the miniature of air du désert marocain is here

    I have uploaded the miniature of L'air du désert marocain on my website. It is so cute.

    Finally, it is there, together with the 5ml attar.

    Details of the deal, after long discussions with friends, and bookkeepers:

    The l'air du désert miniature comes with free shipment and it sells for 15.-. The scent is 100% the same as in your regular 50 ml L'air du désert marocain flacon. It is 5ml. The miniature flacon is a dab flacon, and I will ship it in a tin box that is super cute and protects the miniature flacon perfectly.

    So that is done. I am curious to see what is going to happen now, and especially what happens after the newsletter is out. I haven't written it, yet. I am almost a bit worried. Right now, the miniature is not available from retailers. I want to change this later, but want to learn more about what happens with the miniature in the market before opening up. And: I think it is a perfect gift with purchase, too.

    Now, I talked about the miniature a bit on Instagram, and I got many comments. One of them told me to do all my scents in these miniature flacons. That's a nice idea, but beyond of what I can do. Getting labels for these and all my scents: costly. And filling this is tedious. And I do not even want to think about the logistics of producing all Tauer fragrances in 5ml, too. Thus, for the time time: there's l'air du désert marocain. And then we will see.

    Next: the newsletter. And the next edition of the MAG. I collected most of the external content and finished writing my content, almost. Time to send the texts to my editor for checking. Most of my contributors including myself are not native English speakers and hence some corrections are necessary.  I got all the pictures and started putting them in, in Indesign which is a fantastic product by Adobe. I dictated my texts into my iphone, while doing repetitive things in the factory, after having thought about what to say for weeks. It is interesting: when dictating the text, the flow and structure becomes different compared to writing it from scratch in word. And I learned that it is actually a very effective way of using the time when doing repetitive sample filling work. Being effective is one of the challenges these days.

    Ah, and yes, and I started working with a consultant friend. She helps me with some paperwork for foreign markets. You would not believe how complicated the market entry and registration of products in some countries is. So, that's a relieve.

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