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I have just sent out the newsletter: patch flash is available now on I am a bit behind my schedule: the Pitti fair was a touch too busy. But now, we are there, and uploaded the latest fragrance from Tauerville on my site.

Sending a newsletter out is always exciting. I think, I mentioned it before: the newsletters work for me (thank you to all of you who read and click and order). When sending a newsletter out, I always have to make sure that I have  two, three days ahead where I can process orders and emails.

I do not know how it compares to industry standards: I get around 40-50% opens per newsletter and around 10-15% clicks on links. In that sense, my perfume loving clients are much better than myself. I get a couple of newsletters but do not open many of them. With one exception: I love getting my Adobe newsletter and learn about their offerings. Ah... and yes, the microsoft newsletter, and the apple one and the luckyscent one and... I guess I am not so different after all.

At Pitti, I wanted so hard to make pictures but there was no time. I was busy on the stand, had no meals during the day and survived thanks to Coke. The general public was not allowed this year which I personally find not ok. At the end of the day, it is not the distributors who buy and spritz from my bottles, and not the agents, and not the retailers: it is the perfume lover. And I actually love talking to them.

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  • Dear Andy,
    I have many Newsletters that come to my Mailbox but most of them are deleted unread - not yours. I ordred samples from Patch Flash and I am so excited to get them. My sister tried it already and loved it. I didn't know that the public was Not allowed to Pitti, that is really a pitty because one day I would like to be there. Thanks for your wonderful creations! Have a wonderful busy day, sunny greetings from Vienna!

  • Thank you! I am sending early autumn greetings from Zurich. Enjoy!

  • Hi Andy, hope you are having a great trip to Shanghai!

    I just had to send you a thank you note. There is so much bad news lately, so much pain and strife in the world. But this morning I was able to reach for Incense Rose and experience the beauty that still exists. Thank you so much!


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