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In a good week from now, I will be traveling to Florence for the Pitti Fragranze, THE niche show in Italy, next to Esxence. I am very much looking forward to it. There are not too many Swiss brands there and I am one of the few showing up there who still produces (mostly, as the Tauerville flash scents are produced in the US) in Switzerland and not Italy/France/Germany/UK. In that sense: I have an exotic bonus.

Pitti is one of the highlights of the year because I get to meet a lot of colleagues, the team of my local distributor, KAON, and clients. I do not go to Italy that often. Actually, there are years where I travel to the US more often than to Italy although I am selling more bottles there than there. Italy was and still is an important market for selective perfumery. Although Italy is in constant crisis mode: people still buy perfume. Maybe even more than before, or more selectively.

Every year, I feel that Pitti got bigger and that more brands are there with more novelties.

Having said that: there is not enough room for all of us. Even the Italian market is overflooded. In that sense: good luck to all of us.

Thus, I am curious to talk to colleagues, too. What they experience and think. Some colleagues have become close and we share; a lot!

Last year, I brought a polaroid with me and took a lot of selfies with perfume lovers on polaroid that I shared in the social media on one picture later in the evening.

I wonder whether I should do it again. And I wonder whether I should go live on Facebook from time to time. It is not easy as I do not know how to deal with perfume lovers sending comments while I am live. I somehow cannot talk and show and read comments at the same time. We will see.

And today's picture: from an old post train that I have seen while hiking on Sunday.

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  • Andy, will you permit a question? I have your Marocain bought through Luckyscent. I also have Cologne du Maghreb, which I believe you no longer supply. I love both, and need to replenish both. I will buy Marocain again (for special occasions), but cannot get the cologne, which I found great for everyday use. Is there really no more supply? Many thanks for your work which adds joy to our lives.

  • Hi Ian
    thank you for your support of my venture and your compliment. I do not have stock of the Cologne du Maghreb anymore. These days, it is gone. I cannot promise it, but maybe I will do a limited restocking because I got a couple of questions for it....But right now, I cannot offer it. Thank you for your understanding.
    With kindest regards, Andy

  • I see there will be the overall theme of sustainability at this year's Pitti Fragranze. This sounds like it might want to engage and like it will give you good food for thought, tell us about it! Is there any impact of this concept in perfumery or is it a buzz word only?
    Have fun and may business be b(l)ooming!

  • Ha! I did not realize.... These themes are interesting for visitors, I guess, but for me as exhibitor there is little chance to participate in talks . I am too busy at the stand. To be honest: sustainability is a huge issue. It starts with the production of (natural) raw materials. Many plants, because they are not for human consumption (eating) are heavily treated with all sorts of agents. There is the issue of overexploitation of wild harvested material, such as olibanum. Then there is the issue with global sourcing, transport of all materials needed accross the globe, such as bottles, boxes, cardboard etc. The CO2 footprint of perfume products is -I guess- pretty big. ....
    I am interested to see how the discussion at the Pitti goes. And will let you know!

  • Just received my Tauer Mag, great job! Loved all the pictures and articles. The overexploitation of olibanum is very worrying to me, I am glad I have backup bottles of Incense Extreme and Incense Rosé. It is a note I couldn't do without. Perhaps it's time to hoard a few more bottles!

    Have a great time at Pitti! Perhaps we can expect you in LA this fall for the 15th anniversary of Luckyscent and the opening of their new store? :-)

  • Greeetings from Zurich, Tara! I just returned and share Patch flash with the world. Thank you also for your compliments for the MAG. Great! I highly appreciate. Right now: I got another batch of good quality Olibanum, thus: no worries :-) About the 15th anniversary. I am considering but have not made my mind up. First things first: Utrecht and Shanghai. ... Exciting!


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