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  • Swiss made

    In a good week from now, I will be traveling to Florence for the Pitti Fragranze, THE niche show in Italy, next to Esxence. I am very much looking forward to it. There are not too many Swiss brands there and I am one of the few showing up there who still produces (mostly, as the Tauerville flash scents are produced in the US) in Switzerland and not Italy/France/Germany/UK. In that sense: I have an exotic bonus.

    Pitti is one of the highlights of the year because I get to meet a lot of colleagues, the team of my local distributor, KAON, and clients. I do not go to Italy that often. Actually, there are years where I travel to the US more often than to Italy although I am selling more bottles there than there. Italy was and still is an important market for selective perfumery. Although Italy is in constant crisis mode: people still buy perfume. Maybe even more than before, or more selectively.

    Every year, I feel that Pitti got bigger and that more brands are there with more novelties.

    Having said that: there is not enough room for all of us. Even the Italian market is overflooded. In that sense: good luck to all of us.

    Thus, I am curious to talk to colleagues, too. What they experience and think. Some colleagues have become close and we share; a lot!

    Last year, I brought a polaroid with me and took a lot of selfies with perfume lovers on polaroid that I shared in the social media on one picture later in the evening.

    I wonder whether I should do it again. And I wonder whether I should go live on Facebook from time to time. It is not easy as I do not know how to deal with perfume lovers sending comments while I am live. I somehow cannot talk and show and read comments at the same time. We will see.

    And today's picture: from an old post train that I have seen while hiking on Sunday.

  • it used to be

    Yesterday, after not working in the perfume factory for three days because of a course that I took: I was packing retailer orders. It used to be different in summer. Usually the summer months were pretty much quiet and I loved it.

    There used to be time to build up stock, to prepare launches for the "seasons", with the "season" being the weeks around  X-mas. At least for my perfume brand this is over. I have seen it in the last two, three years already but never so clearly like this year: the seasons dissipate. The same is true for the weeks before X-mas.

    Last year, I discussed this with a friend and we came to the conclusion that perfume is probably becoming something that you buy for yourself, all year round. Perfume never was an ideal gift anyhow, except you knew exactly what was high on the perfume wish list.

    That works for me. Perfume has turned into a commodity since the eighties anyhow. One that brings a lot of emotions and more, but still: a commodity.

    Thus, after three days out of the office and the factory, my order book is overfull, and my stock level did not take advantage of a summer break. And that's perfectly ok.

    Today's picture: from the perfume factory yesterday. I always put the orders including testers together on a table, trying to make sure that I do not miss anything which is not always easy: many retailers just send emails, like "24 xair, 2 T." which translates into 24 pieces of L'air du désert marocain, edt, 50 ml plus 2 testers of L'air du désert marocain, 50 ml, edt, for the store. Easy to miss one or two positions that way.

    That's another thing that has changed: orders come in through all media. Facebook messenger, Instagram, Twitter, email, telephone. This is interesting.

    And confusing.

    I wonder whether there is an app out there that puts it all together for me, one screen where I can see all the messages from Facebook, twitter etc. That would be nice.



  • Tauer MAG issue 03 is out

    Hurray! The Tauer MAG issue 03 is out and I started shipping the first copies. The MAG will only be available as print version and I am shipping a sample of the next (undisclosed) Tauerville flash scent together with this edition. The tauerville scent is still a secret...

    Inside the MAG: There's an article by me about what it is like to create and make a fragrance, including a glimpse at the formula of the attar, a portrait of Luckyscent, a great opinion article be Persolaise about the troubles with perfume adverts and more. You can get your copy here.

    I worked with a professional photographer for the pictures (of me and the factory) in the MAG. I am loving them and will continue getting better pictures done: In the sense of... better take them now than tomorrow.

    Thus, that worked. The next Tauerville flash scent obviously also worked. I have stock and all is good. Not everything works all the time, though. Right now, I am having a palette of things blocked somewhere on the Atlantic coast. It is blocked because the forwarder got the papers and lost them. Thus, back to field zero, trying to get the paperwork done again by the producer.

    I have a saying here: What can go wrong will go wrong one fine day. Call me paranoid but it's like that. But being in the business for 12 years now: I learned to cope with that. And to be honest: It does not matter whether I present a novelty September or October, does it?

    On a bright happy side: I got myself another objective for my SLR camera (that is pretty good) and taking pictures kind of changed. I realized how important pictures became in my (private and professional ) life and figured: Hey, why not invest a dollar or two there.

    The next big thing besides perfume shows (Florence), production and working on new ideas will be: Communication and integration of all the different tools that I am using, from pictures on instagram to threads on Facebook to newsletter, the blogg and the MAG. I learned that it is called Integrated Communication. And that's what I need to work on. You know what: Actually, this is fun, too. Sort of an intellectual challenge that I welcome from time to time, especially when filling and labeling samples.

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