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I am hoping that we have soon reached peak perfume: the climax of new perfumes sent into an oversaturated market. Maybe I will put an article together for the next tauer MAG, about peak perfume.


I am working on the next edition of the Tauer MAG which is a side project but I am loving it. It is refreshing as I do not have to worry about logistics and stock and packaging at all. I only have to worry about text and pictures. The plan is to go in print in August. I will write a story, better: I am writing a story for the MAG that covers the attar, going into some details of what's it like to create perfume and what it's like to make it. And, because I am thinking and writing there: I have a hard time writing here on the blog. Funny.

My goal for the next edition of the Tauer MAG: Provide a bit of an inside what it is really like to create and make a perfume. I feel that I can make a difference there. These days, many do not make a difference anymore between creative directors and perfume creators. And these days, with uncounted launches and new brands, I think I can make a difference telling what's it like not to produce in Grasse.

I am not sure about the above mentioned peak perfume article that is hopping around in my head. Another title might be: Surviving of the fittest....A little insider article about why we see all these discounts on various brands and what it actually means. And no: there is no reason for consumers to be happy seeing niche brands that launched a year ago (or two years ago) being discounted by 30% or more in perfumeries. It basically means: the brand is not selling, thus it is sold off, and hence it is dying except somebody has money and can keep it going.

The result: shiny zombie brands.

In that sense I feel very sorry for everybody who puts all his money into building a new perfume brand and presenting it happily at Pitti in Florence. You really need to be very special to survive these days.

But then: Maybe I should not write such an article. It really feels like negative territory. To be seen.

I am heading happily for my little perfume factory now. Adding my share to peak perfume, trying to be very, very special.



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  • Prince Barry 14. July 2017 at 14:52

    I think the problem is that there are too many niche brands launching, all thinking that they are going to be a success. From what I have seen of many of them, they are more of a novelty smell, not a perfume that you can wear proudly, but wear it as a an art statement, or, smell what I'm wearing, aren't I rich hahaha. You have succeeded Andy, because you put your heart and soul into your perfume business. Tauer Perfumes, is you.

  • Perfume is glamour and if you want to kill the glamour just expose it, all intricate details, behind the scene, tell the tricks, show where is white rabbit actually hidden and you destroy magic. That's why I do not watch how they make my sausages, I appreciate ladies slick skin but I do not really try to answer is it mechanical depilation, laser or shaved... some things should not be exposed for the final consumer... nothing more then raising expectations, intrigue, showing some magic. There is nothing glamorous about exposing greedy businessman getting into niche perfume business just to hit the wall. There is nothing glamorous about laughing over Grass. There is nothing glamours about petting yourself as victorious. There is nothing glamours about exposing pricing structure and expense breakdown... especially in luxury/niche segment. Your draft can go both ways make it epic and good article about this topic and make petty, without larger the life element, complaining, whining and bragging... depends which path you chose.

    • Hi Zoran
      thanks for an insightful comment with lots of food for thought. I talk to a lot of clients of mine who buy bottles or samples. I feel that I learned that my clients demand magic. The magic of a perfume that goes beyond the ordinary, is more than the sum of its ingredients. I try to provide them with this magic. Many of my clients asks specifically NOT for glamour. I know: there are other final consumers who want to believe and who do believe in the glamour part. These are normally not my clients. That's one reason why I am very small as a brand. And that's why I would never dream of saying " I made it. Victory!". I might be out of business in a year from now, too. Just because the luxury/niche market ceases to exist for offerings like mine. When I mentioned survival of the fittest: The fittest might just be the richest, the one with the most capital available to open stores, get into department stores and all.
      I agree:some things need not to be exposed. It is useless to talk about pricing in general,for instance, but I think it is important to underline again and again that there is a difference between a guy who creates perfumes and a guy who pretends to create perfumes. You were very honest about it, which I appreciate. I also think it is important to tell perfumeries that they need to stop discounting like crazy. It destroys the glamour, too. Cheers to you!

  • Firstly, I agree with Prince Barry's comment. When I smell a Tauer perfume I can recognize your unique touch and spirit that has gone into it.

    Regarding pricing, I think a lot of niche perfume needs to be sold at discount due to the low quality and aspirational pricing. It is simply not worth what they are asking for it. There are brands that I will only buy on sale. Tauer is not one of them because the value/price relationship is good.

    Finally, I am not very interested in glamour and love to find out how things work. It doesn't change the magic of the perfume to know how it's made. I always enjoy a good bit of schadenfreude - I say write the article about peak perfume. :-)


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