Tauer MAG issue 02

Today, among other things, I will start shipping the first copies of the Tauer MAG issue 02. As the cover page shows you: I got some designer's advice and help for the layout. This layout will remain the same, also inside, with variations, of course. I think my designer guru did a great job there and helped me a lot. I learned that it is essential to have some core elements that remain and provide the reader a structure. We changed the text fonts, too. For easier readability. And a bit more...

I was asked "why are you doing this" and one answer was: "there is so much happening in this world that does not find enough coverage in the online discussions and there are so many stories untold. I just had to."

While packing and preparing the orders after yesterday's newsletter (what a blast! Amazing! Thank you you!): I will start thinking about the next edition, that should go in print in August.

If you missed it: You can get your copy here:

4 thoughts on “Tauer MAG issue 02”

  • I really enjoyed the stories in the last issue, looking forward to edition 2. Got a shipment notice this morning. :-). Also looking forward to the week-long Tour de Suisse bicycle road race which starts tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

  • YESSS, dear Tara! I shipped it yesterday. I am curious how long it will take. But I hope it will get to you in time and will not interfer with your bicylcle road race watching :-)
    Have a great day!

  • Got the Tauer Mag 2, love the photos and the stories! And the Tour de Suisse was fun too, many of my favourite riders and teams did well, and there was only one day when the riders had pouring rain. :-)

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