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  • oh eau

    So, yes: It's been a couple of busy days here in the factory, trying to keep up with orders and communication. The newest kid in town is Eau. And as always: The first couple of days after the initial offering are usually rough because I get a lot of mails and messages and notes. After a couple of days things usually calm down a bit which is nice.

    That's where I am now, with some time to work on other projects. Like the Tauer Mag, issue no. 02, June. It is with the printing company right now. To be honest: This is always a difficult time for me, waiting for something that is at the printing company. Difficult because I always worry "what if". What if I made a major mistake, what if the print does not look good, what if I messed up.

    Thus, usually, when I get a print with lots of text: I try not to look closely. Eyes closed it will ship ship. This time, I will do it differently, that's the plan at least: In order to avoid having to handle a database with addresses and creating address labels from an enormous excel, I will offer the Tauer Mag in my shop. For a price, like 5$. Inside the Mag there will be a personalized coupon code, worth 5$, for any purchase on

    This way, I can just copy paste addresses, those interested get a goodie (and trust me: The issue 02 comes with great content); I think I will ship every couple of days, kind of bundling the "orders"

    That's the plan. We will see. I should get the Tauer Mag issue 02 towards the end of this week.

  • L'EAU

    So, it is here. The L'eau. Finally. Eau is the fragrance mentioned a couple of times here; when I was discussing a clear (clean- but I do not like that term) fragrance I am working on.
    Yesterday, I went live on Facebook to talk a bit about it and to celebrate and just hang out with my online perfume loving friends. That was quite a blast. I have to do it a touch better next time: I did not put on my middle distance reading glasses and had a hard time to actually read the comments that came up during the conversation. But it was so cool speaking and sharing with an enthusiastic community.

    The video is now on my Facebook page. This is the link to it.

    And now: Happy bottle shipping and sample shipping and this on a glorious spring day. We will reach 25°C today. Just perfect weather for Eau. More about Eau here on my website.

  • Upgrade phobia and the Awards of the Institute for Art and Olfaction in Berlin

    I have to admit it: I have an update phobia. I know that I have to run the regular updates on my apple phone and on my windows PC but try to postpone them. Because I have this phobia that after the update -that is supposed to keep my PC save and to make me more effective with my computer - nothing works anymore.  Before doing the major windows update, I figured I will go to Berlin first. I am back now from Berlin where I haven't been since the fall of the wall.

    I went there for the awards of the Institute for Art and Olfaction. What a blast. An amazing crowd, lots of friends and colleagues and a cheerful happy gathering. I had the pleasure and honor to present the finalists of the Artisan category.

    It was a wonderful event and a great opportunity to catch up with fellow perfumers and Luca Turin. He will do another edition of the book. THE book, maybe in another format, but I am so looking forward to hearing his voice again.

    Finally, back from a booming city, I did the update. Yesterday. And guess what: My phobia was totally justified. Right now, I am reindexing my outlook. As I have Gigabites of data there, in my mail archive, it takes for ever. And I had to figure out to get write access to ALL files again... In the end CMD chkdsk and a few other things seem to have done the trick.
    It always, always, always feels very, very, very odd when in the days of self driving cars you have to dig into system tools. Basically, you - the user- has to start fiddling with the skeleton that's behind it all. Scary.

    But it works again. And to be honest, the machine, the "thing" that I got a while ago from Microsoft, a Surface 4, is amazing. It's just the software that sometimes ... well: It gets messy from time to time.

    I guess one fine day I will ride in my self driving car and admire the car and how smoothly it runs while typing in some command lines. Let's hope that not.

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