greetings and an outlook

Right now I am sitting in front of my room at the Harmony Motel in 29 Palms, heading for the Joshua Tree National Park soon where I will stroll around and do some sketches if I feel like it. Maybe I will just hang out on a boulder and do not much more than watching the sky and the boulders.

I have been visiting this place for many years, many times, and there is nothing that I MUST do here, which is nice. It will be a busy weekend in San Francisco with events at the Tigerlily Perfumery, April 7 later afternoon the full tauer immersion, April 8 a gathering of 12 independent perfumers at Tigerlily with talks and discussions and all. Thus, a moment of nothingness, here in Joshua Tree, does good.

Actually, I am super excited as I will present two more scents from my STORIES line. There is a great article on Fragrantica that explains it all.  (click here) It is exciting also because for the STORIES I do not have to worry about what's next and how to keep up with stock and logistics and all. They just come and go when I am there at an event and it feels very liberating. I also do not have to worry about how many we will sell. I look at it as an installation, a presentation of something rare. Of course, they will sell, and sooner or later I have to think about making more and all, but for the moment I can just relax and look forward to San Francisco.

There, in San Francisco, at Tigerlily, sits also a bottle of the unreleased attar. The attar that is inspired by many things, a trip to Saudi Arabia, Oudh and more; I have sent 200 of it, 1 ml rollerball bottles to VIP clients. I am thinking about sending more of these, offering them on my site, as I got a lot of queries for it. We will see....

Right now, I am enjoying the sun and am blinking and am looking forward to the boulders that will still be here when I am long gone.

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  • It is so liberating to think of how the earth goes along on its own way, indifferent to our human stories and dramas, always there before us and after us. Our lives are impermanent, dust in the wind, and everything we think is important will eventually disappear. It is reassuring to me when I think about all the pressure to achieve and leave your mark on the world, when in reality nothing endures except the material world of nature, and that too will eventually pass away when the sun dies.

  • From your vantage point in that deserted place on earth you get a great view of the sky with its immense width. And at the same time you are able to have a similar but introspective view into your inner world and its equally immense vastness. I wish you all the best.

  • Thank you, dear Stephan. I get smaller and bigger at the same time. I wish you a lovely day on the other side of the globe.


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