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  • Somerset House

    Today, I have the ultimate pleasure to announce that it's now official. L'air du désert marocain is one of ten fragrances selected by the Somerset House in London to be featured in their upcoming exhibition "Perfume- A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent."
    It will run from June 21 until September 17 (2017).

    You can see what other scents are featured and learn more about the Somerset House and the exhibition here.

    I am so happy.

  • tauerville

    Good morning! Here we are headed for a quick return of winter. I have to make sure that my plants won't freeze; it will get a bit narrow in the bedroom.

    This week will be a short one, with at least one highlight every day: Today, I am meeting the product manager, sales representative from the company that is producing my metal boxes. e will meet in the factory which might be a bit disapointing as I cannot even offer a coffee. My factory is a totally non cozy operation. Kind of streamlined to churn out max. numbers of bottles.

    Another highlight this week: I am working on new pictures of the tauerville collection of the 30ml flash scents. And once done with them I will upload them on as I figured: Hey! I want to make it a touch easier for those ordering on to add a tauerville.

    I spent some time in the factory yesterday; doing some photos and packing large orders that need to get out today and tomorrow. So yes: No Easter break here. But that's ok: I had my break in the US. Ah... and yes: I do not trust any picture nor any film anymore. The photoshop world is fake. But nice and shiny.

  • what a blast

    If in the London area: Mark your calendar April 26 I'll be at Les Senteurs for a STORIES event. (you might want to register for their newsletter in order to get details).
    Having said that: I am back from a great trip. Great for many reasons. The desert at Joshua Tree National Park was in "super bloom" and it was amazing to see how the desert exploded in colors and life. And I was in San Francisco for events and that was super cool, too. There, at Tigerlily I have a showcase of what tauer is all about. I presented the perfume in a soap line, the body oils, did an event with the three Stories scents:
    When we cuddle and I can smell your perfume on my clothes
    Hyacinth and a mechanic
    He left his cologne in my bedroom

    And I presented the yet unreleased attar that sits in an apothecary bottle up there to be experienced by clients visiting the store. This is not the final packaging, but the scent is finished. After I got so many compliments for it: I think that I will have to offer it one way or the other. It is dark, woody, with a hint of a floral line, very rich but not killing you with sillage. It is funny: Although 100% perfume the attar stays close to the skin. Nice!

    And of course I showed all my other fragrances, from the well known L'air du désert marocain to the hidden gems like Noontide Petals.

    Back in Zurich translates into an avalanche of things to get done. One of them: filling some 1ml roller ball bottles with the attar in order to allow perfume lovers to smell it too before I have figured a way to offer it as a regular item. Although, to be frank, it will be a $$$$ item. But I think that's ok.

  • greetings and an outlook

    Right now I am sitting in front of my room at the Harmony Motel in 29 Palms, heading for the Joshua Tree National Park soon where I will stroll around and do some sketches if I feel like it. Maybe I will just hang out on a boulder and do not much more than watching the sky and the boulders.

    I have been visiting this place for many years, many times, and there is nothing that I MUST do here, which is nice. It will be a busy weekend in San Francisco with events at the Tigerlily Perfumery, April 7 later afternoon the full tauer immersion, April 8 a gathering of 12 independent perfumers at Tigerlily with talks and discussions and all. Thus, a moment of nothingness, here in Joshua Tree, does good.

    Actually, I am super excited as I will present two more scents from my STORIES line. There is a great article on Fragrantica that explains it all.  (click here) It is exciting also because for the STORIES I do not have to worry about what's next and how to keep up with stock and logistics and all. They just come and go when I am there at an event and it feels very liberating. I also do not have to worry about how many we will sell. I look at it as an installation, a presentation of something rare. Of course, they will sell, and sooner or later I have to think about making more and all, but for the moment I can just relax and look forward to San Francisco.

    There, in San Francisco, at Tigerlily, sits also a bottle of the unreleased attar. The attar that is inspired by many things, a trip to Saudi Arabia, Oudh and more; I have sent 200 of it, 1 ml rollerball bottles to VIP clients. I am thinking about sending more of these, offering them on my site, as I got a lot of queries for it. We will see....

    Right now, I am enjoying the sun and am blinking and am looking forward to the boulders that will still be here when I am long gone.

4 Item(s)