I will be in San Francisco for an event that rocks

Monday, I'll fly out of town. April 7 and 8, if you are in the area, we'll rock at the Tigerlily Perfumery in San Francisco. We, that's a bunch of perfumers, Apruil 8, and it will be fun, for sure. April 7 is sort of "my day" and I am so excited: I will present three stories scents, Hyacinth and a mechanic, and two novelties. These stories scents: They are only available while I am in store, they go hand-to hand, and are in that sense very exclusive. If you have friends in the area, you can ask them to get them for you.

Why?, you might ask, doing the stories that way; why this hand-to-hand thing? Because I want to make  a statement. I want to talk to perfume lovers and I want to underline that perfume can be more than a trip to the department store.

Antonia, the store owner, was super busy putting all the various activities together. And so was I, but there was time to come up with a pencil portrait of her: Power woman ! (see today's picture)

In the store, there 's more that's special: There will be copies of a magazine that I printed and sent to selected clients who ordered from my site in the past. And there will be a bottle with the unreleased attar, that some clients of mine got as sample.  How is it?, you might ask: Well... Here's what Deborah said on Eau my Soul


"Unnamed attar by Andy Tauer. Smoky, dense, earthy, and leathery, slightly animalic, all lightened with flashes of sensual sweetness to lift the mood. Rose and jasmine notes refine what might have been a masculine vibe so this becomes a totally unisex attar. A chameleon that changes by the hour, different notes peeping out to capture your attention, then retreating while other notes comes forward. This reminds me of the ever-changing outlines of sand dunes, and the dryness of the attar also suggestive of the desert. I've worn this on cool days and warm; the heat makes this attar bloom, it's much more subdued in cool temperatures. Even newbies to this genre like me can love and appreciate the effort that has gone into his latest creation. His attar has massive longevity and excellent projection. Andy has created another masterpiece. Two thumbs up. (I should add that the attar is unreleased at this time. Patience, frag lovers!)"

And there's more: I will present all my silk watercolor scarves there in the store, too.

But most important: I will meet people and I am very much looking forward to that. In a world that goes online, more and more, this makes the difference: Meeting, talking, sniffing. That's why the stories are hand to hand.


3 thoughts on “I will be in San Francisco for an event that rocks”

  • Wow, more stories scents, hope to get my nose around them one day. End of last year you mentioned an 'event in Q1 2017 in Zurich, with the bookstore' regarding H&aM. I hope I didn't miss that?! -- Not sure about the attar, I am not a friend of animalics really. But I'd love to form my own opinion!

    • Good evening, Marcus
      Thanks! You did not miss anything. There was simply no time in Q1 to get it done. I am working now on a solution/date for Q2 :-)....And yes: It is always good to form ones own opinion. fragrantly

  • The event at Tigerlily sounds fantastic. I have a perfume friend who is attending. I'm trying hard not to be jealous! I got to meet you at Q Bros last spring. Hope you will visit there again. And bring your Story fragrances! Have a wonderful trip!


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