no pampers, thank you

I will probably fall into vegetative state: Salad feeling, watching home order TV for an hour tonight. It was super busy the last few days.

Today's picture is proof of what kept me busy the last few days. A bunch of parcels that will be picked up Thursday. I will celebrate when they are gone and out of my way.

I do it rarely, watching home order TV, but when I do: It has a meditative effect. Much better than watching regular TV. There, every evening,  I feel kind of sorry for the Germans. The health of the average German must be dire. I always watch a bit of the German news and before the news comes the ad block and it is full of pain relief ads and other stuff that is supposed to help when you have: Digestive problems, dry skin, running nose or you can't sleep. In Switzerland, there's more TV ads aired for food. Conclusions?

Besides this general observation:  I watched a movie the other night and took notes what I was presented with during the ad block. No, I do not need pampers, no sleep help, no I do not have a mortage, no dog in the house either, I do not need a new phone carrier, no Yoghurt Schnitte, no dishwasher tablet, no new Volkswagen car, no emoji and I buy the chocolate that I want and it is not from the maitre chocolatier because the maitre chocolatier produces a mass product.

My five cents: Complete waste of money. Sad. But, I have learned by the POTUS that repeating a message again and again and again helps to get a message out. Interesting. And: The shorter the better. And it does not matter whether it is correct or true: It will stick. Very interesting.

In perfumery, you can observe exactly the same thing. There is so much "art" out there, and it is repeated again and again, perfumery as art, master perfumers, and the industry’s most respected perfumers, and after a while, with the help of megaphones, everybody seems to become a believer; or gets numb and moves on. Interesting.

Sometimes, I look at the pictures of these masters of perfume, their "creative" space, the "perfume work place" where they compose and all: I wonder how on hell do they manage to work without balance and pipettes.

But then, that's me. I guess in the end  we all want to be cheated and one fine day I might end up buying a Volkswagen, because they are the best and run and run and run. That's what they say.


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  • Dear Andy, I am in solidarity with you completely. I can not watch TV for several years now, advertising and the quality of the programs themselves - I only look at art, less often documentary films. TV from the function of enlightenment - turned into a function of imposing consumption :-)

    I hope in these packaged boxes there is AU COEUR DU DÉSERT
    And LONESOME RIDER? I'm in love with them and I think that they will be the same successful in the market as your best classic :-)

  • TV is so dire I gave up watching several years ago. On the rare occasion when I am in the same room with a television on I am amazed by the number of ads for drugs. They rave about how the drug will fix problem xyz but then go on to list 15 other alarming and life-threatening side effects that the drug can cause. The cure sounds worse than the disease!

    But you are absolutely right about repeating a message - it becomes engraved in the mind regardless of accuracy. It's the broken record technique - repeat the same thing over and over until you get the result you want. I have gotten numb and moved on.

    • Dear Vladimir, oh, yes. I understand... especially in your region.... having said that: I shipped mostly air du désert and PHI-une rose de Kandahar. The two best sellers :-)

  • When I was a kid, in the early seventies, my father insisted that the family does NOT get a TV. Back then it was normally THE thing to get if you could afford it. We kids, of course, when to the neighbours who already got a TV and watch stuff like Flipper. These are actually nice memories. I always say to my partner, if we had kids, until they are 12: No TV in the house, but I guess I am a fossil there.
    Anyhow: Yes, ads for drugs are weird. But also weird are ads for loans, for instance a car loan, where they have to say some legal text. They do it so fast, nobody can understand it, except for - maybe - blind people who are used to fast text to speech.


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