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Today's picture shows you a part of a box that sits next to me on my desk. It is one of several boxes where ideas and prototypes pile up. And there's a little bottle of Diorissimo that I like to sniff, from time to time. Just because. I have no plan to make another lily of the valley fragrance, but I find Diorissimo nice to smell. It has a calming and refreshing (strange: At the same time) effect. There's also a aluminum bottle of the rose delight fragrance. This fragrance oil was mixed for me, following my recipe, by Essencia, my supplier of raw materials. It dates back to the time when rose delight body oil started as a product. I needed the fragrance oil to test it in various concentration in the body oil.

The body oil goes onto skin, like perfume, but as the jojoba oil penetrates at least part of the skin: I wanted to be 100% super trooper sure and play it safe (think: Allergens). That's why the jojoba oil needed to be organic. I am not sure whether it plays a role, but it was important to me. And it was important to me to get all the allergens right. Essencia does this for me. They also mix the oil and the fragrance. I am in good hands there. And, to be honest: I love to do things myself, but there's a limit of what I can do. And that's good. We are entering the next level, here at Tauer Perfumes.

Having said this: I am working on the labels. Together with my designer guru. Right now, they are at the printer. The product needed a touch more of a professional look. And, I already had to order the next, third batch of rose delight because I sold these 50 ml bottles like hot cake for a while. Sometimes, my partner uses the rose delight body oil, too. Then, it feels like there is a big happy rose sitting right in the middle of the room. Nice.


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  • Hi Andy,
    "more roses", what a promising title to your post! Long ago I couldn't imagine wearing a rose perfume myself, because I didn't know you and your fragrances at that time. But now, after having discovered you and your early perfume creations, I crave for your rose scents, starting with the heavy Le Maroc, and the Incense Rosé. My darlings include Une Rose Chyprée, Une Rose Vermeille and the best of all, PHI - Une Rose de Kandahar. And lately came the Rose Delight body oil, which is very endearing, but short lived. I'd like to encourage you for today's title "more roses", please. I'd be very happy.

  • Roses, roses and more roses! Tauer roses are the best! Rose Delight actually lasts very well on my skin, despite it not being designed as a perfume, and it layers beautifully under my perfumes.

    I would love to have a body oil of Vanilla Flash too, hint hint. ;-)

  • Dear Tara, I got the hint :-) As I happen (like most men) to love vanilla: There is hope :-)

  • Thank you, Stephan I am sending you spring greetings from Zurich. No roses, yet but lots of "primeli" and a couple of hyacinths blooming in the garden !


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