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I haven't been posting for quite a while. Sorry. Here's why..... Besides the daily routines of shipping orders, small ones like this one (see picture of today) which was basically a tuberose order, and shipping large orders to retailers, and the daily perfume packing routine in the factory (il faut s'imaginer Sisyphe heureux - you have to imagine Sisyphus happy), I was texting.

And, obviously, I cannot text different things at the same time. It's like a writer's block: Either this or that. I admire every blogger who keeps up with his or her writing. It needs a lot of discipline, especially when you run a blog on the side.

And I was keeping my supplier for fragrance raw materials and mixtures busy as I started ordering for autumn. Which, of course, feels totally odd at a time when the crocuses just started blooming on the veranda.

Thus, basically, the last couple of days were crazy and I had to compromise on a couple of priorities. Trying to get a touch more effective, I learned that my iphone is actually smarter than I thought. I tried the dictation tool that it offers. In English, French and German, answering emails by just talking into a magic stick. And wow! this little phone can do it these day, pretty accurately. Amazing. The smaller the sentences, the better (no , I do not dictate this text ....) and I guess I know now how Mr. Trump does his twitter thing. This, my dictation, and the bots make me feel very certain that we are heading towards big changes. Bots. A while ago I was on basenotes, reading a somewhat rough debate. And I would bet: A couple of the comments there were bot comments. Machine code, fake, artificial but human like. I came to the same conclusion on twitter and facebook, especially when reading discussions there about "politics".

Thus, jogging through Swiss wonderland -like every Sunday- I imagined that in a few years from now, I might have a business bot, too. You know: Andy in digital. Ha!  From there I moved forward and came up with a story that needs to be writen. Title: Hail Bannon! A fiction story about a bot dominated post apocalyptic world.

I read a book a while ago where one chapter was dedicated to a very simple question: Is God in the internet? The answer is probably yes, be we have to bring God there. So there you go....

And coming back to the start of this post: I was not texting on the fiction story.

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  • Dear Andy, I appreciated your humor :- ) yes the world is changing, I do not know if it's getting better :-)

    • Dear Vladimir, thank you. It is two steps forward, one step back, sometimes two steps back :-) But then: What can we little guys do? We have to change, too....

  • There is nothing to do, we do not have another world, we love it no matter what, I accept and change ?-)

  • Ciao Andy - are hints of Spring in the Swiss air yet?

  • An interesting thoughtful post. I am sure there are bots in the U.S. government. Fortunately I live in Canada now. :-)

    Wore Tuberose Flash a couple days ago, really lovely stuff. This summer I will wear Sotto la Luna Tuberose. They are my summer and winter tuberoses. :-). Spring has come to southern California, the wisteria is starting to bloom. But I am going back in time to the snow in a few weeks.

    Glad to hear you are busy, that means business is good!

    • Thank you, Tara! you are always full of enthusiam. I like that a lot. I will - in a couple of weeks- travel to Southern California, too. It will be a quick trip, as there is little time, but I insisted on getting two days "off", for my desert. .... Enjoy the Wisteria! (and the tuberoses :-) )

  • The desert flowers are beautiful right now, have a fabulous trip! Wearing Hyacinth and a Mechanic this evening, another great spring smell. :-)

    • Ahhhhh....Yes, I think the desert got good rain this season. I am really looking forward to my short trip :-)

  • Hello Mr. Tauer :-)

    First of all I want to say that I am a really big fan of your perfumes, and generally speaking of your creative drive. I am a creative but in a totally different area, in the web area :)

    So now I have a question more or less, I recently bought a bottle of LDDM, I bought if from a known EU store, a German online store, just because you don't offer shipping to Romania, otherwise I would've bought it from your website.

    Right now, on my skin, it doesn't last more than 5 hours (I can't smell it at that point anymore), becoming a skin scent after almost 2 hours. In my case, I got much much better performance with PHI Une Rose de Kandahar and Lonesome Rider, if we are to talk solely about performance.

    And now the actual question, lol. Does it need to mature for a while to get better performance? Or it might be my skin in the case of LDDM?

    I must also say that I really love LDDM along with PHI Une Rose de Kandahar and Lonesome Rider. And thanks for your beautiful creations and visions :)

  • Hi Robert thanks for your lines. I do not really know what to say. What I can say is: I did not reformulate or change anything about air du désert marocain. I do not know whether you are comparing with an older version/bottle and eventually compare that last spritzes from an old bottle with the first spritzes from a new bottle. what I can tell you is: The fragrance (like many) matures and tends to get mellower and intenser at the same time over the years. Having said that: Maybe you should give the perfume a break and come back after a week or two? You might discover that your nose experiences it differently. I hope this helps . Fragrant greetings, Andy


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