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  • I will be in San Francisco for an event that rocks

    Monday, I'll fly out of town. April 7 and 8, if you are in the area, we'll rock at the Tigerlily Perfumery in San Francisco. We, that's a bunch of perfumers, Apruil 8, and it will be fun, for sure. April 7 is sort of "my day" and I am so excited: I will present three stories scents, Hyacinth and a mechanic, and two novelties. These stories scents: They are only available while I am in store, they go hand-to hand, and are in that sense very exclusive. If you have friends in the area, you can ask them to get them for you.

    Why?, you might ask, doing the stories that way; why this hand-to-hand thing? Because I want to make  a statement. I want to talk to perfume lovers and I want to underline that perfume can be more than a trip to the department store.

    Antonia, the store owner, was super busy putting all the various activities together. And so was I, but there was time to come up with a pencil portrait of her: Power woman ! (see today's picture)

    In the store, there 's more that's special: There will be copies of a magazine that I printed and sent to selected clients who ordered from my site in the past. And there will be a bottle with the unreleased attar, that some clients of mine got as sample.  How is it?, you might ask: Well... Here's what Deborah said on Eau my Soul


    "Unnamed attar by Andy Tauer. Smoky, dense, earthy, and leathery, slightly animalic, all lightened with flashes of sensual sweetness to lift the mood. Rose and jasmine notes refine what might have been a masculine vibe so this becomes a totally unisex attar. A chameleon that changes by the hour, different notes peeping out to capture your attention, then retreating while other notes comes forward. This reminds me of the ever-changing outlines of sand dunes, and the dryness of the attar also suggestive of the desert. I've worn this on cool days and warm; the heat makes this attar bloom, it's much more subdued in cool temperatures. Even newbies to this genre like me can love and appreciate the effort that has gone into his latest creation. His attar has massive longevity and excellent projection. Andy has created another masterpiece. Two thumbs up. (I should add that the attar is unreleased at this time. Patience, frag lovers!)"

    And there's more: I will present all my silk watercolor scarves there in the store, too.

    But most important: I will meet people and I am very much looking forward to that. In a world that goes online, more and more, this makes the difference: Meeting, talking, sniffing. That's why the stories are hand to hand.


  • delivery imminent

    Right now, I am at home, in the office, waiting for a DPD delivery of new labels. So there is time to share some stationnary with you. I got new business cards. They were designed by my designer guru who is super cool. In the picture (one of today's orders) it sits on the wrapped perfume box (wrapped in a print out of one of my aquarelles, tulips, with golden ribbon). The card is two things: The top part can be sprayed and it is perforated, thus you can take the lower little part as business card (and lose it, what happens to me all the time.)

    I also got a new flyer that I used together with order shipments, to leave a little note, saying thank you.

    And we got, again designed by the guru, a paper wrap that goes around the body oil bottles, with some legal information and information how to use them. A simple paper, with two stickers holding it all together. It is simple but looks actually very nice. It comes with an artisanal aspect which is perfect as this is what I do; produce artisanal things.

    This week is a bit calmer than last week: One visitor will come over on Thursday: Christie from China is going to visit me and we will do some talking and videos. Because Christie runs a niche perfume online business and we met and talked for half a year now and things are looking good. Sooner or later I might ship some more bottles there. I have sent testers a while ago to test whether the Chinese might like Tauer. Some do. Nice.

    So, yes: I live in a totally globalized environment; our postman, the DPD and DHL and Fedex guys are sometimes amazed about all the things I am getting, coming from everywhere.


  • no pampers, thank you

    I will probably fall into vegetative state: Salad feeling, watching home order TV for an hour tonight. It was super busy the last few days.

    Today's picture is proof of what kept me busy the last few days. A bunch of parcels that will be picked up Thursday. I will celebrate when they are gone and out of my way.

    I do it rarely, watching home order TV, but when I do: It has a meditative effect. Much better than watching regular TV. There, every evening,  I feel kind of sorry for the Germans. The health of the average German must be dire. I always watch a bit of the German news and before the news comes the ad block and it is full of pain relief ads and other stuff that is supposed to help when you have: Digestive problems, dry skin, running nose or you can't sleep. In Switzerland, there's more TV ads aired for food. Conclusions?

    Besides this general observation:  I watched a movie the other night and took notes what I was presented with during the ad block. No, I do not need pampers, no sleep help, no I do not have a mortage, no dog in the house either, I do not need a new phone carrier, no Yoghurt Schnitte, no dishwasher tablet, no new Volkswagen car, no emoji and I buy the chocolate that I want and it is not from the maitre chocolatier because the maitre chocolatier produces a mass product.

    My five cents: Complete waste of money. Sad. But, I have learned by the POTUS that repeating a message again and again and again helps to get a message out. Interesting. And: The shorter the better. And it does not matter whether it is correct or true: It will stick. Very interesting.

    In perfumery, you can observe exactly the same thing. There is so much "art" out there, and it is repeated again and again, perfumery as art, master perfumers, and the industry’s most respected perfumers, and after a while, with the help of megaphones, everybody seems to become a believer; or gets numb and moves on. Interesting.

    Sometimes, I look at the pictures of these masters of perfume, their "creative" space, the "perfume work place" where they compose and all: I wonder how on hell do they manage to work without balance and pipettes.

    But then, that's me. I guess in the end  we all want to be cheated and one fine day I might end up buying a Volkswagen, because they are the best and run and run and run. That's what they say.


  • more roses

    Today's picture shows you a part of a box that sits next to me on my desk. It is one of several boxes where ideas and prototypes pile up. And there's a little bottle of Diorissimo that I like to sniff, from time to time. Just because. I have no plan to make another lily of the valley fragrance, but I find Diorissimo nice to smell. It has a calming and refreshing (strange: At the same time) effect. There's also a aluminum bottle of the rose delight fragrance. This fragrance oil was mixed for me, following my recipe, by Essencia, my supplier of raw materials. It dates back to the time when rose delight body oil started as a product. I needed the fragrance oil to test it in various concentration in the body oil.

    The body oil goes onto skin, like perfume, but as the jojoba oil penetrates at least part of the skin: I wanted to be 100% super trooper sure and play it safe (think: Allergens). That's why the jojoba oil needed to be organic. I am not sure whether it plays a role, but it was important to me. And it was important to me to get all the allergens right. Essencia does this for me. They also mix the oil and the fragrance. I am in good hands there. And, to be honest: I love to do things myself, but there's a limit of what I can do. And that's good. We are entering the next level, here at Tauer Perfumes.

    Having said this: I am working on the labels. Together with my designer guru. Right now, they are at the printer. The product needed a touch more of a professional look. And, I already had to order the next, third batch of rose delight because I sold these 50 ml bottles like hot cake for a while. Sometimes, my partner uses the rose delight body oil, too. Then, it feels like there is a big happy rose sitting right in the middle of the room. Nice.


  • what I am up to these days

    I haven't been posting for quite a while. Sorry. Here's why..... Besides the daily routines of shipping orders, small ones like this one (see picture of today) which was basically a tuberose order, and shipping large orders to retailers, and the daily perfume packing routine in the factory (il faut s'imaginer Sisyphe heureux - you have to imagine Sisyphus happy), I was texting.

    And, obviously, I cannot text different things at the same time. It's like a writer's block: Either this or that. I admire every blogger who keeps up with his or her writing. It needs a lot of discipline, especially when you run a blog on the side.

    And I was keeping my supplier for fragrance raw materials and mixtures busy as I started ordering for autumn. Which, of course, feels totally odd at a time when the crocuses just started blooming on the veranda.

    Thus, basically, the last couple of days were crazy and I had to compromise on a couple of priorities. Trying to get a touch more effective, I learned that my iphone is actually smarter than I thought. I tried the dictation tool that it offers. In English, French and German, answering emails by just talking into a magic stick. And wow! this little phone can do it these day, pretty accurately. Amazing. The smaller the sentences, the better (no , I do not dictate this text ....) and I guess I know now how Mr. Trump does his twitter thing. This, my dictation, and the bots make me feel very certain that we are heading towards big changes. Bots. A while ago I was on basenotes, reading a somewhat rough debate. And I would bet: A couple of the comments there were bot comments. Machine code, fake, artificial but human like. I came to the same conclusion on twitter and facebook, especially when reading discussions there about "politics".

    Thus, jogging through Swiss wonderland -like every Sunday- I imagined that in a few years from now, I might have a business bot, too. You know: Andy in digital. Ha!  From there I moved forward and came up with a story that needs to be writen. Title: Hail Bannon! A fiction story about a bot dominated post apocalyptic world.

    I read a book a while ago where one chapter was dedicated to a very simple question: Is God in the internet? The answer is probably yes, be we have to bring God there. So there you go....

    And coming back to the start of this post: I was not texting on the fiction story.

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