a droplet video

I just realized: Oups! I haven't posted in here for a while. To compensate: Here's a video that I made last Sunday, droplets. Edited with Adobe's Premier video editing tool that I do not really master.

I used this video on Facebook. And, to be honest, it is not an essential oil or an absolute that is dropping.... I used coloured water.... because it took me a while to get things right and I hate to waste roses and al. Enjoy!

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  • I'm a very,very big fan of and your work,I've always tried getting your autograph,& I wanted to know how can I get your autograph? Keep smelling good my friend!

    • All you need to do to get Andy's autograph is to buy a bottle of his perfume - he signs every enclosure card. :-) Nice personal touch you only get from Tauer Perfumes!

  • Thank you for asking, Jose! Sorry for my late reply: I missed your comment :-) Tara (thank you, too) is right: Every bottle comes with a card, signed and saying "Enjoy!" It does not matter where you get it : The card will be inside . Fragrant greetings, Andy


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