another selfie and let's shake things up a bit

I came back from my break a week ago and yeah: I came back to a pile of work that would have asked for a caterpillar truck to get it out of my way. This did not mean that there was no time to fool around in the social media. Like publishing today's picture on instagramm and Facebook.

I took it with my phone, in the perfume factory, after I got a mail from a retailer friend of mine going like: " Urgent. I need a photo from you for a Forbes article. Send a cool one!" So I figured: Let's go cool.

The result you see here and I actually like it. A lot! I like it because it transports a core value of my brand, or of what I stand for: No blingbling.

And it shows that I have fun. I really do. Nice!

One way to have fun: Working on perfume formulas that have the running title "Let's shake things up  a bit". Like one of my attar scents that is reaching a level where I can say: Finished. Attar in my perfume experiement book means : Pure undiluted perfume to be applied undiluted. One drop on skin.... Traditionally, an attar is a codestilled (over sandalwood!) extract, for instance of rose. When I started my perfume creation journey I bought some all natural attars, rose attars mostly, and they are heavenly. A skin scent, calming rose on a sandalwood bed.
I am working on sort of a rose attar, too but this is not finished yet. The other attar sits in the Excel file and needs to wait a bit. I have been wearing it in the tropics (Sansibar, where I relaxed during my break), as the ultimate test. It performed well. So.... many won't like this scent and the "one drop on skin" thing and the close to skin nature of it. But then:

Let's shake things up a bit.

And let's travel. Early April I'll be in the US again. West coast. I think a mechanic will join me. Nice!

6 thoughts on “another selfie and let's shake things up a bit”

  • Whenever I see yet another photo of a perfumer contemplating with his nose deep in 5-10 plotters, I roll my eyes. You shake things up indeed!

  • hahaha... Marcus. Like this one ?

  • How nice to hear from your perfume fun experiments. You seem to be talking of attars in the plural. Hopefully there will be one with Sandalwood as a main player. Living in the tropics, I know well that strong, heavy scents are beautifully blooming in the heat and humidity, while so called fresh scents can turn stale within a short time. And by the way, I've met your mechanic, he's a nice chap indeed.

  • good morning, Stephan, I am glad that the mechanic behaved properly :-)
    Yes, I am using the plural, but only one is finished, and it is not a sandalwood main player scent. But the Santal Attar might follow, at some point in time :-) Have a lovely weekend.

  • Funny photo, I like it! Much better than the one of Roja Dove you posted. ;-) How nice to hear we have a new Tauer scent to look forward to, any release date? I am so happy to have my own personal mechanic, glad to hear others will soon get a chance as well!

  • Thank you, dear Tara! RD is one strange figure in the scene....a bit too much for my taste. But then: The world's a large place and there is a lot of space for all of us :-) I do not have a release date, yet. I need to tie all pieces together these weeks, from the labels to the production of the scent.... I will keep talking about it here. But, to be honest, I am working on a couple of things these days, mostly for Q3 of this year. It will be an exciting year for sure :-) Have a great day!


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