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The last week felt a bit like 24/7. And this week will continue like that. Because.... I will leave in 7 days for a short vacation. And I will close the tauer perfumes website for a couple of days, too. For two reasons: I cannot fulfill orders when absent. And we will do some upgrades during this time ... to serve you even better.

On another line: I am coming to the end with this oil portrait (of a guy from the internet): About 7 layers, working on it for quite a while. I shared the process of doing it a little bit on instagram and got a helpful advice from a twitter follower which was super sweet and super helpful.

Twitter and social media and all: Amazing!

Like in the art of creating perfumes: I have no formal education in painting. I take pencil drawing classes, though. Thus, any advice from a professional is highly welcome.

Contrary to earlier, 10 years ago, more than 10 years ago when I started this blog, I have a harder time to share perfume experiments. I find it easier today to share painting experiments than perfume experiments. One thing that I learned over the last years: Sharing perfume experiments can lead to a lot of disappointment on my reader's side. I raise expectations that I cannot fulfill eventually.

Yesterday, when looking at the oil picture after a super busy weekend I figured: Hey! This guy needs a perfume. That would be something new....

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  • I've discovered your pictures on instagram only recently after you changed to your new website. And I enjoy them very much, views from the factory, landscapes from Switzerland or other foreign lands, and of course your art exercises in pencil, water color or oil, and the sequences on work in progress of some portraits of people. It is understandable that the very interesting perfume experiments are no longer discussed on this website, for the reason you mentioned.
    Good idea to give your guy in the painting a perfume! That brings to mind one of your pinkish portraits of a cute camel's head. Imagine how this would smell like (tongue in cheek).
    Have a nice day.

    • Dear Stephan thank you very much and a lovely day to you, too!
      What I like about instagram: It is a true mirror of my daily life. Perfume, painting, nature and from time to time some odd things that happen around me, too.
      About the camel: I bet his scent would smell of oudh. :-)

  • I like the painting, it looks very lifelike, especially the eyes. Bravo! I have no art talent at all.

    Wishing you a wonderful, restful vacation!

  • Thank you, Tara. In reality, I think, it looks even a touch better. The photo makes it harder than it is. I find taking pictures of paintings quite tricky... And thanks for the wishes :-)

  • The fact that you are a self thaught perfume maker never ceases to amaze me, but looking at your paintings makes pretty obvious that you are a very talented man!

    By the way, I just bought a bottle of Une Rose Chyprée (*cough-please ship to Spain-cough*) and it hasn't got the tiny glass pebbles inside. Did you wrote about that packaging change somewhere and I missed it?

  • Hi Quimerula
    Thank you!
    I do not ship to Spain because Spainish customs gives too much troubles and because I cannot ship full bottle by air from Switzerland (dangerous goods and a super strict implementation of IATA rules here in Switzerland). There were so many changes to this line: I stopped counting. The glass beads: Gone for years now. It was just too painful to fill the beads into the flacons. The color of the flacon: Changed , too because my bottle supplier(s) could not produce it anymore and I was waiting for 18 months.... The reality of being a small venture....


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